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AimathystAimathystIl y a 3 ans
What do your family/friends/neighbors/dog think of your anime figures?


When I first got into figure collecting, my first figure was ITEM #180481. I remember my dad ordered it for me (since I didn't have a credit card of my own yet) and he couldn't understand why I wanted to spend $50 on a toy. Anyways, when he finally arrived, my dad was shocked at how many pieces he came with and was actually pretty impressed with the detail for such a tiny figure! My mom found him adorable.

Well, now that my collection has ballooned during the past 2 years, my family is pretty unphased with whatever figure comes in the mail nowadays.

The only thing that they show any dislike over is: how much money I spend on them, and some of my female figures with thin clothes that barely contain their "assets" and "plot devices."

I remember my mom threw a fit over ITEM #302025 because her "breasts were hanging out" but hey, I think she's a pretty tame figure compared to some of the other ones out there xD (funnily enough, my dad bought her for me but my mom doesn't need to know that shh)

Other than that, I've had pretty positive reactions from family and friends! They're pretty supportive of my hobby thankfully, and many of them have even gotten me figures for my collection.

So, what do others think of your hobby?
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Do you show guests your figure collection when they come over?

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I have only been collecting figures (mostly figmas) for year or so and I always show my collection to others! The bad thing is that I'm a young collector that doesn't have credit card ( and won't have one for at least 3 years or so ) so my dad has to order them for me. They complain when I want to spend a lot of money so I give up and have to get cheaper figures. Mandarake is the best place for that ;)
The only time I can spend more money is at cons,because they don't get to know him much money I spend on my figures. ( I spent 60€ on a Figma at a con and told them it was only 30€. They would've killed me if not XD) Here in Madrid,there are not a lot of stores where you can buy figures and Figmas,or nendos and stuff like that. In the center of Madrid there are a few,but I also have to go with my parents as well,so I can't really buy anything because there are pretty expensive... But in that situation, I buy funko pops. My father loves them and so I do,so it makes it a lot easier to get some for me.
Il y a 3 ans
Kinkslinks The Ultimate Noiz Lover
My collection is all throughout my apartment, the only place I don't have anything displayed is my bathroom! I've never gotten any negative reactions, even my landlord loves looking at my collection. Even if anyone were to say something negative, i wouldnt care. Everyone has a "weird" hobby more or less XD
Il y a 3 ans
When people see my collection (3x Nendo, 2x Petit Nendo, 2x little figures from splits, 2x SAO Funko Pop, two shelves full of manga, shelf full of Pokemon stuff) they're impressed and immidiately start talking about them (or if they were before there, they start talking about newest additions).
But they're also shocked because... in Poland fan merchandise is quite expensive, especially stuff from Japan. xd
Il y a 3 ans
I'm not engulfed in many anime products so figures, and video games are all you will see in my room aside from the rest of the decor. I'm strict when it comes to organizing and displaying, I like to have a specific aesthetic appeal, thus when someone comes in they aren't overwhelmed by an over saturation of any one thing. Many friends like them and even some one day want to get into the hobby while others note that they do look good though they don't understand the whole collecting thing. One day I hope to have an additional room where I can focus all of these hobbies into.
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You see about half of my collection right when you walk in my house:


My Fate Testarossa collection is in my bedroom, and I only show that to close friends and family. Most people just think my collection is cute. My husband thinks I spend too much money on it, and my mother in law likes to call them toys in a condescending way, but everyone else just goes with it. :)
Il y a 3 ans
My family's mildly supportive of it, they'd probably prefer I had a more "normal", much less expensive hobby, but it's my money and my space, so they respect it. I think the only figure they ever really said they didn't like was ITEM #103190, though I saw that reaction coming a mile away so I didn't mind.

On the other hand, they really do appreciate the craftsmanship and have praised a few like ITEM #27684, ITEM #198337, ITEM #198394, and their absolute favorite is surprisingly ITEM #236199, didn't expect it'd be their kind of figure but I'll take it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As for visitors and guests. My friends are aware of the hobby, but they aren't really into it, so it's just kinda barely ever mentioned. As for other guests, it's been surprisingly well received. Maybe they're just being polite, but I don't think I've gotten any negative comments on it. My neighbor in particular (long-time family friend) comes over every time a package arrives to see the new figure lol.

Overall, I'd say I lucked out in terms of public opinion compared to some stories I hear.
Il y a 3 ans
I still live with my father, so technically I live with family, but only I really see my collection. I have all of my figures on the bookshelves attached and beside my rather large L-shaped office desk. I planned my room so that these shelves, my tv, and my external monitor are all not visible from the door. It's not so much an issue of embarrassment, I simply like to keep my stuff private and only reveal it to those who are close to me. Only my main monitor is, at an angle. I'm not paranoid about people seeing my display, but I would rather keep it so that only my friends see it. My father isn't very observant, so even when he's stood behind my chair while I showed him something on my computer he didn't notice (amusingly I had Tenshi just sitting beside my monitor at one point and he didn't notice it).
My friends who watch anime don't really care that I collect figures. The one who also collects understands, and the others call us weeb degenerates, but that's just banter. My friends who aren't into anime don't really understand spending that much money, but they spend just as much on other things so they can't justify speaking negatively about it. I even managed to get one of my friend's girlfriend hooked on a few anime, which he begrudgingly accepted, then moved on.
TLR;D I keep my display displayed in a way that people poking their heads in won't see, but anyone I invite into my room for prolonged time (friends) can see it easily.
Il y a 3 ans
When I was moving out of my apartment, there were a couple of open houses for it where strangers were walking in and out for a few hours. I was selling all of my furniture and about 40-some odd people got to see my anime plastered bedroom and figure collection. A couple of people asked me if my collection was for sale too. But the best was this one guy who stood in front of my (locked) display case and said, "Forget the rest of the apartment! I just want this room!"
Il y a 3 ans
Alchemeister Iced Over
Everyone in my family has some sort of collection so it's never been a big deal. Mostly just some light banter from my brother every once and awhile. No one else even pretends to notice. Which is fine by me.

Friendos on the other hand love to ogle at everything, so it's generally a decent conversation starter with guests. Even if it is a bit odd to some. Overall I'd say it's been pretty positive over the past couple years. Rarely any negative reaction, but there has been some.

For example, I invited a few buddies over and a guy I barely know showed up as a tag-along. He was uninvited but I figured he'd be cool. Haha. He heckled me for 10 minutes over my figures, which I usually wouldn't mind so long as it's not excessive. This was excessive. Took pictures, kept laughing, trying to touch everything, etc. I ended up kicking him out for various reasons aside from that. Having someone speak disrespectfully to me in my own home isn't something I'll tolerate. But that wasn't at all all an ordinary experience.

It's generally a good time whenever I can share my hobby in any small or big way.
Il y a 3 ans
Friends mostly think they're cool and jokingly call me a weeaboo. My mom doesn't entirely care and thinks they cool and just part of my love of anime/manga. Granted she also doesn't know how much I spend on them. Dad is against it all and would prefer I "grow up", granted he has a similar thought in regard to how I feel about anime in general. This has made it so while living with my parents I had to have figures shipped to a friend's house so he wouldn't notice me getting them, then be senile enough to think I'd had them awhile. Now I'm away at college and can order them easier.
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