Killer Bee - Jinchuriki of Hachibi - Naruto Shippuden StatueKiller Bee - Jinchuriki of Hachibi - Naruto Shippuden StatueReview

RikudouRikudouIl y a 3 ans
Killer Bee Statue - Naruto Shippuden

Manufacturer: Tsume
Distributor: Tsume

Earlier today I had the please of unboxing my first 'proper' statue from Tsume, unless you cound the AS Statues of Naruto and Sasuke by Tsume-Bandai Namco for Naruto Storm 4.

The box for Killer Bee is massive and designed in a similar fashion as the previous Naruto statue boxes so they match:


Killer Bee came in a fair few parts, but with an instruction leaflet that was showing where to put the tentacles:


The rest of Killer Bee was easy to put into place. The head part, belt, weapons as well as the nameplate on the base were all easily placed with magnets:


Gyuki (Hachibi) is a loose part that is put into a very large peg that is attached to the base, albeit loosely attached. His weight stops it from moving about:


Tsume added a few extra parts of the translucent resin which is loosely placed on top of the grooves on the sides of Gyuki to cover the glitch between him and the base:


The final product is a bit darker than the prototype, but looks very nice with the colours and shading nonetheless. The belt and swords of Killer Bee appear to be in a PVC material:


For a closer look at the statue - different angles, check out the video below:

Killer Bee - Jinchuriki of Hachibi

The next Tsume statue in coming is Kurosaki Ichigo: ITEM #345809
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mokky86Il y a 3 ans#18001502Thanks for showing us, He looks fantastic! :o

Np! He is a really great statue :)
Il y a 3 ans
Thanks for showing us, He looks fantastic! :o
Il y a 3 ans