Retail Therapy Loot - April–June 2016Retail Therapy Loot - April–June 2016Loot

Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
AnAbleAngelAnAbleAngelIl y a 4 ans

So relieved.

I just finished a super duper busy semester. So busy that I didn’t even have time to open my parcels until classes finished for the sem (though I opened them then repacked to check contents and such). I guess I used all this loot as a motivational tool to get me through the semester! Either way, about two months of arrivals accumulated, so this loot post will cover everything I’ve received since my last post.


This is probably my largest loot unpacking yet! 12.5kg of boxes which stacked 150cm tall! Don’t even want to talk about the price X_X – especially with a pretty poor AUD/JPY exchange rate. Brace yourself for yet another Houki filled post, featuring everything else!


Mandarake Parcels
Various random orders throughout the semester, usually to pick up the odd Houki item.

Mandarake Parcel – 1
Beautiful Cardboard.

ITEM #89986 Houki Prize Figure - Wedding Dress
ITEM #161965 Houki card sleeve collection
- Some Houki trading cards
- Houki microfiber sports towel

She'll be staying boxed for now

Towel and trading card goods

Mandarake Parcel – 2


ITEM #103491 - Houki Carabiner Case
ITEM #172151 - Houki mini-strap
- Houki Tie
- Choco Infinite Stratos Doujin

Close up of the mini strap

Mandarake Parcel – 3
A PosxPos collection box with some nice Infinite Stratos posters!



Link to the posters it comes with^

Mandarake Cardboard Envelope

”Don’t Look!~”

- IS2 Love and Purge Houki Blanket

Two HobbySearch monthly orders - April and May! As always, an assortment of goods and scale(s).

HS Parcel – 1

Beautiful Cardboard.

ITEM #42087 - Fujibayashi Kyou 1/6 by Kotobukiya
ITEM #225516 - Houki Messenger Bag
ITEM #150206 - Oarai Girl’s High Patch
ITEM #341631 - Tohsaka Rin Keychain
- Houki mini-tapestry
- Houki cleaner
- Houki mini-pillow
- Boku Dake Inai Machi Shirt ‘バカなの?’

Fujibayashi Kyou

Now I can bring Houki everywhere I go! Jk. I'll probably just use this to store some rigid Houki loot!

Definitely wearing this to my Japanese classes

Rest of the goods

HS Parcel – 2

More Beautiful Cardboard.

ITEM #167005 - Rias Gremory 1/4 by FREEing
ITEM #331484 - Kurosaki Mea 1/7 by Alter
ITEM #265408 - Akiyama Yukari 1/8 by Kotobukiya
ITEM #231005 - Matoi Ryuuko Keychain (for a friend)

Kurosaki is staying boxed since her box is basically all clear, so I don't have any closeups of her (I actually forgot to photograph her). As for the Ryuuko Keychain, I gave it away to a friend who likes KLK, but doesn't buy merch!

My second favourite 'succubus' demon, Rias, in Bunny form :P

My favourite tank-otaku, Yukari! She looks great with my Wave Miho figure ITEM #332655

AmiAmi Parcel
I’m glad I divided some pre-ordered figures between AmiAmi and HobbySearch, or else I would’ve been taxed on my parcels. Yeah; I would’ve surpassed the $1000 no tax threshold!


ITEM #118137 - Sakaki Yumiko 1/7 by Orchid Seed
ITEM #198551 - Himejima Akeno 1/4 by FREEing

Yumiko - Another Bunny girl entering my collection!

My favourite 'demon' Akeno Himejima!

I was really pleased with the quality of both Akeno's and Rias' 1/4 B-Style figures. I thought they seemed pretty average in the pictures, but when I was presented with the real life view, and large scale, I came to really appreciate the all the details :O

Here’s a photo of the scales I received:

Here’s everything together:

That’s it for this post!

Thanks for reading, and as always have a lovely day/night ^_^
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lightningmaid 不思議な
So many lovely bunnies! Great haul. ^^
Il y a 4 ans
it's great seeing a houki fan! i thought she was one of the best girls in IS and definitely one of the cutest x)

great loot!
Il y a 4 ans
Well that defiantly what therapy looks like *_*
Il y a 4 ans
Always good to find another Houki lover. Houki is love, Houki is life!
Il y a 4 ans
ashtarothIl y a 4 ans#11372941Houki and Akeno.....You sir have good taste ;)
Cheers mate, it's the based busty+ponytail combo that I can't get enough of!
Il y a 4 ans
ashtaroth A child of the night
Houki and Akeno.....You sir have good taste ;)
Il y a 4 ans
take123Il y a 4 ans#11372676I got Rias and Akeno last month too!
Houki best girl :)

TyjosAzariIl y a 4 ans#11368334Great Houki Stuff! Houki is the best IS Girl.
Houki best girl unite! I'll be making a post about everything Houki in my collection on July 7th ^_^

SkyBlueIl y a 4 ans#11370759Piles of unopened parcels are the best motivational tool. Trust me :D Glad you finally get to enjoy your loot to the fullest ^^
Thankyou, yeah it worked well as a metaphorical carrot on a stick xD

solluxcaptorIl y a 4 ans#11365289Really nice loot, I like how most of it was dedicated to one single character, always warms my heart somehow to see the dedication :D
Thank you very much ^_^
Il y a 4 ans
take123 Bunny Farm
I got Rias and Akeno last month too!

Houki best girl :)
Il y a 4 ans
Piles of unopened parcels are the best motivational tool. Trust me :D Glad you finally get to enjoy your loot to the fullest ^^
Il y a 4 ans
Great Houki Stuff! Houki is the best IS Girl.
Il y a 4 ans