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Shuraki - Nida Schuetlich - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Shuraki - Nida Schuetlich - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)

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Pose and Expression:
Pose is simple enough, standing and holding a gun, with the other hand on her waist, but not dynamic at all...What delivers is Shunya Yamashita's signature soft character design which really stand out on the figure...Nida also has a very lovely face, that one cannot simply ignore...

Sculpt and Paint:
Good Smile Company has really raised their quality control by a notch with the Shuraki Trinity series of figures...Excellent sculpt with no visible seam lines on the body...Even with the replaceable part, the seams are cleverly disguised...The paint application is also superb with no paint bleeds or smearing on the figure...Nida's face is very well painted and she even has rosy cheeks...Am glad to say that the final product does not disappoint and is accurate to the promotional photos posted online... *_*

Durability and Balance:
The figure itself is pretty sturdy, there are no noticeable fragile hair pieces or parts that can be easily broken...The pair of removable hands might have a tendency to get loose though...

The simple standing pose gives the figure very good balance with both feet secured to the base...But the big sniper rifle bothers me, as it seems to shift the center of gravity of the figure towards the front, I haven't displayed it long enough though to find out if it will lean...

The box of the figure is quite good, it is made of double-layer carton which is compact enough to secure and fit-in the figure/accessories safely...The purple color of the box matches Nida's hair and the box design is further enhanced with pictures of the actual figure...The design would have been better though, if it featured the Shunya Yamashita artwork of Nida...

* A "sticker of authenticity" can be found on the backside of the box, lower section...

There are multiple accessories packaged with the figure including alternate set of arms, damaged clothes, a convertible rifle, a knife and knife handle, and her military cap...All the accessories add a limited level of customization to have a different look for Nida...

The package also includes a mini-booklet featuring artwork based on Nida and a drama CD...

The base has a clever stone pavement design with two pegs to secure both feet of the figure...The size of the base is also just right, not too big nor too small for display purposes...

Fun Factor:
It was fun taking photos of Nida while swapping some accessories and parts for multiple variations...The cast-off feature is another major plus, The purple lingerie beneath is ... <nosebleeds> ...
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