Tsumugi Kotobuki( 1/7 Waitress Ver. Max Factory)Tsumugi Kotobuki( 1/7 Waitress Ver. Max Factory)Review

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Okay first of all, let me say that I am very new to figure collecting and so I apologize in advance cause this won't probably end up being that good of a review. However, I really wanted to talk about her, and give my opinions of the figure.

So,I hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Okay first things first, let's look at the box and it despite being plain is pretty cute. It's mainly pink and has three windows on the front, the top and on one side. It also has a lot of pictures of the figure in different angles and even a shot of her up close. They also show us what accessories she comes with.

Here are some pics I took of the box. (Sorry for the messy background :P)







She also comes with some boring instructions which didn't end up being much helpful sadly.


Since, we are now done with the box-let's move onto the real star of the show and that is the figure.


From the first moment I took her out of the box, I knew I was in love. This figure is stunning to say the least- and I am completely blown away with what it has going on.

First and foremost, the hair is sculpted really well- not to mention it feels very smooth. The strands flowing in the air make the hair stand out even more and it feels as if it's alive. My only worry is that some of the thinner strands are a bit fragile- so be careful and not touch them too much. But overall, a splendid job on the hair. I also love the headdress because not only is a good addition- but it cleverly hides her seem lines.


Her waitress outfit is really adorable and just love the whole colour scheme of it. It has a lot of frills going for it which is to no one's surprise is done brilliantly. At the back she has this nice detailed white bow which I noticed when I finally got her. She has another red bow on her neck- and both of them are some of my favourite parts about the dress. On her apron and shirt there are a lot of wrinkles and with some mild shading done too. Hence, it actually looks like real cloth.

The oppai feels and looks good too! Not to mention, the pantsu is detailed as well. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



I really love her pose, but I do wonder how someone in real life could manage that many plates. Speaking of which, let's get to the accessories. First, she comes with an omelette rice- which if you didn't know says 'K-On' in Japanese. This was actually super difficult to insert in between her fingers. Then again, it could be cause I am new to all of this. But, the steak and the salad dressings are already attached to her arm.

They we have the tray with different desserts. As you can see, we have cakes of different kinds,creme brulee in a heart shaped container and of course let's not forgot the tea pot and cup. This is perfect cause Mugi is all about tea and cake. I like how they were creative and chose different types of desserts instead of doing a few plain ones. The variety in these adds a whole new layer of awesomeness. We also have the sundae which also is incredibly detailed with the wafers, whipped cream and the cherry on top. The sundae is actually removable from the glass. The tray too was hard to get on between her fingers- and I wish they would have made it easier to do this. The tray also has this nice metallic feel to it. It's probably plastic- but the painting was done so well feels like actual metal.


Her expression is super adorable, as it is very mischievous and cheerful like Mugi is. She also had this faint blush on her cheeks and her smile just warms your heart. You can see her iconic eyebrows from up close and also her lovely blue eyes.


Her pink stockings are not only glossy- but they have this very light pink gradient to it that's visible when you get the figure. That too shines nicely, and feels very smooth just like the hair. The frills on the top of her stockings were done well too, even if they didn't need to do that. But, I am glad they did.


Her black shoes are nice and shiny as expected- but not as shiny as I wanted them to them. But, still they look good.

The base of the figure is good, but nothing too special. It's your typical circular base painted pink with the name of the anime and a picture of the keyboard (the instrument she plays). This is in my opinion, the weakest part of the figure- but that just goes to show how excellent this anime figure truly is.


Overall, I love this figure of Mugi and it was worth it to find her for a decent price after five months. Thanks Mandarake, I will forever love you. Anywho, even if I don't have many figures this is indeed my favourite out of all of them. I feel she will remain a favourite even when I collect more and more figures hopefully in the years to come.

So, if you love K-On, if you love Mugi and idolize her like I do- then stop wasting time and get her- cause she is one of the best anime figures I have ever seen. Yes, I know I haven't been collecting for long- but to me even the figures in MFC's top ten list could hardly compete with her. She is kinda old as she came out way back in 2011- but she is just as amazing as let's say the Alter figures. But, I guess my great love figure for this figure is also due to the fact that Mugi is a waifu I truly love.

Nonetheless, an excellent figure that I am more than happy to have in my new collection <3


P.S:- I did a very spontaneous review of this figure on my YouTube channel, so if you don't want to read all of this- you could also check that out. I would highly appreciate if you did so \^o^/

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Great review! She is definitely a super cute figure.
Il y a 3 ans
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