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ImaReal - Aihara Honami ReviewImaReal - Aihara Honami Review

gunplamangunplamanIl y a 2 ansReview
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First of all,
This post is

NSFW I repeat NSFW

Today's figure to review is
[Skytube] Ima Ria - 1/6 Aihara Honami

She is one of the main characters from a H-Manga titled ImaRia (Ima Real, Imagination Real) by Takeda Hiromitsu. The mangaka did other H Manga such as Tsundero which produced few figures. He also has regular manga/anime, Makenki.

This ImaRia is about Idols who do anything to survive in the business. The manga started as just idol stories then turned into NTR and that turned off some people.

Anyway, enough about the background, let's get into the figure review.
I do try to review or at least point out good and bad about the figures, but my reviews are more like just galleries with bunch of comments.

Around 50 pictures, so it may take some time to load all the pics. Hope you enjoy.

Here we go~
(Click to see them larger, but it will move you from this page, sorry. Or just do "open image in new tab")


Illustration of the Original (Cover of the manga)


Box shot. The whole figure has this heart theme.


Front shot.


spin around



As a whole, I really like the paint tone on her.
It's very pastel tone, and looks very soft.
But I kinda wish her head is tilted down slightly, so she is looking down little bit.


Her bra is covered up for default in box look.


how her breast is squeeshed is by her arm looks very good. give illusion of being soft~~


The costume is very well done. Quite nice paint job, I am guessing the check pattern is decal? Very clean.


The clearance or gap between her breast and arms are pretty small. So it doesn't look too awkward.


Few nitpicks in one picture here.
First, the hands are suppose to make a heart shape, but doesn't quite line up. And those condoms on her leg. They are separate parts. There are some groove/room for them to stick in, but still not super secure. So be careful when you move this figure around, it may just fall out, and you end up noticing it way later.


heart inside of a heart on heart.
The base is pretty adorable. There is prism like sheet at the bottom. And pink colored clear plastic on top of it. And to give some pop to it, there is gold paint around it. Very good base.



Do you think the thighs are little long, or is it just me?
I find most of Skytube figures have long thighs.

Change the background~


I think she goes pretty well with pink.





now getting into close ups


Her eyes have heart shape in it. Cute. The little blush is adorable too.


Her hair hand is prob decal.
but those ribbons for her pigtails, they are pretty small but the paint job on it is really well done. Has shiny pink jewel in the center, then graduate into lighter pink and white at the end. I am very impressed.


I have little paint error on her right bra. The paint clumped at the edge.
Otherwise, pretty good that frill part has nice paint job. Also, since her breasts are squeeshed, the middle string on her bra is loose, nice sculpt detail.


Her gloves are glossy white, kinda works as highlight because all her paint job is soft pastel tone.


The metallic paint on her belt is also well done. The paint job on this whole figure is really awesome. That belt is free to move, maybe detachable.


Loafers nice sculpt there too. Frill on loafers? well, as long as it's cute.


cute panty, she has another one that has bigger heart cut out and more frills. But (it's a very big BUT), it's impossible to attach it on her. I got really frustrated with it that I forgot to take any picture of that, sorry.


Backside also has heart shape cut out.


Another impressive paint detail. The star and dots on her very small and thin mic. It looks big in this close up, but it's very small.


Notice something different?
There is separate breast part with her nipples exposed just like the original illustration.


To swap, first take out the arms at her shoulders. YAY no bicep rings. You can just take the arms out at her shoulder. And because of her vest costume, the parting line is not visible. The frills on her shoulder also help; look pretty and they are practical. After the arms are out, take the breast part out and replace it.


Another background change~






I don't really mind that paint error on her bra mentioned before, because I have no intention of displaying her with that part haha...
Because she looks so very very cute and seductive in this state.



good sculpt detail on her nipples. not just some cylinder.




Her panties can be cast off too. There is connection tap at the bottom. Her waist is detachable, so after taking her apart at the waist, the panty can be taken out.


This peg is very very very very hard to put together. The strings on the second underwear is too short, so they can't be attached unless you stretch it. The material of the underwear part is very flexible and feels stretchable, but scary.

Click Below to Expand
Inside of this spoiler below, there are pictures without her underwear. I didn't take pictures explicitly on her bottom part. But still I wanted to put this precaution.
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler






it's well sculpted, pretty much same as other Skytube figures.


With another figure from the mangaka. She is Misugi Ran made by Native. These two have very very similar design.


With Native Misugi Ran, another character by same designer. I thought these two were same characters, very very similar.


The main reason I got this figure.
I wanted to display her with the book.

I really really like her.
AWESOME PAINT JOB. I can't praise that point more.
Sculpt is generally well done. Only nitpick would be the angle of her head. Hope she would look down just very slightly. And also wish her hands would line up better. The one real negative point is that underwear part.

I hope you enjoyed reading or just looking at the pictures.

What are your thoughts on the figure? Good? Bad? Any awesome points that I missed?

Thank you~
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Easy Cast Off ?


murdoch (Il y a 2 ans) #18179632wooops i bought her :p
she's fucking cute, no regrets. thanks again for your awesome review

Wow! That's awesome. It's so great to hear my review influenced someone's purchase. Thank you.
Il y a 2 ans
gunplaman (Il y a 2 ans) #17738519Thank you.
Succumb to the temptation. You won't regret it~~ >:D

wooops i bought her :p
she's fucking cute, no regrets. thanks again for your awesome review
Il y a 2 ans
The painting job is really awesome. But I don't really like the pose unfortunately :/
Il y a 2 ans
Great review. I just opened mine and she's probably one of my new favorite figures in my collection.
Il y a 2 ans
setsunyan (Il y a 2 ans) #17752690However there is something about the pose that bothers me, it looks a bit too static somehow.. It lacks a bit of the erotic intensity of the illustration if that makes sense.
Maybe little different, but I too kinda had bit of issue with the pose initially. The actual figure looked really really good but the photos weren't coming out that well. Tried to mimic the original illustration angle, and something was off, and I felt that she is not a very photogenic figure. I got some satisfying shots after trying different angle and stuff but I still think photos don't do this figure the whole justice. Therefore... Go get her now!! ;)
Il y a 2 ans
I am 100% in love with her face, it's just so cute and heart pupils is definitely a huge weakness of mine~
However there is something about the pose that bothers me, it looks a bit too static somehow.. It lacks a bit of the erotic intensity of the illustration if that makes sense. Still wouldn't mind adding her to my collection one day, my Skytube wishlist seems like it will never stop growing, agh!
Thanks for the review though, the quality looks top-notch.
Il y a 2 ans
DonkeyBlonkey (Il y a 2 ans) #17748296Fantastic Review and great quality of photos!
Only one thing I noticed is the title of the article says "ImaReal" instead of "Ima Ria" lol

Thank you.
I thought about what to put for the title. I understand Ima Ria is the listed name, but in the end, I went with the English title of the manga.

Poyanyo (Il y a 2 ans) #17752485She's a bit too lewd for my tastes but she has a very vibrant color scheme and an adorable face.
She is probably lesser lewd one in my collection haha :D
Il y a 2 ans
She's a bit too lewd for my tastes but she has a very vibrant color scheme and an adorable face.
Il y a 2 ans
Fantastic Review and great quality of photos!

Only one thing I noticed is the title of the article says "ImaReal" instead of "Ima Ria" lol
Il y a 2 ans
YankeeAllStars (Il y a 2 ans) #17738956They might know, but they probably won't care if it's just a little nudity. The next 3 NSFW figures I have ordered/will order are a little trickier though.
Thank you. And,
The level of H-ness is increasing as you list them...
Matsuri is probably safe as long as you keep the optional parts in the box, and maybe not peel off the film on the mirror base. Tora is kinda pushing it, no? maybe make her face a wall. But the last bunny one is just impossible, it seems. She is not wearing anything below also... well, good luck!!
Il y a 2 ans
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