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CrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkinIl y a 4 ans
https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4002/35375283430_bb72baf235_o.pngHello fellow collectors! It's been ages since I posted anything here on MFC so today I decided to do a little review of the Okashi Box which is like a grab box with snacks from Japan offered by AmiAmi (Food & Drink section).
The one I'm reviewing is the Okashi Box Deluxe #7 (www.amiami.com/...) which was released on March but I added it to my April order which arrived kind of late thanks to customs and all that shit.
You'll probably asking why AmiAmi and not Candysan that has more variety? Well the problem is that shipping to my country on that site is completely expensive, even costing double than the total package of snacks O_o like wtf?. And sadly there's no place in my country that sells this stuff.
However, I've seen Candysan offers a package which shipping is for free but I don't know if they have great variety of snacks and stuff, does anybody has previously ordered these packages? (Discovery and Surprise packs)

Please keep in mind that I'm not THAT much into candy (the too much sugary candy yuck!) I like to get high on dark chocolate so bear with me and the reviews I'll provide for every product XD
Good thing is that I shared all of this stuff with my mother who has a serious sweet tooth.

♦The Contents♦http://img.amiami.jp/images/product/main/161//GOODS-00076267.jpg

- Bikkuriman densetsu 8 x1
- Ultraman fukkoku sticker choco x1
- Gudetama gummy x1
- Nazo no mi grape x1
- Mintia ougontou x1
- Alfort mini x1
- Koala no march custard pudding x1
- Milky (box) x1
- Nankoubai caramel x1
- Galbo ball hitokuchi no zeitaku kaoru strawberry x1
- Pocky kasane maccha x1
- Happy Kitchen taiyaki & odango x1

♦Bikkuriman Densetsu 8♦

Nothing out of the ordinary with this one, just a wafer with chocolate inside. Nice but not like I'll go crazy over it. It came with a little sticker of a monster (carnivorous plant?).
My mother liked it but her comment at the end was:"Meh"

♦Ultraman fukkoku sticker choco♦

Forgot to take picture of the chocolate because we ate them too fast lol.
This one is really nice a little cube of chocolate (not so sweet) with a filling that tastes like capuccino! Sad thing is that the box just comes with 4 chocolates...I WANTED MORE!! Great texture and flavour.
It comes with a sticker as well The heck is that? Godzilla?
We really like it!! :3

♦Gudetama gummy♦
Really citric flavours. The character comes in different poses and 2 colors.
They're nice but another stuff that isn't out of the ordinary. The yellow one tastes almost like lemon and the orange one well duh! tastes almost like orange.

♦Nazo no mi grape♦
This one is really interesting. Great grape flavour without feeling too overwhelming, there are 3 types of "pills/beans" and each one has different texture and different amount of grape flavour. The pink round one just "cracks" in your mouth releasing the rich grape flavour, one bean is chewable and kind of simple and finally the other bean is really acid, so when you put a lot in your mouth you get this great sensation and mix of textures.
Quite nice!! I almost fought with my mother over this one because she thought I was eating more than her -_- SHE EVEN COUNTED ALL THE FRIGGIN' PILLS SO WE COULD BE EVEN!

♦Mintia ougontou♦

At first I thought they'll be like Tictacs but I was wrong. They're not minty per se but when you finish licking/eating a pill, you'll have a tiny bit of refreshing taste in your mouth. These ones have a delicious rich peach flavour, very addictive, very yummy!

♦Alfort mini♦

I was expecting more from these as they have such a nice presentation.
These are like a sheet of chocolate over a cookie. They're nice but nothing out of the ordinary, just your average milk chocolate.
Judgement by my mother: "I've tasted way better"

♦Koala no march custard pudding♦

These are pretty cute, every cookie comes with a koala in different pose. However, I couldn't like it, the pudding flavour is too strong (too artificial?)plus too sweet. I ate just 2 tiny and I had to drink water quickly because it was too much for me...yuck!
Maybe I'm overreacting as my mother really enjoyed these ones, she thought they were completely delicious but as I said at the beginning she has a sweet tooth. I just couldn't I left the rest to my mother.

♦Milky (box)♦

Well, these are AMAZING!!! Very delicious milky flavour, not overwhelming at all! So sad it was a tiny box I'm still saving the last one cos I'll be so sad to see them finished ;_; they're really yummy especially when you love milk :)
We were totally making Peko-chan's face while eating these XD now I'm very inclined to get ITEM #396982

♦Nankoubai caramel♦

Another yummy candy! These are chewables with a rich plum flavour and not too sweet, they feel amazing in the mouth, how you start chewing and the taste just bathes your tongue! We really loved this one :3

♦Galbo ball hitokuchi no zeitaku kaoru strawberry♦

Another favorite! This one has a fantastic texture in the mouth, a great balance between a very crunchy center of dark chocolate and a sweet strawberry layer which covers the chocolate, it was DELICIOUS!!

♦Pocky kasane maccha♦

I've never tasted matcha/green tea before (nor any other kind of tea).
Tea is very hard to get in my country as everybody is more into coffee...well I live in Colombia, we produce coffee so of course it's almost everybody's favorite drink.
I wasn't sure of how these'll taste but I got a great surprise while eating them. They're not too sweet which is great for me and at first it was more like a "herb-ish" flavour but not the kind you hate, more like the one you'll keep eating cos with each one the taste gets richer and more interesting.
I don't know if green tea tastes like this (as this is a candy right?) but so far I really liked it, very interesting flavour that I'd like to try again :D

♦Happy Kitchen taiyaki & odango♦

This was sooooo much fun to prepare XD mine look nothing like the fvcking box lmao. I saw reviews from this kit here on MFC so I was happy to see this included in the box! I already tried the donut and the takoyaki ones and they were pretty awesome and yummy!
This was really great. Loved the "sauce" for the dango and the strawberry daifuku (plus the chocolate!) but despised the soda (ramune?). I really enjoy these kits of Happy Kitchen as you have to be careful with preparing such small things (playing like a little kid) and at the same time it's so sad they're so small ;_; you spend a lot of time "cooking" but when it's time to eat them, they're just gone with the wind.
*nom nom nom*

♦OUR TOP 5 from this Box♦1. Pocky kasane maccha
2. Galbo ball hitokuchi no zeitaku kaoru strawberry
3. Milky
4. Nankoubai caramel
5. Nazo no mi grape

I truly loved this Okashi box and I'm happy that at least AmiAmi offers this, I know JList sells japanese food and drinks as well but for me they're a little bit expensive in terms of shipping :/ For now I'll stick with AmiAmi as they always have something different and I can add an Okashi box to my monthly order so I can taste different treats from Japan.

Hope you enjoyed this review ^_^

Till next time ^^
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CrimsonPumpkinIl y a 4 ans#12008614MaakieIl y a 4 ans#12006882
Hahahaha thank you so much! Actually the taiyaki was a mess XD I had a lot of patience while "cooking" this set. Hope you have tons of fun and enjoy it too, just remember take your time while making it and you'll do great! :D
Oh, I'm really jealous of those who can order from Candysan, there's a lot of variety there and I'd like to order there of course, however the shipping prices are ridiculous for my country so that's why I went with the AmiAmi option :3 I really hope Candysan lowers their shipping costs to South America.
Thanks for reading! ^^

Ah I'm sure it will look okay...ish. xD These sets are so fun to make, so the fun is more important to me than the looks or taste. ;)

And oh, that's too bad. :( Now I remember I read that before about Candysan. AmiAmi tends to have crazy high shipping for me as they overpack so much compared to other shops. And hrrmm did you send a message to Candysan about that before? I think they ship either from Japan or France depending on the product(s) you choose?
Il y a 4 ans
MaakieIl y a 4 ans#12006882
Hahahaha thank you so much! Actually the taiyaki was a mess XD I had a lot of patience while "cooking" this set. Hope you have tons of fun and enjoy it too, just remember take your time while making it and you'll do great! :D

Oh, I'm really jealous of those who can order from Candysan, there's a lot of variety there and I'd like to order there of course, however the shipping prices are ridiculous for my country so that's why I went with the AmiAmi option :3 I really hope Candysan lowers their shipping costs to South America.
Thanks for reading! ^^
Il y a 4 ans
Omg...your happy kitchen set looks almost the same as the packaging!!! I have the exact same one (need to find time to make it!) and I'm sure mine won't be this pretty. :P

Nice food review btw! ^^ Not sure if I missed it in the comments or blog, but I personally really like Candysan. ^^
Il y a 4 ans
iced_wineIl y a 4 ans#11264451
Glad you liked this blog!
Right now I don't know which treats to add to my monthly order XD they're really nice!
Il y a 4 ans
CoffeeIl y a 4 ans#11235029
Thank you so much for the information, as I'm not a fan of Ultraman I didn't know about it nor the monster. As soon as I saw the sticker I thought it was godzilla lmao. After reading the backstory the monster sounds more interesting!

I just needed 1 bite of that wafer and I knew it wasn't for me -_-
Il y a 4 ans
diamondburst19Il y a 4 ans#11227670
Oh thanks a lot for the compliment ^^ I worked in a newspaper company long time ago so I'm pretty careful with layouts plus this gives the article a more friendly way to read :)
Glad you found this blog helpful and that you liked it :3
Il y a 4 ans
RazeIl y a 4 ans#11227208
Glad you found Milky and that you liked it!! Mine are already over ;_; so I hope I can add more Milky to my monthly orders since the local "milk" candies taste awful!

OH god I really want to try Riesen now! But living in South america these goods hardly reach here. Right now we're having premium dark chocolate from Brazil which is pretty good and taste dreamy, plus Colombia is a chocolate producer as well so the companies are starting to develop more dark chocolate treats instead of the sugary-chocolate ones! Thanks a lot for the suggestion will keep an eye in case I find it here!! :D
Il y a 4 ans
looks pretty good. you have inspired to give amiami's food items a try :)
Il y a 4 ans
I collect Shinrabanshou cards, which happen to come with the exact same wafers as the Bikkuriman ones, and let me tell you, after a whole box or two, with 20 wafers each, you never want to taste one ever again.

Also, that's not Godzilla, that's Red King.
Il y a 4 ans
What an informative article! Also, I love the article's layout. The pictures and format compliment each other so well D: Your background as an illustrator shows well! Lol.
Il y a 4 ans
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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