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Stolen FiguresStolen Figures

TaralenTaralenIl y a 2 ansAsk MFC
I recently moved back into my old house. It took several days and one of the first things my mom and I made sure they brought in were my figures. All of them were put into large double boxes and delivered here. I then took each one out (they were all prepainted scale figures and action figures) then put it inside one of the closets next to my room cause that one is bigger.
I knew exactly where I placed them too.

Tonight I was going to display my Alleyne collection and found one of them was missing. I knew exactly where I put her and she was gone. I took all the boxes and looked, and I realized that the Leafa swimsuit prize figure was missing too. I thought oh maybe it's in my closet and nope nothing there either. I checked everywhere else I could possibly find it and nothing. Out of all my figures, these are the only two I couldn't find, yet I knew I had them here because I put them in that closet.

And let me point out the move took more than one day. During one of the days when they came in, it was 4 am and I was in my room, asleep. I strongly feel the movers stole the figures. This particular Alleyne figure was at the top of the stack of boxed figures and thus easy to swipe without moving too much. I believe the Leafa one was too.

Now I don't know what to do. My mom is already filing a claim against them cause they broke SO much of our stuff and now my figures missing is a red flag. Do you think they stole them?
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Whether they were stolen or not, they're missing, and that's classified as damage. I advise to add this to the claim. The movers could have simply lost them, anyway, the figures are your property and they are missing now. File the claim!
Il y a 2 ans
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I've had figures stolen before. Different situation than yours, but still stolen. Sucks every time.

People should stick to earning stuff and not taking what doesn't belong to them. Many of us work hard to afford our figures. Don't need some horse's arse coming along and taking them.
Il y a 2 ans
Envatta The Skint One
I understand that you're upset, I would be too. Doesn't matter of their value, it's the fact that someone may have stolen them. However, I would urge to to confront them about this first and unpack everything before finalising your claim. Like some others said, if a packer found two unboxed figures, they may have found the nearest unopened box, put them in and sealed it up. Probably thinking that'll keep them safe and prevent breakage.

If they did nick them, then be sure to claim their original retail prices for them. 'Tis only fair.
Il y a 2 ans
skylinedo (Il y a 2 ans) #12754867All relative to what the customer wants. Sometimes the move is very urgent and the customer needs to be on a plane back to japan in 10 hours and procrastinated. A month ago, we had to move a japanese stationary store from San Jose Valley Fair Mall to SF Japantown as soon as they closed at 20:00. That move ended at ~3am. I have many stories like this all with the theme, "the show must go on." Ok, I admit, I'd imagined such things to happen for moving companies, but not moving individuals. Guess that's one of the many differences to the German industry. Officially max. 10h45m (incl. break time) allowed to work per day.
True, moving with friends can be as late as that (I once did and we were finished shortly after 1 am), but well...
Il y a 2 ans
My grandparents had stuff stolen by movers too :/ Honestly, it feels like you can't trust anybody, even if it's their JOB. I'm glad my family moved most recently (including my figures) with just us and some of my Dad's friends...

Definitely file a claim.
Il y a 2 ans
skylinedo BANNED
LeviathanX (Il y a 2 ans) #12743012...Btw. who the heck works 4am in the morning...All relative to what the customer wants. Sometimes the move is very urgent and the customer needs to be on a plane back to japan in 10 hours and procrastinated. A month ago, we had to move a japanese stationary store from San Jose Valley Fair Mall to SF Japantown as soon as they closed at 20:00. That move ended at ~3am. I have many stories like this all with the theme, "the show must go on."
Il y a 2 ans
Sad to hear of your loss re collecting PVC. Years ago I was employed as a contract trucker associated with a nationally known moving firm for over a decade. No one likes to remove or crush someone else's possessions as it's a lose-lose situation for all concerned.

Unless the individual mover is a figurine collector, has a fetish for boxes with Japanese printing, or has a child that's into that hobby big time there would be no reason on Earth for he/she/they to take one/any. Of course, if the figurine happened to get damaged accidentally during the moving of bulkier items (hide-a-bed, grand piano, refrigerator, chest of drawers, etc.) it is possible the figurine got jettisoned into a trash bin or removed surreptitiously "to protect the guilty" re unintended collateral damage.

Other posters have suggested the possibility of items being packed away in a different dishpak, carton. That's a good possibility. Too much vacancy, open space left in a closed carton often leads to damage within before destination. Therefore, any "filler" found at origin will be a prime candidate to occupy that open space thus making that carton more suitable for safety of content during transit and handling.

4AM: not that unusual if the shipper will allow that. High-density trafficked areas (cars, pedestrians) are less nettlesome than normal hours for trans-loading HHG items from an high-rise apartment to a truck double-parked out on a city street.

Example: I was able to load HHG in Bullhead City, AZ 1 summer's day thanks to the owner's permission. Three of us loaded this gentleman's belongings in my HHG rig at 4:30AM once inventory was taken. When we finished at noon the outside temperature was 105 degrees Farenheit and climbing. The temp inside the trailer was much higher during the loading process. Not every load/unload process has to be consummated during "normal" hours if conditions are abysmal or less than ideal. Sometimes thinking outside the box is a great benefit for all concerned.

Claims: may be different now but back in the day it was 60 cents per pound per article coverage unless your family signed up for high value coverage and paid that premium along with the other add-on service features in your moving contract.

We always advised owners to haul their most prized possessions with themselves if humanly possible.
Il y a 2 ans
Uh... well, some general tips:
1. Don't open any boxes while the move is ongoing and foreign people help
2. Number all boxes like 1 of 20
3. Seal all boxes with tape

TaralenDuring one of the days when they came in, it was 4 am and
Btw. who the heck works 4am in the morning?! Specially unknown people I wouldn't trust my keys to come and go as they please... I'd even change the lock after they are done with their tasks in case they had my keys. Honestly, if they came in 4 am just to pull some figures you are quite lucky that is all they took.

Nevertheless, I wish your case to be solved in a pleasant way.
Il y a 2 ans
skylinedo BANNED
OK before you do/say anything rash make sure they're indeedly missing. If the movers are anything like me, they'll put stuff into boxes where ever stuff will fit. I personally will combine fragiles into one box regardless of room they came from. You mentioned your movetook several days so you guys havea lot of stuff assuming you had more than 2 guys moving. Things can easilybe misplaced!

Did you use a reputable mover? if so, they'll have insurance as a last resort. When this happens in my company, we go back to your house and make sure we find it! Next time use Yamato America Com. We're not cheap but well minimize the casualty rate significantly.
Il y a 2 ans
antoniaab Cool Kid
HobbyCentric (Il y a 2 ans) #12715616That's simple....
1.) They don't neccesarily want all of what's in the box.
2.) For those who no nothing or care nothing about the value of the figures, it can be as simple as the fact that a particular figure simply looks good to them. Even then, they may know the characters themselves but not anything about the manufacturers and simply wanted those characters.....

Also it will be much easier to steal 2 indivual fogures rather than a whole box. Also they are less likely to realize that they are missing 2 figures but they will see a whole box missing
Il y a 2 ans
I'm really sorry that happened to you :c like others say mention it in the claim for sure, also keep and eye on buy and sell pages and sites like Craigslist/kijiji incase they end up for sale there. I hope it all gets straightened out!
Il y a 2 ans
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