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CrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkinIl y a 3 ans
Hello MFC!! Hope everybody is doing fine and getting ready for WonFes!

Today I'm bringing another tutorial for your collection. This one is simple and will help all those new nendoroid collectors (or pros) to "spice up" your display using common materials as well as boxes for raisers. This can be applied to scales as well.
I hope you find this tutorial useful :D


When I started with nendoroids I never imagined I'd get more and more chibis with time. There's no IKEA in Colombia and proper glass cabinets are expensive AF so I had to settle down with a bookcase.
At first, I placed my nendoroids around and then I got some accessories for them from Sylvanian Families just to add something nice for them.

This was the first shelf, yes you can see the awful wall there.
I like my nendoroids to be interacting with each other so that's why I like to display them in situations/scenarios,and I thought why not spice it up??

Let's get started!

✄✄✄✄ MATERIALS ✄✄✄✄

- Nendoroid boxes (different sizes)
- Plain paper
- Sharpies, markers, watercolours, coloured pencils, etc.
- Clear tape
- Patience, your favourite music and time!
NOTE: I'll draw things myself but of course you can print things or
use scrapbook paper to keep it neat.

✄✄✄✄ PLAN THE THEME ✄✄✄✄
First, think carefully what kind of theme you want for your display. Since the beginning I wanted a park that's why I added these items to my collection when I got around 4 nendoroids:
- Garden table and chair set>> ITEM #300018
- Fountain and bench set>> ITEM #300017
- Yummy cake shop set>> ITEM #300022
- Doughnut shop set>> ITEM #300020

With time I got some Kancolle nendoroids that's why I went with a beach as well for another shelf's theme.

As nendoroids are the deformed version of the respective character I decided to draw things myself in a cartoon-ish way.
When you decide on the theme but you don't want to draw, you can find websites online with pattern and textures you can print, or you can go to a local store where you can find scrapbook paper with the things you need :)

✄✄✄✄ BACKGROUND ✄✄✄✄
As my bookcase is open to the back/wall I got thick cardboard and painted the background, in this case a lovely blue sky with fluffy clouds and cherry blossoms. That way I cover the awful wall and bring all back things together inside the shelf.

This is an old picture, I changed the background to a bigger onehttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4077/35596596052_1efab20612_o.jpg

The beach background painted with acrylics on thick cardboardhttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4230/35766371825_bcf2d88b92_o.jpg

Now it's time to select which boxes will work great as raisers. We know there's a standard size but from time to time we get other sizes (bigger or smaller than the normal ones), those will help you in getting a better layout for your display.

For the park I used 2 normal sized boxeshttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4215/35766373645_3d62a045a7_o.jpg

It was hard choosing for the beach so I used my nendoroids to help me a little.
Also I had to consider the rest of kancolle nendos I ordered but not released yet


I chose this layout at the end, 2 normal sized boxes plus one smaller (From Ryoma Echizen nendoroid:ITEM #395119)https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4253/35596579642_8dd64821cb_o.jpg

Now it's time to cover the boxes with paper, I'm using normal bond for these since it was at hand and clear tape to keep it together.

I put paper beneath the boxes as wellhttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4023/35596578842_3db06bc5c0_o.jpg



Pay attention where boxes start and finish so you don't paint more than neededhttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4104/34925300254_ec8ebf8bec_o.jpg

✄✄✄✄ TIME TO PAINT! ✄✄✄✄
Take your time while selecting the colours for your project.
Check them on paper to see if those are the ones you'd like for this project.

For the whole Park I used sharpies, nothing too complicated since I wanted to give that cartoon/childish feel to it.
I added a road, stones and some bushes

The beach was easier since it's just the ocean with waves and a little bit of land (sand)https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4130/35596576142_f205c42973_o.jpg


✄✄✄✄ LET IT DRY ✄✄✄✄
Whatever technique you used it's important to let it dry completely since you wouldn't like the color to transfer to your figures. Even while using sharpies I let everything dry for 24 hours...paranoid much?

Time to place all boxes on the shelf!! And of course, your lovely nendoroids!







The parkhttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4037/35378372450_4e4b9649e7_o.jpg

The beachhttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4008/34925291184_cd4c5b04a3_o.jpg

After some time I updated the park with a better background (covering the wall completely) and added a new raiser (another small box from Osomatsus) to place more nendoroids.


I apologize for my grammar, english is not my mother tongue and my english is quite rusty.
I hope you liked this tutorial and found it useful as well so you start spicing up those displays for your nendoroids :D

Thanks for your time and for reading! Till next time!!

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DarklinIl y a 3 ans#18344005
Hola!! I got them through AmiAmi since I can't find them here in Colombia :( they're also called "Calico Critters" in USA.
Il y a 3 ans
omg! i love it! i'm from colombia too ^w^ where did you buy the sylvanian family things?
Il y a 3 ans
arukeeper23Il y a 3 ans#18292850animegrl357Il y a 3 ans#18296073vvoltIl y a 3 ans#18296707RowinaIl y a 3 ans#18297363Blackfire89Il y a 3 ans#18300645zellerificIl y a 3 ans#18319275PalluxzIl y a 3 ans#18322589IvorySirenIl y a 3 ans#18323019
Glad you liked this tutorial guys! I feel great while sharing these options for collectors and it's thanks to all the pictures of displays posted on MFC that I found the inspiration to make these!
I love seeing new ideas and I'm always looking forward to the next project for my collection ;D
Thanks a lot!

redstarsIl y a 3 ans#18297343This is so cute!!!! I almost wish I didn't have the glass case for mine, because something like this won't work as well in it haha. Your displays look amazing!
Actually I'd like to have a glass case/door cos my place is prone to dust -_- and I have to clean my collection monthly (not dusting but washing the figures as prevention) and sometimes it's a pain lol Hope I can incorporate a glass door to my bookcase...yeah some day XD

FlumenSilviIl y a 3 ans#18322643What Cute displays!!! T-T Kill me!
Thanks a lot! I like sharing things that are easy to make for everybody :3 since not all of us can get cool materials easily. Hope you found inspiration in this tutorial and encouraged you to make something for your collection ^^
Il y a 3 ans
This is really awesome, thank you for sharing!!! I can't wait to try my hand at this. (And using the boxes, covering with paper.. genius!)
Il y a 3 ans
What Cute displays!!! T-T Kill me!
Il y a 3 ans
Kawaii worthy, nice work, looks awesome.
Il y a 3 ans
Using the boxes and covering them is SUCH a smart idea! I love it!!
Il y a 3 ans
you did a great job, its perfect... ^^
Il y a 3 ans
You did an amazing job!!! You're an excellent artist!! I really love your passion and dedication to create such wonderful backgrounds and sets for your nendoroids!!
Il y a 3 ans
This is so cute!!!! I almost wish I didn't have the glass case for mine, because something like this won't work as well in it haha. Your displays look amazing!
Il y a 3 ans
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