January 2017 loot - What the hell am I doing with my money??January 2017 loot - What the hell am I doing with my money??Loot

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January 2017 Haul!
aka the What the Hell Am I Doing With My Money haul.

This haul just kept growing every week until it became this huge. I'm thinking I need to really start being more careful with my money. Oh well, at least I got some beauties out of it! Standard warning of NSFW here. Are these really even necessary anymore? Just always assume these posts are gonna be NSFW!

January 2017 Loot Haul


Purple Heart Dress Version ITEM #287838
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NEPY-NEP! In case you didn't know, I love me some Purple Heart. She's one of my all time favorite characters. Just something about her personality and look just makes me swoon over her! I mean, she does have the nickname Perfect Heart for a reason. I already owned Wing's original version of her. In fact, she was the figure that really got me into collecting these. It's all her fault! So when it was announced that Wing was making another version I was really excited.

Then they announced it was going to be her wearing her dress. I'll admit, I've never been the biggest fan of her dress. It just doesn't have the same appeal that her normal battle outfit has. I know the Neptunia series is all about the boobs and all, but the amount of exposed chest bordered on the absurd. So I wasn't thrilled. It took me quite some time before my love for her took over and allowed me to order her. Luckily, she wasn't very expensive.

Now, onto the figure. Well, excellent would be a good term to use. She turned out really nicely, and is spot on with her appearance in the anime. She gives off quite the air of mature sexiness without being overtly lewd.

She is showing massive amounts of cleavage and side-boob, but it's not like she's flaunting it or is even purposefully trying to draw your attention to it. I've seen plenty of celebrities wear more revealing outfits to their award shows and get praised for it, and shown on regular tv until you get sick of it. So nicely done Wing!

Her hair is in her typical twin-tail braids, and is one of the most defining features of her character. At the tip of each braid is a ribbon tied with a bow with a little cross shaped ornament on it. The hair is very pale unfortunately. Perhaps a tad less white paint mixed in would have lead to a more vibrant shade of purple.

The dress, while fairly simple, flows nicely. It's folds and billows do not feel out of place with her pose. There is a large bow on her back, and the slit on the side shows of her long, luscious legs, while not revealing too much. Since important questions need to be answered, if you flip her over, you can see she is wearing black underwear.

She wears simple and elegant high heels. They really fit the evening gown appearance. Once she's attached to the base, at least on my copy, it turns out that her foot doesn't actually touch the base. The plastic support is just a tad too tall. Wing did opt to use a metal peg, so I don't think this will be a problem at all.

Purple Heart comes with two expressions, and accompanying arms. Her default expression has her gently smiling, while her hand rests on the strap of her dress. The alternate expression has a slightly more sensual look as she is tugging at the finger of her glove with her mouth. I found she also looks good using the normal hand and the alternate face as well. She also comes with six very tiny earrings that are not attached by default. They peg into the holes on her ears securely, but being so tiny, they are very likely to be lost or get broken. Especially considering how large our fingers are compared to them.

Now, we can't close this up without a comparison. While I believe the two Wing Purple Hearts go together well enough, there are some differences to take note of. The primary one being the different color hair. Also, the faces are slightly different sizes and shapes. The overall scale seems right though.

All in all, I'm happy I decided to pick her up rather than let her pass. I know I would have regretted not getting another Nepy-nep.

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Ririka ITEM #331751
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I almost made the mistake of not getting this little ball of adorableness. When she was first announced, I added her to my maybe list. Over the time, the lack of knowledge about her, and her fairly high price eventually caused her to be removed from my list, and I kinda forgot about her. Once she was released, and people started posting some pictures about her, she immediatly became front and center in my field of view. While she is technically a non-scale figure, and some of the pictures do make her seem a bit small to me, I was actually surprised how big she is. I say she fits right in with some of my larger 1/7th scale figures. She is also very close to perfect, as I've started to expect from Flare. So her price was more than justified to me.

While there's nothing official about it (she is an original character based off a piece of artwork), there are several features about this figure that make me feel she may be a snow-woman. The overall cool color scheme, her hat, scarf, leg warmers, and almost ice-like base gives off a very cool feeling. Yet she's also wearing a very tiny bikini top and shorts, along with sandals, suggesting she's quite comfortable in the cold.

Ririka is a surprisingly busty girl. Her breasts don't typically stand out because of her position. She's curled into a ball, which serves to hide her chest and belly. Still, she shows a large amount of under boob. It feels like her top should not be staying in place. Yet looking closely, another indication of cold weather comes out as she appears to have some hard nipples, which the fabric is caught on, holding it in place.

She has a really cute face. Her hair is ruffled a bit where it rests on her hand, which is a really nice touch. She also has an expression that changes from the angle you look at it from. From above or straight on, it kinda looks a little sad, but from below, a smile emerges. It's really cool.

One detail that really caught my eye, but is normally hidden is the coloring on her shorts. They are a very nice blue color. Yet when looking closely, they take on a bit of her flesh color, indicating they are being stretched pretty tightly over her nice rump. It's a really nice touch.

Her scarf and hat are removable, providing plenty of options for displaying her. On my copy, there was a slight blue paint transfer on her scarf when I opened her up. This is one of the very few flaws I could find on her. It came off after about 10 seconds with a magic eraser, so it's no issue.

Flare has gone above and beyond with their attention to detail on this figure. While at this point, painted fingernails are common place on pretty much all figures, and isn't really that impressive to me anymore, Ririka goes a step further. Each fingernail is not only painted, but there are tiny designs on each one. That impresses me.

Also, her shorts appear slightly loose, leaving some gaps around her belly curves, which is very natural and realistic. Another thing, and I may just be seeing things, but if you look closely in that gap, or around her butt deep under the shorts, it appears they even have her wearing some white underwear! Something you will never see, but it's there! Also, around her crotch area, you can see some flesh where the shorts don't quite cover.

Now that I've officially turned you off by being a perv, I just want to say how adorable this figure is. I highly recommend her if you are interested in her. She's close to flawless, and is a decent size. She does just set onto her base, with no pegs or magnets or anything, so you do have to be careful with her though. I'm really happy to see her on my shelves!

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Plug Cryostat ITEM #998
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Plug was a complete impulse buy. I was browsing through AmiAmi's pre-owned section, just scrolling though looking for things that might interest me. As I was scrolling, I stopped and said, "Wait a minute, was that Plug??" I scrolled back up, and sure enough it was. And she was less than $20! I liked her anime, and Plug was such a fun character, so I said what the hell, and added her to the order.

For that price, and the fact that she was 10 years old or so, I didn't have high expectations for this figure. I found a couple reviews on the Internet, and they indicated she had fairly shiny skin, and that her grounding wire would drive me insane trying to get it positioned correctly. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised by this figure, and I feel I got a great deal on her. She's not perfect, but I wasn't expecting her to be.

Plug is licking her grounding wire. One thing I don't like about figures showing their tongues is usually when they do this, their tongues are tiny. Plug suffers from this as well.

In a move that's fairly unusual for Kotobukiya, you can actually removed the black part of her suit that cover's her chest. This is accomplished by removing her arms, pulling the yellow neck piece of her suit up towards her head, and then removing the black piece. This exposes a decently sculpted belly, and her small breasts. Or at least the center cleavage part of them. You can see they are not fully sculpted under her suit. While it is very fitting for the series she is from, I feel she looks a tad awkward like this, so I'll be leaving the covering in place.

I didn't have any problems putting her grounding wire in place, once I took the time to think about it's routing. The end without the connector goes through her lower hand, routes through her legs, and into the hole on her back. Then you can pull it tight, and it cinches itself right up into her camel toe (which is very pronounced because of the pose and the wire. Then the other end wraps around her and into her other hand, being held near her mouth. You can wrap the wire around her however you want, but as Plug is a bit of a klutz, I though it would make sense to have her kinda tied up by it.

The top of her hair is kinda flat, but the bottom near her hair ornament on her pony tail is nicely sculpted. Also, the hair is decently shaded, a feature that is missing on the rest of the figure.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this figure. She was definitely worth a twenty dollar bill!

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Eris ITEM #56241
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I've wanted an Eris figure for a while. Though I hate the English name "Cat Planet Cuties," I loved "Asobi ni Iku Yo!" It's animation and character designs were top notch I think. The story, while not much to write home about, was fun and entertaining. It was nice to turn of my brain and see some bouncing boobs! There's been several figures of her produced, but some don't look that great to me, and the others are relatively difficult to find or are crazy expensive. So when I saw this one in the pre-owned section, I didn't hesitate to buy her.

Now, this Eris is a Griffon figure. We all know the reputation. I want you to take your preconcieved notions, and set them to the side for a minute. While Griffon has put out several figures that have earned them that reputation, they have also put out some great figures too. So lets judge the figure on it's own merits. While not perfect, I think this one is a pretty good figure. She's also surprisingly large, which is a good thing!

The pose, outfit, and hair really feel spot in for Eris. She's a happy go lucky cat alien, so I can see her prancing around like this very easily.

The hair color and sculpting is great! It matches her hair color in the show, and flows nicely with her movement. I did notice a scratch or two, and some cracks in the paint. I think this is attributed more to the age of the figure rather than mishandling or bad production. There are a couple pieces where you can tell they were separate pieces glued on, but they are not that noticeable.

Her tail comes as a separate piece, and plugs into a hole on her lower back. It's fairly difficult to get it pegged in as there's not much room between her hair and her back, and it's an odd angle to try to apply pressure to. Once it's in place, there is a slight gap between the tail piece and her suit where it's supposed to be coming out of.

Her outfit's colors match her design, but there is little to no shading, leaving it feel a bit flat. There's not many paint flaws or bleeding, which is a good thing. I did notice a bit of extra glue and dirt on one thigh near where her stocking attach to it.

I know a lot of people don't like Griffon's bases. I don't feel this one is that bad, and I really like the nameplate they put on it. I just wished they spelled her name the more commonly used "Eris" rather than "Ellis" though.

If there is one complaint to be had, for me it would be her face. It just feels a bit off putting. It's not a bad face, but just feels different from what she usually looks like. One thing I did find humorous is that in addition to her cat ears, she also has normal human ears. I'm going to have to check to see if she does in the anime as well... Yep, she does!

Overall, I'm pleased. While not perfect, some of my favorite figures are flawed as well. So she'll fit nicely in my collection!

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Caster Extra ITEM #61381
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I'll be blunt. I've fallen for Tamamo no Mae. While I've never played the games she's been involved in, nor has she shown up in any Fate shows yet, I've read up about her. I've scoured the web for pictures of her. I've watched people playing the games on YouTube. Pretty much the only thing I've found about her that I do not like is the fact that she's not real. She's just so cute and hug-able! I just want to squeeze her! And she just seems like such a happy girl. She's almost always has a big smile on her face. So it's only fitting that I get another figure of her to join my other two!

I believe this is the original Caster figure that was put out, though the recent re-release of it. This time she is wearing her standard blue outfit and has her mirror with her. She's in an energetic looking pose, kinda looking like she's doing a happy dance, and looking back over her shoulder at you.

She has an adorable face, with a wide open smile. She's also showing off one of her fangs. She has two large, fluffy looking fox ears on top of her head, along with normal human ears. Tamamo's pink hair is tied up with a blue ribbon, and is nicely detailed.

Her outfit shows off large amounts of her ample boobs. Cleavage and side boob galore! They are not the bowling-ball boobs my other Phat Caster has, but rather are very attractive, normal looking breasts. The white stripe on her cups are a little sloppy, and is one of the few issues on this figure.

To answer the important questions, once again, the answer this time is blue and white shimapan.

Her sleeves are very puffy and cute. Her slim arms emerge and end with one hand making a fox symbol and the other one splayed open. Makes for some "interesting" pictures later.

One thing I dislike about this figure is that her shins and the backs of her legs are very sharply angled. It's not the typical rounded curves, and does not feel natural at all.

Her tail is ok, but it is not as large or fluffy looking as my other Caster figures. It also lacks shading, like the rest of the figure, leaving it feeling a little flat.

This is my third Tamamo figure, and each one is very different from the others. Yet they all fit together nicely. And if you position them correctly, you will find heaven on earth.

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Kiraseiten Arcana ITEM #298301
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I really do not understand this. Why are these Shinrabansho Chocolate figures not more popular? They are so cute, beautiful, and excellently done. I admit they may be a the smaller end of 1/8th scales, but they aren't overly expensive either. I think they are really hidden gems in the figure world. I really adored my Astaroth ITEM #186894 and Asmodeus ITEM #395671 figures, so I decided it was time to pick up Arcana as well.

I don't know much about the card game or characters. Based on her wings, demon tail and horns, and cross-slit shaped pupils, I'm going to guess she is a type of fallen angel, but I could be totally wrong (Just looked it up. She's a demon). She does appear to be able to use magic, indicated by her floating swords. She looks really cute to me!

Arcana has a happy expression on her face with a wide, deep smile, exposing one of her moe fangs. Her bluish green hair contrasts nicely with her pale skin, white hat, and red eyes.

Arcana is a fairly flat-chested girl. Still, she's not afraid to show of what she has by wearing a tiny top. A tiny bit of side boob leads into nicely sculpted armpits. She also has a cute little belly, with her navel on full display.

Her wings are fairly large for her size. They are a golden color, fading to whitish tips. They let a bit of light though them, causing a very slight glow. There are a lot of individually sculpted feathers as well. Overall, they are very nice wings.

She has on some very tiny black thong bottoms. She also has a white waist cloak. It looks to be a bit breezy as it is flapping around. http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2017/02/11/1706341.jpeg

One of the things that kept me from buying this figure for so long is her legs. While they are nicely painted and sculpted, their position does not look natural. It appears her knees are very hyper-extended, making them look broken. If they were a tad bit more straight, I would have probably bought her long ago.

Arcana is wielding two swords, one blue and one red. Fire and ice anyone? The swords are supported by two plastic rods with ball joints on either end. This leads to a wide range of motion, with lots of different ways to position them. The rods don't look the greatest, but I'm not sure how else this effect could be created.

Arcana's hands are a bit awkward looking. They seem a bit large for her body, and are pretty flat. The fingers are all one piece, leading to them looking fairly blocky. They are positioned as though she is casting magic, so the pose works. I just feel a little more effort could have been put into them.

Overall, I am very pleased with her. She is very eye catching, in a good way. This really is a hidden gem. Being from the same series, she fits very well with my other two Shinrabansho figures.

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Satan ITEM #97003
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*Video is Age-Resticted

Ok, so I'm a little late to the Seven Deadly Sins party. It doesn't mean the figures are any less stunning! While I'm not planning on the getting the whole set, I do have my eye out for a few more. I decided, through a set of happy occurrences, to pick up Satan, who was the last of the original 7 to be released, first. For whatever reason (probably saw a video or something), the Sins figures were put back on my radar, and I started looking around for them. I really liked the way Satan looked, and I actually found her at a few different stores, for a not horrible price. Well, until some insane shipping would be added. That put a stop to my search. Then the next day, I happened to click on her at Amazon again, and she was available for free prime shipping, fulfilled by Amazon! While her price was a little higher than at the other stores, once shipping was factored in, she was much cheaper. Then I saw she was on back-order, expected to be in stock the following Sunday. Everything had fallen into place, and I wasn't in a hurry to get her, so I went ahead and placed the order. Then the next day I got a message that she had shipped, a full five days before she was even supposed to be in stock. She wound up arriving the same day I had picked up my AmiAmi order, so it all just worked out and she demoned her way into the haul!

Satan is listed as a 1/8th scale figure. Well, considering she's bigger than several of my 1/7th figures, I don't think that's very accurate. I'm not complaining at all, it just does result in a larger than expected box. Add in her large and heavy base, and it makes that ridiculous shipping price make sense.

Satan is a cast-off figure. You can remove her cape, her bra cups, her belt, and her foot wings. When you remove her belt, you are left with peg holes on her thighs. Luckily, Orchid Seed includes tiny little peg hole covers. While they are not perfect, it is much better than having the ugly holds. The bad part of her cast off functionality in my opinion is her bra cups. They are held on with a tiny piece of double-sided tape. I wish they used a magnet or something else for this. When I removed the left cup, the tape actually stayed stuck on her breast, and I had difficulties removing it. Now it doesn't really stick very well anymore. I plan on leaving her clothed, but now I'm gonna have to keep an eye on that cup to make sure it doesn't fall off on it's own.

The breasts themselves are very nice. They are large, but not obnoxiously large. They also have some nice separation between them. Too often in the figure world, the breasts are welded together, greatly detracting from their appearance. That is not the case here. She also has some nice pink nipples. The inside of the bra cups have a hole in them to make room for the pert nipples.

Satan's armor is very nicely sculpted. There are a lot of very small details to be found. The only issue is the paint is fairly flat with very little shading on the armor.

Her hair, on the other hand, has a lot of nice shading on it. There's lots of details in its sculpting as well. Having a very fiery red color, it is very eye-catching. While it's almost hidden from the front, she wears a helmet. It's not my favorite thing, but it's not something to avoid buying her over. Her horns look like bone, and have very good texturing on them. While the Halo energy gun-esque shape of them doesn't make a lot of sense, who's to argue the shape of Satan's horns?

She wields a very large battle ax. The ax has so many fine details, it's really surprising. The handle is fairly fragile, so care needs to be taken when putting it in her hand. This is easier said than done as it is a very tight fit, and the ribbing on the handle made me feel like I was going to rub all the paint off her hand.

I can see why this line of figures is so popular. Satan is absolutely stunning, and the level of detail is so high. While her assembly is a bit of a pain, and I feel her cast-off functionality could be better, I am pleased to own her. I currently have her next to my Dark Dragoon Forte figure ITEM #330778, and it makes for quite the sight!

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Ok, seriously folks, what am I doing with my money? This was an incredibly expensive month, figure wise. Sure I got some good deals, but seven on one month really adds up. Not to mention shipping. Still, at the end of the day, I'm happy with my little army of plastic that came home. So the answer to the question? I'm spending my money on something that makes me happy, so it's money well spent. Though I really need to slow down, lol.

BTW, here is a playlists with all my unboxing videos. Check them out if you are interested! www.youtube.com...
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The figures are nice, of course, but I'm really loving the Jibril scroll behind everything! *_*
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I really appreciate your loot post! I think its very nice and detailed and hey, if it makes you happy then hey I agree that it is money well spent! They all look great!!
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