Singer_YunaSinger_YunaIl y a 8 ans
Today postman arrived with the late-april parcel from Amiami... my monthly slice of nendos xD
Seriously, I hate aprils because the start of the business year in Japan... I was wrong thinking they will delay some of their bunch of april releases...
Anyway, the four nendos I preordered for this april (hoping they delay-but-no... well, at least there WERE delayed orders of mine, like the Working playset (which is going to be released this may 15th) or Totori figure ^^) were so lovely I couldn't cancel any of them...
So here are finally at home Nendoroids Eiji Niizuma, Sonic, Poplar Tameshima aaand Sayaka Miki ^^

There isn't more parcels of amiami already shipped so I can rest till the end of may... and keep on saving money for the lottery of Volks' Rise DD. This waiting is killing me... now I know the after event will open on saturday 18th xD And the yen vs € keeps dropping xD Offtopic mode: I've updated my list of nendo-pieces at sale club/572/discus... in case anyone is interested and wants to help on DD's super-budget xD

Anyway, Poplar is super-cute, I can't wait to have her serving tables at the playset ^^
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nice loot.

I like sonic but too bad.

My loot list on this month is so full.

maybe next month I will buy it
Il y a 8 ans
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
zierligreat loot! I did get Sayaka today from amiami, too. But I'd love to have the others as well.That's the bad side of april and january months, all full of sweet things and the worst is that you have to choose between them u.u I couldn't this time, but the january when nendoroid Dead master was released I discarted her and picked her another month because she still was in stock ^^
Il y a 8 ans
great loot! I did get Sayaka today from amiami, too. But I'd love to have the others as well.
Il y a 8 ans