June 2016 Loot (Nitro+CHiRAL and DMMd Haul)June 2016 Loot (Nitro+CHiRAL and DMMd Haul)Diary

SkyBlueSkyBlueIl y a 4 ans
Hello, MFC! SkyBlue here ^^ Wow can’t believe it’s already July now and Wonder Festival 2016 Summer is fast approaching. The hype from the previous Wonder Festival in February was just beginning to settle down and now I’m super excited for all the new figures that’ll be showcased :D

First things first, let’s get started with my sixth loot blog post ;) June was overall a great month for me as I only have Clear nendoroid on PO and I manage to obtain a few more merchandises that I’ve always wanted. I started the month with my first package from Zenmarket after being recommended to them by my dear friend SEKHMET (Thank you so much~ ^^)

Here’s the overall loot of the day.


I decided to get the remaining Nitro+CHiRAL Official Works and the CHiRAL Café Drama CD vol.2 as well as some duplicate artworks from the Nitroplus Japanese Online Shop. Honestly I was a little underwhelmed by the Official Works due to a lack of illustrations. It’d be nice to actually include both the finished work as well as the earlier sketch but nevertheless I enjoyed all the books.


Nitro+CHiRAL Official Works Togainu no Chi ITEM #175536


Nitro+CHiRAL Official Works Lamento BEYOND THE VOID ITEM #175535


Nitro+CHiRAL Official Works Sweet Pool ITEM #175514


The duplicate original paintings were really gorgeous especially Lamento ITEM #355620 (love the colours!) and it was larger than I expected. It kinda resembles Kotobukiya’s Konoe figure ITEM #1749 (one of my favourite figures ^^) I’m still hoping that one day we’ll get the Lamento boys in nendoroid form. Just imagine those cute little ears and tails~~


I absolutely love this illustration of Togainu no Chi ITEM #348816 especially how Shiki looms over Akira with his sword barely missing Akira and his tag necklace got cut instead. So freaking cool! There’s a seal at the bottom of each painting which is a really nice addition. I wanted to get the remaining duplicates of Sweet Pool and DRAMAtical Murder as well but that’ll have to wait till I gather more items for my next bulk purchase from N+C XD I’m still feeling bummed that the duplicates for DMMd is not coloured like the rest of the paintings T.T


I’ve wanted this CHiRAL Café e Youkoso Drama CD ITEM #379526 ever since I first heard the teaser because it just sounded like so much fun! It’s basically imagining the main casts from all four games interact with each other (okay more like bickering with each other) on a daily basis in a café setting and the result? Absolutely hilarious! There were several times where I actually laughed so hard, I got tears in my eyes and people actually thought I was crazy (I was listening to it while I was driving because that’s the only time I can focus and listen intently XD). My favourite is where Noiz wanted to drag Aoba over to his bunny café and Rin mistakenly thought that they were cute innocent fluffy little bunnies. Well, Rin had to learn that it was actually a battle café the hard way X’D I really enjoyed this drama CD and I manage to get this mini clear file ITEM #391873 as well. So adorable and colourful~ I’ll definitely get the first drama CD ^^

Next is the long overdue parcel from buyee. I waited till all my items arrived in their warehouse so I could consolidate my items to save on the international shipping cost (3020¥ cheaper!) but sigh~ I never saw this coming. See, this much delayed package was supposed to arrive early June but ended up arriving late June. Long story short, it got caught in the Customs and it took an eternity to clear it despite me declaring the full price of the items, providing ample of supporting documents and signing tons of papers. And the best part? Apparently they don’t believe me and went on to open my parcel. Each and every one of them OTL My heart sank at the sight of my items all showing signs of being ripped open and inspected beforehand (thank you for the courtesy of placing them back properly for me though ^_^). I am grateful that everything worked out well in the end but it wasn’t the greatest feeling when I went through my loot (it’s like someone opened my birthday or Christmas gifts before me) and I ended up paying about 4130¥! >A<

Well, at least they’re finally home. Again, they did an amazing job packing all these various items and there were plenty of bubble wraps and Styrofoam popcorns.


Um, okay maybe a little too secure. This was in fact inside another smaller box. It looks like it could survive through anything XD Can you guess what’s inside? (Hint: Pink box from Gift) ^^

Here’s everything laid out.


I can feel the anticipation slowly building up again! XD First up, the Aoba Deka Acrylic Keychain Gothic version ITEM #432352


It goes without saying this is my favourite item. It’s really large (thus the name Deka) and Aoba looks so adorable~ :3

Next is the Nitro+CHiRAL Sweet Pool Can Badge Collection Trump version ITEM #432331 ITEM #432333 ITEM #432335 ITEM #432336


I missed the opportunity to order these from Gift Online Shop but I manage to get the Sweet Pool ones for a reasonable price. Surprisingly I liked Makoto best, probably because of the bright orange background colour XD Youji and Tetsuo look so smashing together ^^ The hunt continues for the DMMd can badges!




I also got these mini clear files which I can’t seem to find in the database >.< I thought there were six files initially since there were six designs (covers for DMMd Drama CD Vol.1 – 5 and engage+ment DMMd Drama CD Vocal Tracks) and it turns out that they were back-to-back. How am I supposed to display them now? X’D Regardless the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous ^^




The only reason I got these clear files ITEM #421382 ITEM #421383 was because this tapestry ITEM #421343 never seem to appear anywhere in the aftermarket T.T This illustration of Kyouichirou is just so sexy~! From his flushed face, to his disheveled clothes (that nip slip!) to the pulled down pants and him grabbing the sheets! 0ω0 If anyone is curious, these items are from this Taishou Mebiusline Special Kuji ENCYCLOPEDIA #103756 which was held twice already this year. Ah, Kuji items are so hard to obtain ;A;

Continuing the Kuji items are these clear files and a freaking cool badass prize figure of Zoro from the One Piece Ichiban Kuji Military Style ENCYCLOPEDIA #88570 held December last year.



Luffy and Zoro Clear Files ITEM #368191 ITEM #368193



Sanji and Usopp Clear Files ITEM #368196 ITEM #368194

I only wanted the Zoro figure ITEM #334625 but these clear files were thrown in as a set and they looked kinda awesome. There are two files per character (I was only expecting four clear files and I ended up with eight. Oh, the irony with the DMMd mini clear files X’D) and the illustrations are great. I also like the way they are packaged ^^



Ugh, they even opened my Zoro figure >A< Whatever, I really liked this figure ever since I saw his pictures because he just looks so damn hot and badass with that sunglasses and smirk! Zoro hardly ever dresses up unlike Sanji and Brook so it’s a nice change every now and then to see him in another outfit like this. For a prize figure, he’s really detailed especially his sword and clothes. The creases and folds of his outfit are nicely sculpted and the shading was done well. Even his earrings were painted perfectly.





His smirk is one of the best features of this figure imho ;) And those ripped muscles! I also love how they did the belt. It really looks like a real belt and the boots look great too.

And the last item of this package; the over-protected mysterious item!


It looked like a mutated soccer ball XD I have never seen anything packed until this extent. I’m a little grateful that it was opened before as it saves me the trouble of opening this monster of protective packing materials.

Underneath all that bubble wrap is the DMMd Mug Trump version ITEM #432344






This is my third DMMd mug and I’m starting to love these types of merchandises. It’s a very subtle but great way to incorporate your hobbies and interests into your daily lives. Even my parents said that it looked very pretty! :D

The next day, I received two more packages; one from buyee and another from zenmarket (again) X’D Here’s the overall haul of the day.



Let’s start with my boxful of prize figures ^^ I’m so happy to finally have them home~ I’ve been counting down the days Kacchan and Ace will be available in the crane games and stalking the aftermarket for them. I’m so glad to be able to get them and I manage to get the Luffy military style prize figure ITEM #334621 as well.






I was floored by how detailed Luffy’s outfit was! The badges are painted really well and I love his tiny pockets at the sides of his pants and the buttons too. Luffy and Zoro is definitely one of my best prize figures. Only complain I have is that they’re both stuck to the base and I couldn’t place them closer together >.<




If only I had four of these boxes then I could’ve made an awesome backdrop for my figures XD


I couldn’t decide whether I prefer the normal coloured one ITEM #342705 or the Special Colour version ITEM #342706 so I decided to get both :’D Still undecided till today. Which do you prefer?

More pictures under the spoiler tag.

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler




Sexy back *q*



Those joints could’ve been done better but I ain’t complaining. It’s just that they forgot his nips jeansfreak.bpna... Even the official art has them ;A;



Despite Ace being numbered No.12 in the Jeans Freak Collection, he’s the first I got from this series so I’m not too sure about the quality it has to offer but I am satisfied because I’ve been wanting him ever since I saw him in the Ichiban Kuji webpage. I might get a few to join him since he’s looking a little lonely right now (Hancock looks surprisingly good beside Ace but she likes Luffy so yeah :p)





I recently watched Boku no Hero Academia and I really enjoyed it so I was excited when I saw that Kacchan was getting a DXF figure ITEM #380000 so I decided to wait till he’s released and get Deku ITEM #379999 as well. I like how the boxes are designed; so colourful! I’m hoping Todoroki will be the next DXF figure. Please, Banpresto~!


These unassembled parts always freak me a little especially the detached head :’D




I really like how solid he feels (okay that sounds wrong) and he’s heavier than Deku. The colours were painted nicely and he looks really great.


Love Deku’s shoes! Idk why but I can’t help staring at his shoes. I really like the colours and somehow he looks a little like Luffy (must be the eyes) XD




These will be a great addition to my prize figure collections. Looking forward to Saitama’s prize figure (he looks awesome from the pictures) and hopefully they’ll make Genos too! ^^


Now for my second box for the day; I finally managed to get two of my favourite items ITEM #280534 and ITEM #410995 (Special thanks to WARIO54) The clear files are ITEM #238780 ITEM #238779 ITEM #238782 ITEM #238781 ITEM #208302 (I just love these illustrations~)

I missed the pre-orders for Yoshihara Motoki’s Sengoku Basara Illustrations and everywhere seems to be out-of-stock and I was at a loss till I was directed to amazon.jp(they ship very fast 0.0) Really amazing artworks! Please do check out Yoshihara-sensei’s illustrations and sketches :D


Ah, I’ve wanted this calendar for so long~ (actually I wanted this set ITEM #269485 but it’s impossible to find just like ITEM #282266 >A<) I’m surprised that this calendar was actually new. And here I thought that everything in Surugaya is used.

It was originally sold in Comiket 87 and later sold in Nitroplus Online Store but needless to say, I missed it XD so I’m really glad to have finally found it. I’ve never seen any of the illustrations before so it was a pleasant surprise. I definitely need to frame these amazing illustrations. ^^

And finally the last parcel of the month is none other than Clear nendoroid ITEM #348411 ~!


Was AmiAmi in such a rush to pack him? I got two of AmiAmi’s card for the first time XD



I like the colour they chose for Clear’s box. It suits him really well.


I immediately released him and made a welcome diorama for him. Hope you guys enjoy it ^^


Distant voice: Master~~!!

Aoba: Hm, Clear?


Clear: Master! I finally found you~~! Ah, Noiz-san is here too. Hello~

Aoba: Glad you have finally arrived. How was the journey?

Clear: Ah, it was so tiring...But I hang on until the very end because I wanted to see you, Master.

Aoba: *smiles* Welcome home, Clear.

Clear: Thank you, Master. Where’s Koujaku-san? Is he not here?

Aoba: Ah, he’s busy sparring with the others.

Clear: Others?

Aoba: Come with me, I’ll introduce you to them.



Raiden: Today, I shall defeat you!

Shoku: Heh, you can't even beat us once.

Raiden: !!!

Kogi: Save your breath, we only have one target..


Kogi and Shoku: Koujaku, prepare yourself!

Raiden: ;A;


Jiji: It's been a while since we finally found a worthy opponent such as yourself, Koujaku.

Tsuru: Hm? Are you saying he's better than all of us here?

Shoku: That sounds like a challenge, Jiji. *turns to Kogi* Don't you agree?

Kogi: Let's decide who's the strongest right here and now!


The sword boys ended up bickering with each other, completely ignoring Koujaku.

Koujaku: ....We need more swordsmen.

Aoba: Koujaku!

Koujaku: Ah, Aoba. Perfect timing. Hm?


Clear: Koujaku-san!

Koujaku: Clear, you're finally here. We've been waiting for you.

Clear: Ah, it's so good to finally see you guys~ Oh are those the others you mentioned, Master?

Aoba: Yup. Hey, guys!


Aoba: This is Clear.

Clear: H-hello everyone. I'm Clear. Nice to meet you!

Jiji: Another one with a weird outfit.

Kogi: Too bad he's not a swordsman.


Tsuru: Pardon my bluntness but may I ask why are you wearing a mask?

Clear: Oh, I was told I shouldn't show my face because it's weird.

Tsuru: Don't be ridiculous. We'll be living together now so there's no need to hide. Right, Aoba?

Clear: Master..


Aoba: He's right. Don't worry, they're all nice people so you don't have to be afraid. Trust me!

Clear: If Master says it's alright then I'll do as you say.


Clear: D-do I look weird, Master?

Aoba: Not at all. You look just fine. *smiles*


Everyone: Welcome home, Clear! *cheers*


Clear: Ah, thank you so much~


I felt like playing around with them more so here are some random shots I took just for fun ^^



I need the rest of the DMMd boys >A<




And that's it for this month. June was pretty happening as pre-orders were open for Persona 5 Take Your Heart and Sengoku Basara Sanada Yukimura-den while Native Aoba's pre-orders were closed (and the countdown to November D-Day begins X'D) I only have two POs for next month which is Ignis and One Piece candy toys so I can once again save up for my August and September orders. I'm so excited for Genos nendoroid~! And Monoyoshi turned out really adorable. Hopefully we'll get to see a painted prototype of Ookurikara nendoroid in the upcoming Wonder Festival! Ah, I can't wait for WF2016 Summer and C90!! ^^ Fingers crossed for more (sexy) male figures and DMMd merchandises!!!


Thanks for reading as always. Till next time, MFC. Take care :D


1 July 2016
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MaakieIl y a 4 ans#12699384I'm in love with this artwork now ITEM #348816 sooo pretty! <3
And I'm very impressed with ITEM #334621 ! Love the details on his jacket!

Thank you so very much! Glad you enjoyed it~ ^^
Il y a 4 ans
I'm in love with this artwork now ITEM #348816 sooo pretty! <3

And I'm very impressed with ITEM #334621 ! Love the details on his jacket!
Il y a 4 ans
shiroiusagiIl y a 4 ans#12250558Nice loot, it was fun to read :)
The nitro + chiral illustrations are awesome!
I couldn't resist a military Zoro either^^ and I ordered Ace in special color but now that I see them side to side the normal one looks cool too :)

Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it. Zoro is indeed irresistible ^^ I still can't decide which one I prefer too XD

harukaaIl y a 4 ans#12254754Ahh, Clear looks adorable!! Also I didn't know bnha has figures, they look nice ♡
Really nice loot & the story at the end, so cute (^^)

Clear is adorable~~♡ Ah thank you so much for your kind words~ ^^

H4RUKAIl y a 4 ans#12254799I, uh, really enjoy N+C loot posts... (º﹃º)
Never realised how much merch they have! I adore the Gothic Aboa keychain. I'd certainly love to get my hands on the matching tapestry one day. Why do all of their illustrations have to be so gorgeous?
Also, adorable nendos. I only have Aoba and Koujaku myself, but it's good to see the others looks great too. :D

Really glad you enjoyed it :D Their illustrations are absolutely beautiful~ Many thanks! ^^

SekhmetIl y a 4 ans#12283642So glad zenmarket has worked out for you^^ Nice haul! I really am not a Clear fan but his nendo is adorbs. Waiting for mine to arrive!
I love their services! Thank you so much again for recommending them to me ^^ Clear is really cute! But his umbrella is a little flimsy so do be careful when you assemble it.

kawaiiphandaIl y a 4 ans#12290618Amazing loot post!
I love your Nitro+Chiral collection *__*

Thank you very much for your kind words! It really makes me happy~ ^^
Il y a 4 ans
Dbonn12Il y a 4 ans#12236546Loved the little story you put together! Good purchases too! I really like the mug :)
Thank you so much! Glad you loved it ^^

solluxcaptorIl y a 4 ans#12238993Amazing loot, I love the DMMD artworks so much, but I actually find the merch kinda hard to find? At least on Mandarake I never see it pop up and that's where I usually shop ><;;;;
But I loved seeing your loot and the end part with the figures was so cute!!

Thank you! DMMd and N+C merch are a little hard to find and require lots of patience and constantly stalking the internet :D Manda does have DMMd occassionally. I managed to get a few of my grails there ^^

ipwnboyzIl y a 4 ans#12241295This is totally my kind of loot! *-*
Thank you for sharing all those beauties.

Thank you so much. Gotta spread the beauty of male figures and merch ;)

mercuridIl y a 4 ans#12242692I love N+C illustrations. I have that Konoe illustration too, along with the long calendar group. The watercolor effect is gorgeous. I also like your Mebuisline tapestry. I'm working up the courage to display stuff like that, but I love it >_< The storyline with the twins (and Misaki's fandisc) actually had me tearing up.
Nice loot haul! And cute story!

Haha how I wish I own the Mebiusline tapestry but I only have the clear file X'D Yay! Another BL game fan ^^ Thank you for the kind words~
Il y a 4 ans
Amazing loot post!
I love your Nitro+Chiral collection *__*
Il y a 4 ans
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
So glad zenmarket has worked out for you^^ Nice haul! I really am not a Clear fan but his nendo is adorbs. Waiting for mine to arrive!
Il y a 4 ans
I, uh, really enjoy N+C loot posts... (º﹃º)

Never realised how much merch they have! I adore the Gothic Aboa keychain. I'd certainly love to get my hands on the matching tapestry one day. Why do all of their illustrations have to be so gorgeous?

Also, adorable nendos. I only have Aoba and Koujaku myself, but it's good to see the others looks great too. :D
Il y a 4 ans
Ahh, Clear looks adorable!! Also I didn't know bnha has figures, they look nice ♡
Really nice loot & the story at the end, so cute (^^)
Il y a 4 ans
Nice loot, it was fun to read :)
The nitro + chiral illustrations are awesome!
I couldn't resist a military Zoro either^^ and I ordered Ace in special color but now that I see them side to side the normal one looks cool too :)
Il y a 4 ans
I love N+C illustrations. I have that Konoe illustration too, along with the long calendar group. The watercolor effect is gorgeous. I also like your Mebuisline tapestry. I'm working up the courage to display stuff like that, but I love it >_< The storyline with the twins (and Misaki's fandisc) actually had me tearing up.

Nice loot haul! And cute story!
Il y a 4 ans
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