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Hello MFC,
I am back again with another Nendoroid DIY face tutorial, this time I took more pictures of the steps, in my previous post I've tried a quick ahegao face test, didn't seal anything, it took me less than 15 min to finish it, well two days ago I decided to make that Yoshino picture (below) as the main picture for my sale, that same night I received 5 requests for that ahegao, I sold 3 and ran out of blank faceplates, but after another customer's request I decided to buy splits and modify them (this time the face will have a big smile sculpted on, I'll leave that part for another tutorial soon)


Before starting here is a list of the materials used :

-Mr Hobby thinner
-Mr Hobby Matt sealer spray
-a sharp Black water Color pencil
-Precision eraser (I used Mono Zero eraser pen)
-White paint (preferably hobby acrylic) and a paint brush
-Soft Dry pastels for blushing /shading
-Pigma Micron 0.1 and 0.05 for inking
-Sakura Roller white gelly pen
-Markers alcohol or non alcohol based both are fine
-a nendoroid faceplate duh
-and a little bit of drawing skills :3 if not you can start training,drawing faceplates doesn't requiere that much drawing techniques

If you have all these then you are ready to start but keep in mind that your health comes first ! Some of these materials are pretty toxic, so wear a gas mask. Even with that my throat still hurts.

Here is a picture of some of the materials used.


First step : spray your face plate with your sealer, or else the surface will be too smooth for the pencil to show. It will look glossy but as soon as it dries it should look matt.


Second step: draw your sketch using the watercolor pencil , if you don't like it it's okay you can still erase it using the precision eraser。Also don't force on the pencil , make your strokes light so it can easily be erased.



Now you might not get the right positions the first time so use a hair piece to know if you're eyes won't be covered.

Before using hairpiece to measure:

After using hair piece to measure :

Third step Colour using white paint. Now you have to get the right balance between water and paint if you're using water based paint. Because if it's too thick it won't be smooth , and if it's too watery the paint will form a ball resulting in uneven pigment on the painted surface. Other problem will arise from using water based paint like being hard to dry and easily peels off when using markers so if you have acrylic paint do yourself a favor and use it, the reason I didn't is because I couldn't take anymore toxic smell, it was killing my lungs. So I ended up trying water based paint, definitely not recommended !

If you use acrylic paint you have to seal it first before coloring or drawing on it again.
Note: Lol I used model paint and eyedrops to dilute it because I'm living in the farawaw corner of the dorm's hallway, the common washroom is pretty far so I got lazy... Haha ....



Eye on the left side : one layer of paint , eye on the right side : two laters of paint .

Once your paint dries you'll have to draw the pupils again

Fouth step : when you apply enough layers for the paint to pop you can finally start refining your lines since you don't need your guide lines anymore, you can also force on the lines or directly use the pigma micron to ink your lines, tips for smooth lines : hold your breath and pray your hand won't shake XD but inking should be the last thing you'll do , if you didn't color yet do it first !





Last step : Seal it ! Don't be stingy on that spray and seal it twice if you don't want your hardwork to be easily damaged .

I kinda messed up Umi's pupils so I had to erase the eyes using the thinner and a Q-tip, you can easily ruin the whole face if you're not careful so do yourself a favor and don't use water based paint. It will smudge easily and you'll have a hard time inking if you didn't let it dry for minimum 2 hours .

Last tip: when inking make sure you don't have any bits of eraser or dust on the surface, I don't know how many times I messed up because of those making absorbing the ink and making the line thicker than it should be !

Now I didn't mention what I used sakura roller gel for, after you're done with all your details you'll notice that tge white parts are not as white as it used it be, you can use it to highlight the white parts and correct inking mistakes as well.

The eyebrows didn't look vivid enough with markers alone so I used a red gel roller pen, I'm really using anything that falls into my hand xD


Umi face was not dry yet that's why it's a bit glossy on this pic
And the blush was made using soft pastel and a Qtip, just rub it on the pastel then dab and the cheeks

Unfortunately I don't have Umi's nendoroid so We'll have to wait for the person who commissioned me to send me pictures of umi wearing this faceplate :

I hope this article wad useful !
Thank you for reading
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Oh my, I love them, theyre so awesome!
Il y a 4 ans
collectorCherriIl y a 4 ans#7968982I like the cry face on Eren the most. +It fits the pose perfectly. lol.
I admire your skills. Is the paint you used the Vallejo Basic Paint? www.amazon.com/... (I'm looking for a good brand to paint sculptures.)

thanks, I used the valejo paint because that was the only non toxic paint I had around, if you're painting garage kits anime style (which means very smooth paint surfaces) I'd recommend using acrylic and a primer or an airbrush, if you're looking to paint little statues with a rough painting style maybe the valejo set would be more suitable, and the warhammer 40k paintwash are amazing in bringing out little details or rough textures on sculpts, something usually not needed in anime sculpts
Il y a 4 ans
I like the cry face on Eren the most. +It fits the pose perfectly. lol.
I admire your skills. Is the paint you used the Vallejo Basic Paint? www.amazon.com/... (I'm looking for a good brand to paint sculptures.)
Il y a 4 ans
Insane skill. Although, I'm pretty sure GSC won't lunch a line like these, expect if they get a collaboration with Native. But I'm just dreaming here.
Il y a 4 ans
MoroIl y a 4 ans#7921513That ahegao face is fucking perfection.lightningmaidIl y a 4 ans#7918283These are very well done!AcidPunkIl y a 4 ans#7917898That Umi face is perfect I'm mad that it wasn't part of her official faces. Anyway great work.SageGuyIl y a 4 ans#7914245I like that umi face.cutesushipieIl y a 4 ans#7909510These are amazing! Aha, thanks for posting :)

Thanks ! :3
Il y a 4 ans
That ahegao face is fucking perfection.
Il y a 4 ans
Hah, the Umi face, though. GSC missed out by not including that one in any of the nendoroids.
Il y a 4 ans
Intresting; I just use the Watercolor pencils for everything, wasn't sure Acyrlics would settle on the sealent. Excellent tutorial !
Il y a 4 ans
Some of my first nendoroids were (unknowingly) bootlegs so maybe I will try stripping the paint off their faceplates and using them for customs ^^
Il y a 4 ans
lightningmaid 不思議な
These are very well done!
Il y a 4 ans