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Is it worth to buy Grab Boxes, Anime crates and so on?Is it worth to buy Grab Boxes, Anime crates and so on?

Panda_ChanPanda_ChanIl y a 11 moisAsk MFC
Hello MFC!
Recently I'm seeing many loot posts contain AmiAmi grab boxes and so on, so I'm wondering - is it actually worth buying for you? I want to know your opinion, because I think it's just wasting money - I prefer to buy cheap stuff from series that I like on suruga-ya and I know I will be happy with the purchase, but I want to see it from a different angle, so please share your thoughts in the comment section!
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Have you ever bought 'grab box'?

  • 8%Yes, I regretted it
  • 15%Yes, it was nice
  • 60%No, don't want to
  • 17%No, but I want to buy
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kilani Sayaka Rank
I think that basically all loot boxes are a waste of money. I don't even care for makeup ones, which are a really great value for the money. The reason is because I am a pretty picky buyer in all regards, so for me it's a waste of money to have something I won't enjoy or use. I don't get that much enjoyment out of getting a lot of random things I don't like. I would rather put the money towards something I really want..
Il y a 11 mois
I've never done it bc I'm very, very picky and I guarantee I wouldn't get anything I like. If I did, the ratio of stuff I like vs don't care about wouldn't make it worth it. Not to mention selling off or giving away small things that might not even be on the database would be way too tedious (unless you know people irl that like that series).

I can see where if you have an open mind, like things for aesthetic reasons, and/or are into a lot of popular series it would be fun to buy occasionally though...
Il y a 11 mois
Commentaires récents
I really do want to buy a AmiAmi Grab Box for Girls. I watched a lot of unboxing videos, but recently... there are a lot of Otsumatsu stuff in the Box. I don't like Otsumatsu. So I beeing a little scared to order one of those Grab Boxes... ^^ Maybe in a month or two...
Il y a 9 mois
I got a box and I thought the funnest part was the experience. I liked most of the items that were in there, but they weren't really things I would buy for myself.

Not sure if I'd do it again, especially with a collection my size, it's better to buy things I purposefully want.
Il y a 11 mois
Some people are fine with and even enjoy opening boxes of tat. Hell, a lot of early adventure gaming (like Zelda) was almost solely driven by a desire to find unexpected things inside caves and boxes. Ever get really excited to find a chest laying around in a game? Sure some genres really dilute the concept, but it's usually a short moment of glee where you go "oh sht what's in this? *o*" even when it can just have a couple crummy coins that won't even buy you an ice cream. There's a certain kind of high (kinda) to opening this mysterious box and wondering what it comes with.

As for me though, I barely have the space for the things I KNOW and want to get. I'm also not much of a decorator and prefer my minimalist approach to it, I don't want to have all that small tat cluttering around. Lastly, imho, I don't find the items I see in others' loot posts to be particularly compelling.
Il y a 11 mois
I like when people do blogs about what they get in their grab boxes but personally I wouldn't buy one for myself. There's too little chance that I'll get something that I might like.
Il y a 11 mois
I personally wouldn't buy a Grab Box. Unless you are into a whoooooole bunch/variety of anime, you might be disappointed at what ya get. The boxes might contain merchandise from anime you don't like or never heard of, so it's a gamble.
Il y a 11 mois
I think it partly depends on what country you're in and the amount of disposable income you have.
I've got my first one on order... should turn up either this week or next week.

In the UK, a lot of merch isn't readily available, so we overpay for it anyway, as we generally have to ship it in ourselves, rather than take advantage of companies mass-importing at bulk rates. The few retailers that there are often charge slightly more than importing from somewhere like AmiAmi. At best, it's usually about equal to an item being caught in customs. So the chances of getting "value" out of the box is higher imo.

I'm also a largely nonspecific collector - I collect whatever I like the look of. So to me, there's probably a better chance of having something I like in the box.

Might vote in the poll if the box turns up this week :P.
Il y a 11 mois
I love seeing people displaying what they got in their grab box, but I wouldn't want to buy one myself. I'm not interested into pretty boys' franchises so For Girls' boxes are out of question; and since I'm more fond of franchises of the 90s' and early 2000s, the contents of the For Boys' boxes don't really appeal to me as they're generally from recent franchises I don't care about. As such, I prefer to spend my money on things I'm sure I want.
Il y a 11 mois
I like those but since we have none locally (bootlegs don't count =__=) shipping kinda kills the deal for me. =( Especially since amiami and such LOVE putting stuff like play mats and posters (big!) and can badges (heavy!) in their boxes. Not to mention their "let's put a box in a box and add some paper" packing habits. XD
Il y a 11 mois
It honestly comes down to luck and any items you find in those boxes you can find just as well on suruga-ya except it's guaranteed you'll like what you buy from suruga-ya, and not from those boxes.
Il y a 11 mois
ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
No, not for me. I've seen some grab boxes with really cool stuff, but I only focus on a few series now and I'd much rather spend the money on stuff I actually want. If amiami did a Fate one, I would consider it though..
Il y a 11 mois
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