YorunoYorunoIl y a 8 ans
I was thinking of adding another item to my June order at AmiAmi when I was stopped by two thoughts. First, have I exhausted the weight limits so that it's going to be a SAL parcel instead of a small packet? Second, HOW ON EARTH CAN I CALCULATE THAT IF I DON'T KNOW THE WEIGHT OF MY FIGURES?
Seriously, is it just me or they don't list the weight of each figure? Why do they have then such a detailed table of how much they charge for every extra gram?
So I still don't know whether to add this nendo playset or not...
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Thank you for your comments, that was really helpful!
Il y a 8 ans
ponnieIl y a 8 ans#992969What's so wrong with SAL Parcel? It's even faster than EMS while being cheaper....

SAL Parcel is most definitely not faster than EMS. Choosing SAL Parcel over EMS saves you a negligible amount of money and takes significantly longer to arrive.
Il y a 8 ans
If all your items are already in stock, you can send them an e-mail and ask whether shipping them all in SAL is possible before ordering. Amiami's customer service is really good (or used to be at least), they've rearranged a certain order for me thrice 'till I got the best result.

Remember that when it comes to figures, box sizes might be a worse problem than the size itself. MegaHouse figures usually have big boxes so I personally don't think those three items would fix SAL (I could be wrong though).
Il y a 8 ans
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
What's so wrong with SAL Parcel? It's even faster than EMS while being cheaper. Actually, you won't save much by splitting the order, unless you take SAL Unreg.

Actually, I count the probable weight by searching similar already released items on HS. And don't forget about extra 300-800g the box and wrapping paper add to the shipment.
Il y a 8 ans
Compare your items to similar existing items(I get the weights from Hobby Search)
From that you can estimate the weight and size and using that the shipping cost.

Use this for Minase Iori ITEM #72352
Use a random nederoid for your nederoid.
And assume that the set weighs the same as ITEM #42083

Now armed with this all that is left is just simple math and ::effort::
Il y a 8 ans
WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
They won't be able to list an item's weight until they get it in stock and they can weigh it. :< I guess they have the table for when you're ordering in stock items which you'll know the weight of and you can add it all together.
Il y a 8 ans