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Serial Experiments Lain is the anime with which I'm perhaps the most passionately obsessed. Been collecting since 2013, not long after I first watched the show. Because I was so late to the party, I inevitably missed out on tons of merch opportunities, especially in the late 90s and early 2000s when Lain was at its peak popularity. Despite that, I like to think that I've gotten ahold of a decent amount of cool stuff. Unfortunately, I'm severely lacking in both room and shelf space, so constructing a "shrine" is waaaaaaaay outside the realm of possibility; a multitude of pictures will have to suffice.

Needlessly long intro aside, please bear with me, as this is the first time I've ever publicized a blog post, let alone one dedicated to showing off a collection. Guess I'll start with the video releases.


So here we have most of my DVD releases. On the left is a box set released in the US containing the 4 original DVDs. It has a slipcover (not shown), and I believe the cover art was specially designed for that release. Next to that is the ever-so-collectable lunchbox set which comes with the DVDs as well as a 4-track CD by Boa. I also have yet another set of the US DVDs which were reprints under the "Signature Series" name, though only Vol 4 is shown because I think these are already redundant enough as it is lol.

Fun fact about the original DVDs (and presumably the VHS tapes and LDs as well): the CG used in the series is displayed at 60 fps. Yeah. 60 frames per second...in an otherwise 24 fps film. Go watch the OP from the Blu-ray transfer of Lain, then, if you have any of the old non-remastered releases, go watch the OP on them. It's absolutely surreal.


Now onto the understandably-preferred Blu-ray releases. I'm not sure how many people know or even care, but Lain recieved a significant dose of treatment when making the jump from DVD to Blu-ray. If you go back and take a look at the original DVDs, then check out the Blu-rays, the difference is nothing short of mindblowing. According to the "restoration booklet" in the Limited Edition set from Funimation (2nd from the left), there were instances in which entire scenes had to be remade nearly from scratch, as the original film was either in bad condition or unusable. The tl;dr version is it was really damn hard, and they did a hell of a lot of work in bringing the series into HD. We should be grateful. Though, what we should perhaps be less grateful for...is Funimations releases.

The leftmost set pictured is the first release of Lain I picked up, and for that, I can't help but have a soft spot for it. It's the standard edition Blu-ray/DVD by Funimation, and was the first Blu-ray release of Lain in the US in 2011.

Next to that is the Limited Edition version, which attempted and failed to mimick the Japanese "RESTORE" set (but more on that later). It comes with a thick artbook(let) of black & white line drawings, which shows characters and settings, among other things. Also included in the LE set is the aforementioned "restore booklet", which is ~13 pages of conversations between Ueda and Saito wherein they briefly go over some of the restoration work that was done on Lain.

Third from the left is the first Blu-ray box set to release in Japan, "RESTORE", which is easily my favorite release of Lain, and probably the best one we'll ever get. The reason I say that is partially because Funimation goofed the hell up, and partially because this set simply has the best video quality along with the most amount of content. Going back to Funimation for a bit, basically what they did (at least as far as I can tell you with my limited breadth of knowledge on the topic) is they decided to brighten the picture for whatever reason, which resulted in "banding" during several scenes. I honestly don't know enough to even tell you what that is, but in comparison with the Japanese release, the brightness is very clearly jacked up way too high; I can honestly say that it hurts my eyes a lot of times. But yeah, aside from the best video quality, the Japanese release also comes with the original soundtrack, the Cyberia Mix soundtrack, and a bonus Blu-ray disc with extras. Also included in the box is the same booklet and artbooklet mentioned before in the LE Funimation set. The RESTORE set doesn't include subtitles, which is its only flaw, but it does interestingly include the English dub audio track. I was lucky to have been able to grab the RESTORE box in fantastic condition for what I paid. Couldn't imagine having to pay even more than the original retail price at this point for a new copy.

Fun fact about the RESTORE set: on the front, if you hold the box towards the light at an angle, you can see the words "HELLO NAVI" embossed in braille over the cover art. I guess you could call that a nice...TOUCH. lmfao I'll be here all week

Finally moving on, to the right of RESTORE is...well, a reissue of the set, released 5 years afterwards with different (amazing) cover art and without the soundtrack CDs and artbook. That one is staying sealed.

...If you're thinking or hoping I'm anywhere near done, I have some bad news for you lol (but I'll probably have much less to say about the rest at least).


Next, my LaserDisc set. Now, you might be asking yourself "B-but BearSuit-senpai, w-what's a LaserDisc?" to which I would answer: it's an optical media format that was released around the same time as VHS but it didn't take off because no one bought it because the players were fucking expensive and the discs are the size of vinyl fucking records. As if I even care. I like my discs like I like my women - big and beautiful.

I have the complete set of 5 volumes, along with the storage box, which to my knowledge was a first-print bonus that came with volume 3. I may not be able to get any use out of LDs, and I may have considerably overpaid for them, but these purchases were justified in that they were made out of love for Lain.






This piece was saved for last on my video release list on purpose; it's one of my favorite pieces in the collection, and I'd say the most unique. It looks like a laptop with the Tachibana logo on it, but let's open it up.


Ooooooh, it's not a real laptop.


What we have here is the French Collectors Edition DVD set. Shown above are some informational booklets, the Cyberia Mix Soundtrack, and a DVD with extras. Also included in the box is the "Nightmare of Fabrication" manga in black & white, and...


Hard drives?


Nope. DVD cases. So yeah, I think the appeal just about speaks for itself. I bought the set almost for its uniqueness alone. Where the hell else are you going to find a box set designed like a laptop with cases that resemble HDDs? Simply awesome. But I almost left something out which I certainly don't want to forget.


The main reason for my purchase. This illustration by Yoshitoshi ABe is exclusive to this set. Enough said. I had to have it. So with that out of the way, let's take a final look at the box after having been emptied of its contents.


Kudos to Dybex, the French distributors/creators(?) of this set. I can't say I've ever seen anything quite like it. Next is possibly my most treasured Lain item.



This is the promotional DVD, LPR-309, which I'm sure some are aware of. According to Lawrence over at cjas.org, this disc was only available to vendors to promote Lain in Japan and the US. I'm sure it's still rare to some degree even among collectors. Despite that, I was amazingly glad to have found a listing. I don't suppose many people own this or even know what it is, but this is a very important disc. To me at least.

Welp, time to move on to the music.


This is the first soundtrack, second soundtrack "Cyberia Mix", and third soundtrack "BOOTLEG". I used to listen to these regularly, and still do on occasion. First two are the US releases, which are missing a couple tracks from their Japanese counterparts. "BOOTLEG" was only released in Japan and contains the majority of the more ambient tracks from the series as well as that one track from Cyberia that everyone loves, as well as the best documentary theme of all time, "MJ-XX". BOOTLEG also comes with a CD-ROM that has all kinds of cool stuff; a few small games, desktop clock, wallpapers, and even some sound effects and voice clips from the series. Every die-hard Lain fan should own it, as it's basically a love letter from the creators.


Next is the 3-inch CD / mini CD single of Duvet by boa, as well as boa's "Tall Snake EP". Absolutely love the cover art on the EP.


Can't talk about Lain music without talking about the doujin album "SUBHUMAN". An album full of tracks inspired by Lain, there's a lot of awesome stuff here. It's not official merch of course, but I still consider it part of the collection.


Playstation game. It's not in fantastic condition, but considering I'll probably never be actually playing it, I'm happy. I'm definitely a fan of...well, not so much the "game", but rather the alternate take on the story.

Moving on.


Here are my artbooks. "visual experiments lain", "yoshitoshi ABe lain illustrations" which is essentially a reprint of the "Ominipresence in Wired" artbook, aaaand the "Ultimate Fan Guide". All I know is, not even an ultimate fan should feel obligated to own the "Ultimate" Fan Guide. Not much to say about the books in general except that they're beautiful and I love them. With one obvious exception.


Shoulder bag from Mythware. The company had a line of several of these, but unfortunately they've since gone out of business. A quick Google search should give you an idea of what they looked like. Some are really cool and I'd like to pick up the others if I get the chance. The one I have here is my 2nd favorite of the ones I've seen.


Mini lunchbox (placed next to the lunchbox DVD set for size comparison). I actually know absolutely nothing about this thing. As far as I can tell, it was sold standalone, and that's about as far as I can guess. I kept it in the plastic because I'm unsure as to whether it was factory sealed that way or not. Either way, it's cute, and I like it. Now, speaking of cute...


The bear suit plush, damn it. Lain is not Lain without her bear suit pajamas, and I am not me without Lain in her bear suit pajamas, so this purchase was a no-brainer. I actually don't think I've ever seen something so hideous yet so adorable at the same time. This was yet another thing that I got from eBay for cheap. You can't tell from looking at the picture, but she's actually somewhat dirty, which is a shame. Her original owner clearly didn't love her, and how the fuck could you not love that face?


(better picture coming when I'm not lazy soon)
My most recent aquisition as of this writing, which instantly became one of my top favorite Lain items (and, hey, wouldn't you know it? a figure on MyFigureCollection...strange, isn't it?). There's not a damn thing I don't love about this figure, though I do eventually want the other variation of this figure also. I prefer the color palette and details on this one, however the other one has the benefit of having a more character-accurate sculpt as well as being much more visually similar to the artwork the figures are based on.


Remember LPR-309? Well here it is again, except not really. This is a printed advertisement which allegedly was part of the Lain promo kit that was sent to vendors. I haven't hung it up, but it's currently framed and I'm undecided on what to do with it. I like it a lot, though, and I'd like to think it's every bit as rare as the promo DVD is/was. No actual picture of it, but I figured I might as well share a scan.


And lastly, this lovely wall scroll by Great Eastern. It's definitely going on the wall at some point. This is one of my favorite pieces of art from Lain, so it sucks that this thing arrived in pretty rough condition, but eh, I'll take what I can get.

...Pretty sure that's everything. Well, everything except for the promo poster I have, which hasn't even been unrolled yet.

So, yeah. I love Lain, and I'm doing my best to get my hands on everything I'm interested in regarding the series. I think I'm off to a pretty good start so far.

If anyone enjoyed reading through and looking at my collection even half as much as I have while collecting and documenting it, then I've done my job.
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As a fellow Lain collector, I'm amazed by your collection. Sad to see that you don't have the dolls, though. I'm still missing the one with her guitar... Sending you an FR now. I really want that French set and some of the CDs I'm missing. ^^
Il y a 3 ans
That French Collectors' edition is something else, woah! Love the 'hard disk'-DVD's. :)

I saw parts from the Lain PS1 game...it looks so confusing to play...

This was a really nice tour of your collection, thanks for showing! :)
Il y a 3 ans
darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
Great collection! I think SE:L it's one of the first anime I watched. I liked it very much. I really need to watch the BD version now.
Il y a 3 ans
That's an amazing collection! Serial Experiments Lain was actually one of the first anime series I ever watched along with Sailor Moon and Neon Genesis Evangelion, back in ye ancient days of the late 90s when I was in high school. It had a big impact on me (along with the other two shows), and I still thought it was fantastic when I re-watched it a couple of years ago - probably appreciated it more, tbh, since I had more of an idea of what was actually going on.
Il y a 3 ans
This blog was a freaking treat, a Christmas present in of itself. Thanks a lot for sharing, I usually never have as much fun reading blogs haha. I never was really a fan of Lain, but you rubbed off on me hard to rekindle a big appreciation for it lol.
Il y a 3 ans
TheDeadTexanIl y a 3 ans#17000191My new mission in life is to own that laser disc set.
Amazing collection. I can't wait to get some of this stuff when I'm in Japan soon.
Definitely share your haul when the time comes. (unless your haul includes the Resurrection DVD box set, in which case I'd be jealous. Don't show me that lol)
Il y a 3 ans
TheDeadTexan Perpetual Disappointment
My new mission in life is to own that laser disc set.

Amazing collection. I can't wait to get some of this stuff when I'm in Japan soon.
Il y a 3 ans
nikkodaIl y a 3 ans#16978859Incredible collection, no, my favorite collection of non-figures I've seen. I love when Lain fans go all out (they always do) That print is just gorgeous and I love the LaserDisc set, I can't imagine how much all this cost ya. I remember watching the series awhile back and I really need to rewatch it now that I'm older.
Also, are you sure you're not the guy that runs fauux.neocities... ? Let's all love Lain.

Nope, I am definitely not fauxx, nor am I deserving of even being mentioned in the same sentence as that man haha. As far as Lain fans going all out, I'm hoping to see some of that here (or anywhere), actually. There can never be too much Lain to go around. Let's all love Lain indeed.
Il y a 3 ans
FakePsychotropicIl y a 3 ans#16977885Why do you like Lain so much? I started watching the series a couple of months ago, but I never finished it. It's an anime I'm seriously interested in, but I think I'm missing something. Why is this such a well known series?
Why do I like Lain so much? Can't really say. I think it would be easier to just say what I dislike about Lain, which is how slow it can feel sometimes. And it's certainly not the most exciting thing in the world. When I first watched it, my immediate reaction was "wtf did I just watch? 6/10". For me, it was something that needed time to sink in. I would highly recommend finishing it then reading up on analyses and things like that. Though the worst thing you could do is go back to watching it with high expectations. Don't. Just let it take you along for the ride, don't think too hard, and take whatever you can from it.

I think Lain is so well-known because of how experimental it was at the time. It has a very notorious reputation for being weird and confusing, but it's also still relevant 18 years after its release because of how it essentially predicted the evolution of technology (to an extent) and the effects it could have on society and the individual. Not to mention, due to the nature of the show, it still generates discussion to this day.
Il y a 3 ans
Excellent!! I admire your dedication. That French DVD set is super neat! Packaging that goes above and beyond is so fun.
Il y a 3 ans