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victorvipervictorviperIl y a 4 ans
J'ai plus de 18 ans
Today we'll be reviewing a figure that I probably should have added to my collection a long time ago, Orchid Seed's Alleyne. She's sporting a leaf-bikini which can be cast off, so many of the shots below will be NSFW. You've been warned...

About the character: Alleyne is a character from the Queen's Blade media franchise. Alleyne is an elder elf with a generally serious disposition (which is sort of a key element of this particular figure). One of the most prominent elements of the Queen's Blade anime is the friendship between Alleyne and the half-elf Nowa, with Alleyne becoming a mentor to the young half-elf.

Now, let's get to the figure!


If you keep your figures in the box, this particular package affords a nice view of Alleyne.


The side of the box features a profile shot of Alleyne, and the "fighting master" text makes me think about how Nowa affectionately addresses Alleyne that way :).


In case there was any doubt, the back panel has some shots of the figure in its cast-off state. Also, this figure was A/C from AmiAmi's preowned section, and you can see that little tear on the back panel of the box was the reason for the C grade.


Orchid Seed includes a little insert explaining how the cast-off feature works. Getting Alleyne's bottoms removed is not totally intuitive, so this feature is appreciated.


This is a pretty large figure, and so Orchid Seed reinforces Alleyne's legs with metal rods; with her pose, figure lean would be a concern, so this would seem to be a wise precaution.


As indicated, Alleyne is a large figure and the box is accordingly heavy. The box measures 31 by 17 by 17 and figure + box weigh about 700 grams.


Alleyne's pose is very faithful to the character. She's one of the more modest characters in the Queen's Blade franchise, and you don't get the impression that she's flaunting her body or some ecchi situation is imminent; rather, the way she's sort of flipping her hair, you could imagine she's just emerging from a relaxing dip somewhere.

Let's have a look at her.







The pose reflects Alleyne's generally serious nature while still affording her the opportunity to show off her curves, so I'd say Orchid Seed did a fine job with Alleyne's pose.


Generally, the quality of the sculpt is excellent, although there are a couple of quirks on the painting front, and Orchid Seed's handling of Alleyne's cast off feature could have been done better.

One outstanding feature of this figure is the sculpt of Alleyne's face. Her expression nicely reflects her generally serious personality, and I really like how her blue eyes contrast with her fair skin! The way her hair frames her face, this makes her eyes stand out even more.


The braid is nicely sculpted and it gives just a bit of asymmetry to the design of the figure.


You can see a sculpting flaw in the left side of her bangs.


I like how Alleyne's long hair falls around her body. Normally, I'd complain about the somewhat-clumpy ends, but I think it's pretty clear that her hair is supposed to be wet and therefore that's the way it should look.


My figure had this strange mark in her hair. Usually this is the sort of thing that would be the result of one figure brushing against another, but my Alleyne was unopened, so I'm not sure what happened. The magic eraser treatment removed some of these marks, but not all of it unfortunately. You can also see a couple of spots where there's some excess material lurking in her hair as well.


Sometimes, sculptors don't pay much attention to arms to the point where they just look like mailing tubes. Therefore, I was pleased to see the definition on Alleyne's bicep. As we'll see, she has a very fit physique, and this reinforces this theme.


The Queen's Blade combat books are not exactly a traditional RPG, but in a more traditional RPG, she'd probably be a ranger, living off the land. It would appear she's fashioned this bracelet (like the rest of her outfit) from leaves. There's a little bit of overpainting where excess yellow paint spills over onto that berry, but one will be hard pressed to notice this without looking close.


Of course, one of the most eye-catching features of this figure is Alleyne's leaf bikini. She's depicted in such an outfit in a couple of different figures, including ITEM #297610, and in episode 2 of the Queen's Blade: Beautiful Warriors OVA, she even fashions Nowa a similar swimsuit. The ribs on the leaves are an interesting detail.


Fans of sideboob and underboob can rejoice :).


Alleyne spends quite a bit of time living off the land, and so it's no surprise that she's very fit. That is one nicely toned stomach!


Her bottoms are quite skimpy, and you get just a peek at her inner thigh.


Orchid Seed gives plenty of attention to the sculpt of Alleyne's thighs as well as the backs of her knees.


Now, let's get Alleyne cast off. Step one is to remove her head, at which point her top will simply lift off. Because of her long hair, her head is quite heavy and it takes some force to remove it. Thus, some caution may be needed to make sure her head doesn't go rocketing across the room! Note the substantial transfer of paint from the bikini top to the back of her neck. This part of the figure will be hidden once Alleyne's head is replaced, so I didn't bother to try removing the paint transfer...


Now, for my least favorite thing about this figure. Orchid Seed puts a sticky compound on the inside of the "cups" of Alleyne's bikini to keep it in place. It turns out this feature is largely unnecessary, as the way the leaf cups hang over her breasts, gravity is more than sufficient for the task.


A tiny peg holds her bottoms together.


Once that peg pops open, the bottoms are removed by siding them down Alleyne's leg ever so carefully. It's a tight fit, but I did not have to resort to using warm water to get them removed. Given how paint transferred onto her neck, I was concerned that removing the bottoms would do the same, but fortune smiled on this particular day.


Now, let's have a quick look at Alleyne in cast off mode.






For most of my figures with removable clothes, I'll cast them off once and then display them clothed but for Alleyne I might make an exception. That is one beautiful body!


In the shot below, there is some good and some bad. Orchid Seed paid careful attention to the sculpt of Alleyne's nipples, but you can also see a spot where some of that sticky goop from the inside of her top was left behind. There's also some paint transfer from her top on one of her breasts. Some of that sticky residue cleaned up with a Magic Eraser, but I was unable to remove all of it...


For the most part, Alleyne's lower body gets the Barbie doll treatment, but there is just a tiny suggestion of some sculpting of her labia.



It's not the most exciting base.


The base is fairly large, measuring approximately 5.5 inches (14 cm) in diameter. Additionally, as you can see below, I couldn't quite manage to get one of Alleyne's feet to be completely flush with the base. The figure seems stable enough, but still...


Scale Comparison

The way she's leaning over, Alleyne is about 10 in (25.5 cm) at her tallest point. If she was standing upright, I estimate she'd be about 11.5 inches (29 cm) tall. At 1/6 scale, that would make her almost 6 feet tall and while she's not super-petite, she's no Amazon goddess either and so I'd say she's more like 1/5.5 scale.

Here is Alleyne together with Orchid Seed's Sonico ITEM #198372. Sonico is 1/5 scale, and she's a little bit bigger than Alleyne.


If you like blond castoffable elves, both of these figures should be right up your alley. Silfietta Lashia ITEM #1202 is 1/6, and as you can see Alleyne seems somewhat larger than her advertised 1/6 scale.


I saw a couple photos on MFC with Alleyne's head swapped onto Silfietta's torso and so I had to try it for myself :). You could almost imagine this sort of scene in Vanquished Queens, one of the many Queen's Blade side stories.


Alleyne also seems much larger than Alter's 1/6 scale Lala Deviluke ITEM #286484.


Alleyne with Kotobukiya's 1/6 Mikoto Misaka ITEM #155355. Koto figures sometimes run large in scale and you can see how Alleyne and Mikoto compare.


Asmodeus ITEM #171477 is listed at 1/7 scale, but she's more like a very large 1/6.


Pocahco ITEM #235623 is listed at 1/6 scale, but her body is more like 1/5.5, and when factoring in the differences in their body types, Alleyne is pretty similar in scale.


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------8/10

Arguments for: Many. Piercing blue eyes, fantastic body sculpt, easy castoffability, and even in her fully cast-off state she looks very tasteful.

Arguments against: Blah base, some some concerns about paint transfer, and the sticky material on the inside of her bikini top is unnecessary.

Overall, despite the paint transfer concerns and the way Orchid Seed handled her cast-off feature, I'd say Alleyne is a magnificent figure and if you like Queen's Blade, Alleyne, swimsuit figures, castoff figures, or elves, I'd strongly recommend Alleyne.

Availability (as of this writing)

Easy to find.

Over 800 MFC users own either this figure or its color variant ITEM #212674 and scarcely a week goes by when I don't see this figure on AmiAmi's preowned section. Thus, you should have little problem acquiring this figure if you want to add Alleyne to your collection. Depending on the grade of the figure, I'd expect to pay somewhere between 8500 and 11000 yen.


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victorviperIl y a 4 ans#13750358She does have a magnificent stomach :). What prompted such a strong dislike of elves?

Simply D&D when I was young. Someone was always playing rogue elves that were more a nuisance than helper. It left a strong bad impression for no reason! ;-)
Il y a 4 ans
sailormatlacIl y a 4 ans#13742964I'm late, but excellent review once again. The stomach sculpt is particularly impressive. I generally hate elves... but I think I'm seriously reconsidering this two decades old prejudice!!

She does have a magnificent stomach :). What prompted such a strong dislike of elves?
Il y a 4 ans
I'm late, but excellent review once again. The stomach sculpt is particularly impressive. I generally hate elves... but I think I'm seriously reconsidering this two decades old prejudice!!
Il y a 4 ans
jubeininja69Il y a 4 ans#12992848Good pictures.
I still have her sealed in box.

shiro169Il y a 4 ans#12986185So....her top just hangs about. Super sexy. Looks like she is a very tall figure. Great Review

Thanks for the comments!
Il y a 4 ans
Good pictures.

I still have her sealed in box.
Il y a 4 ans
So....her top just hangs about. Super sexy. Looks like she is a very tall figure. Great Review
Il y a 4 ans
wtf is that fat sonic figure and why is that thing naked/exists?

on the side note, aleynne is hot af
Il y a 4 ans
CriscokidIl y a 4 ans#12973521I've ventured down that rabbit hole, and what a venture it is!

*Looks at your profile*

Yep, it looks like you're fully down the QB rabbit hole :).

Also, I like your avatar. I really like Izumi's character design.

nuffnmuchIl y a 4 ans#12974945One of my favorite scales ever.
I was so caught up in her beauty, I almost forgot to add; nice review.

Thanks for the comment!
Il y a 4 ans
One of my favorite scales ever.

I was so caught up in her beauty, I almost forgot to add; nice review.
Il y a 4 ans
I've ventured down that rabbit hole, and what a venture it is!

victorviperIl y a 4 ans#12951283I'm glad you like her :).
Queen's Blade has the potential to be the collector's proverbial rabbit hole, that's for sure. Fortunately for my wallet, among my most favorite QB characters, there aren't really that many figures. Nowa is my favorite, and you can call me crazy, but I also like Elina, and those two just haven't gotten the same amount of figure love as some of the other QB characters.
Il y a 4 ans
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