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moving my GK'smoving my GK's

FaraiyaFaraiyaIl y a 2 ansDiary
Hi guys,

I'm moving to a bigger home. First of all I'm excited since I'll have more space to display all my build stuff and I'll have an own room for GK building!! :D

first was the easy thing to pack all the unbuild stuff. Just were a lot of boxes. XD

But then came the moment I realized I had to pack all the build stuff and I actually was scared to brake them while moving.
I must say I was moving once but with only 5 build GK's back then and only a small distance. This time I have more then 300 build figures to move and have to drive 30 minutes. O.O

first I was thinking about to pack every figure on it's own, but did realize it would take forever. So I changed plan and got four big boxes and did pack with not much foil between the figures.

1st round (since I can only put four boxes in my cars trunk at the time)

And all arrived save. (not the final display just for storage atm) :) Had to put back some parts that had fallen of, since I only pin most of my GK's and glue as less as possible. But had no damage.

2nd round, packed more compressed, so the figures can move less around. And did use some foil on the edges since someone recommend that to me to prevent scratches.

Again all arrived save, well one figure I have to put all the way back together, because when putting her in the box the parts got loose and she did fall apart, I must mention it was one of my older builds and I did glue a lot instead of pinning. -.-
But all others just had some loose parts but nothing dramatic.

3rd round, yes still not done. This time I did use less foil again, non on the edges because I had the feeling the pats could get stuck there. And had to lay down some figures because they wouldn't stand all the way in the car. so better save the sorry. So I I paced one box in two layers with lots of paper an foil in between.

Also this round arrived save, and I must say with less loose parts. But two that I have to put back together. Well one was a thai recast and was already fall of the shelf once and the other one I was already expecting this and did take her apart before packing.

4th and last round will be one last box. :)

I hope you did find this a bit interesting. thanks for reading. ^_^
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Nerylis (Il y a 2 ans) #16512160i noticed your red kamael from e20, loved the gallery on there.
That Kamael is one of 3 I didn't do myself, it was painted by a friend of mine (lumien) we did a kit swap awhile ago, I painted a mamono hunter Yohko in return for her.

Nerylis (Il y a 2 ans) #16512160Edit: just noticed you are also the person with the last unicorn WIP gk, best thing i've seen in a while.
thank you ^_^
Il y a 2 ans
You have an amazing GK collection!! I'm glad they made it safe :D
Il y a 2 ans
I plan on moving out once I finish high school (I plan on being a coast guard) and I'm so worried about my GKs
Il y a 2 ans
OMG even seeing them not up close I can tell your builds look amaaaazing. I can imagine how stressful it would be to transport those!!! x.x
Il y a 2 ans
wow awesome collection!

i noticed your red kamael from e20, loved the gallery on there.

and thx for the tip, i'm already scared to move with the handful of gk's i have.

Edit: just noticed you are also the person with the last unicorn WIP gk, best thing i've seen in a while.
Il y a 2 ans
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