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Before Tsume Art announced their first Dragon Ball statue, I was expecting it to be a battle scene between two characters or more. And I know I am not alone. But when they showed it at TFD03, I fell in love. Even though it is not battle scene, Tsume took a risk by choosing a touching and has sentimental moment.
It was one of my favorite from Dragon Ball Z series: the scene where Piccolo sacrificed himself for Son Gohan, the son of his own enemy, against Nappa. The bond between them is so strong. I remember tears dropped all over my face. Such an emotional scene!

Yes, it become more emotional because HQS Piccolo and Gohan's release time is more than a year later... Nah, I'm kidding. I'm immune now with the delay and I hope that you guys are too to avoid disappointment :)

Let's see the box..


I am not too fond of the front box artwork. I like what Tsume did with Bardock's base www.alwaysremem... more. But I appreciate the addition of Shenlong's stamp. On the other hand, it is a clever act to make comic strip to show 'a story' on the back of box.


There are two parts of the box. At top compartment you will find Piccolo, 2 x dust effects, metal plate, and "Dragon Ball Z" logo. And at the bottom you will find the base and Son Gohan.

Oh yeah I want to added a fun fact for you guys about how to make sure you get the original HQS from Tsume Art. It must have those three things I mentioned below.

* Look for hologram sticker on the outer box


* It must have a Tsume's Ribbon and embossed "Tsume Logo" on the Polyfoam


* Look for certificate with hologram sticker and metal plate.



There are noticeable different between the base of HQS Piccolo and HQS Bardock base.


First, the "Dragon Ball Z" logo is different. On Piccolo, it is removable and looks nicer (pay attention on the ball). Second, the bezel on the base is also different. On Piccolo, it is a black paint only, but we got dragons embossed on Bardock's base.

Hmmm... apparently we cannot get it all in one.


Assembling HQS Piccolo and Gohan is an easy task, as simple as 1 2 3.


It's a beauty, isn't it? One thing I notice right away is how close the quality with the prototype I have seen live during TFD03. I mean it looks so good. The Gohan is even better.
You could appreciate the details on Piccolo cloth, how it ripped out, and the flow of it. And the painting is neat and lots of shading going on there. I need to give a thumbs up for their improvements especially the QC! Yes, the infamous QC Team!


And now pay attention to his knee. Yes, some people have complained about why they are so round. In my opinion, it looks like a protector for the knee. And I am okay with that. But then I search it on internet to make sure whether it's correct or not and put it here. And here is a scene I grabbed from the internet to make a comparison and unsurprisingly it looks the same. Hello, pink ball!


I think it is unnecessary to complain about it because it's a licensed statue. Tsume need to get approval from the licensor. If they said Okay, then that knee is correct! But hey, that's my opinion.. Feel free to object :)


Now let's concentrate on his upper back and body. The Namek skin and flesh is so apparent and explicit. The painting is also neat and accurate. The shading on his hand is top notch.


Piccolo's face! I could feel his pain from the way he looks. And look at all his veins. Kudos, Tsume..


Tsume did a satisfying job with Piccolo, let's find out about his beloved student, Son Gohan.


The sculpt of his body, cloth, and the hair is very good. I notice a minor glitch on his nail or can i say there is no nail? I said minor because it's hard to notice in normal viewing distance. I notice it after someone posting a photo comment on my Piccolo's photo, showing the glitch and then he suddenly delete it (he said) to 'avoid drama'.

What I love the most about Gohan is the coloring of his skin tone. It is (how can i say) white-pink-kinda pale. I hope you guys could see it on the pictures above because I have a weakness to edit color balance. The sculpt of his cloth and the painting is superb. No complain at all.


Want to know size comparison with HQS Bardock?



> I am impressed how HQS Piccolo and Son Gohan turns out. The quality is one of the best. But one thing that I feel it can be improved: the battle wounds! It is the same suggestion I gave when reviewing Awesome Statue: Sasuke and Naruto www.alwaysremem... which is please give me more battle wounds, Tsume! They are too clean.
To close up this review, it's felt not right without giving you a picture really capture "Piccolo's Redemption". So here it is:


To see the high quality photos go to My blog: www.alwaysremem...
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Awesome!very interesting
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ElphabaIl y a 3 ans#16243917Thanks for posting! Great figure and my favorite DBZ scene but I'm poor so I have this lol ITEM #29164

You are welcome.. I didn't know there was another one like this.. :)
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Thanks for posting! Great figure and my favorite DBZ scene but I'm poor so I have this lol ITEM #29164
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