My Hero Academia April Loot!!  [picture heavy]My Hero Academia April Loot!! [picture heavy]Loot

tsunabelletsunabelleIl y a 3 ans
Hello! It's another month again, and my April Amiami Package finally arrived so it's time to sit down and write another post. This month includes 3 packages from Zenmarket, Amiami, and Luxasshop! I got a MASSIVE haul from my proxy from Laishibang's Yahoo Auction and boy it was worth it. I'm talking 130 items for $50 bucks worth, but we'll save that for last.

First, let's do Amiami, since that was today and I took the best pictures for those. Laughs.



Huge box. I was stalking the USPS Cart when it drove down my street from the window. Peeping through the peephole that kind of stuff since I knew she comes around 2:15 pm. I think our doorbell is broken because I heard the lady mutter "I'll just sign it for you", probably due to how bothersome and big it is, but of course I opened the door a bit after. LMFAO.


I love paper.


I love paper so much... Amiami we really need to have a talk. This is what I get for buying life-sized scrolls. Shipping was $100 btw. RIP.


Ugh, but look at them all.


I bought two boxes of these, because I have a thing about keeping doubles in a storage box and because I wanted to give my girlfriend an Iida and Uraraka since I was going to be greedy and keep everyone. I love them sooo much. I really like the gray shade on Todoroki's hair, gives it a nice feel. The details on them are super nice too.


Pita Straps are so cute. I can't wait for the new ones coming out next month too! I already own Bakugou and Deku, but again I have a thing about doubles and I really wanted some of the other characters, so here I am.


Vinyl Straps!!!! I almost bought 2 of these but because my order was already a monster I had to cancel one of them. Theyre soooo cute. I'm keeping the trio while Iida goes to my gf of course. That's the usual pattern.


These were on sale... I did what any reasonable person would do.


I'm actually extremely salty about this set. Not because it's not a good set, but why is Sero not in this set? Why is Mineta in this set???? They had REALLY good designs for the rest of the class that weren't made into the pins. cdn.discordapp.... Would also die for Ojiro. Anyways, I'm keeping them all while hoping for a 2nd set.


I won't lie. These fell off my bed and I found them later like !!! oh, yeah I bought these. The magnets are going into my work cubicle... The files I bought because they were cheap.


LOOK AT THEMMMM. I originally didn't planned on getting them all but I didn't want to regret it later and have to spent $30 per plush. Iida and Uraraka are in the warehouse waiting to be shipped! As for Todoroki... well, if I ever get the chance to buy him for a good price I will. I regret not grabbing him on Amiami when he was in stock but he's not exactly high priority. Again, the extra BakuDekus for safe keeping so I don't have to worry when I take them out on my bag.


He's finally here!!!! Damn, nendos have changed since I last had one YEARS ago. He's really cute, but it is kinda sad how little accessories he comes with. I went ahead and ordered 2 more though, because I'm a monster. Also because I need another one for my cubicle at work.


These were a lot bigger than anticipated! I'll probably make a vinyl cover for them so I can itabag on them. Gonna be That Person with 5 itabags at a con! There's an extra Deku bag for my girlfriend.


I'm so embarrassed. These are NOT life-sized they are bigger than life I swear to god. I can't even keep them there because my closet folds open so I'll just enjoy it for a little bit until I need access to my clothes. I don't regret getting them but if I have guest come over I will be putting them away fkjdslfsdf.

And that's all for Amiami! In all it was 26 items and cost me a fortune.



The first weird thing I noted was how they sent it in a taped up bag. I figure it should be okaaaay? but it was really weird to see. This should have been in the March loot post, but it took 3 weeks for it to arrive with untracked SAL so I didn't get it until mid April!


Everything was well packaged at least.


JUST KIDDING. TRUST BROKEN. I was super sad this happened, and shot them an email about it. However, I'm very pleased to say they're going to replace my keychain and send me a new one for free. My animation drawing was also a little creased (nothing too bad), and they're willing to either refund the money or replace that one too so all is well. Of course I glued the piece back and will display it on my board anyhow!


Almost everything.


And the stuff that slipped into my blankets that I realized I missed later!! Oops. I didn't take too many pictures, but I'm really pleased with the haul! Particularly the Bakugou Key Animation which I got for a fair price. I found it digging waaaaaaay back into Mercari and I'm glad I did. This also basically meant I had at least a few things of every exclusive event of My Hero Academia under my belt. It's been an expensive journey.


Did I mention they drew me Bakugou? Sooooo cute. It's a nice touch to their service! But okay, now for my Zenmarket haul! No box photo since it was pretty standard, I think.



This haul was honestly just can badge galore. The new original art set came out and I suffered for the first set, so I'll suffer for the second set too. I used to think can badges were kinda silly but now I can't get enough of them so y'know, people change. It's a thing. But more importantly, let's get along with the Big Stuff.


Moment of truth. I won 2 listings off of Yahoo Auction. Both for about 2600 yen, I think. Each auction had a small picture of all the items scattered so it's hard to tell exactly what you're getting. Of course it looked worth bidding for so I jumped for it! The 2nd auction I literally only bidded for for the sake of this one ID card. Sounds stupid, but I'll explain later. Here's what inside!


SWIMS IN THIS. It took me a million years to put all this away LMFAO but, I counted around 130 items ballpark. Ballpark because I counted like 10 clear files and a handful of coasters as 1 item since they're so abundant. I counted the arcade cards as one item too, but honestly a few of them in there are worth so much it's disgusting. I won't be taking detailed photos of everything, mostly because I'm not keeping it all anyways! That's just how bundles work. Also if I did we'll never be done. So.


I saw Bakugou's in the photo, but didn't realize they also had Deku (and Todoroki) included! Super fuckin' happy about it since I almost bought the trio for 1500 yen, but it was never Enough for me to go for it. That waiting paid off alright. Really happy to take these babies home.


God, this is another thing that probably would sound stupid af but I literally screeched when I saw this. I KNEW the listing had these items but the quality was so bad it's impossible to make out the characters they were for. I figure since they were practically give-away listings it would never be Bakugou. GLAD TO BE WRONG. I really wanted this. No joke. But the ONLY listing I found of him was 3000 yen. Limited stuff (on top of it being Bakugou) can be a killer so obviously I backed off. The other pin of this was Todoroki, which I will be giving away to a friend since it's a pretty rare item and I'm sure she'll be happy with it as a Todo fan!!


Okay. Let me explain. LMFAO. This card was given out to 100 people who voted in the first popularity poll. 11125 voted so whoever got it was pretty lucky! A tweet to someone who won back in December '15: twitter.com/tkg... I've seen this card for sale for 9000 yen, and never anything under. Never thought much of it either until I spotted it in the listing:


I was worried that maybe it'd only be the pouch but when I recognized the item there was no way I wasn't going to Win. So yeah, absolutely worth it.


Annnnnd here are the items that I'm actually keeping! Which is a tiny fraction of what I got, but definitely already worth what I paid for it. Part of it will be going to gifts to friends too and that always makes me happy! I'm really pleased with what I got and have no regrets although I'm back on a shopping ban because I went a little overboard the first month of May already, so I guess that's something to look forward too. Of course, I've safely budgeted so I should be fine again in July and can start saving for my 2019 (tentative date) trip to Japan then!!

Anyways, thanks for looking! I'll leave everyone with a picture of my poor shelf state that needs reorganizing. Save me. (Plus Ultra!)

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Wow this is amazing! Nice!!! <3
Il y a 3 ans
Holy Hero Academy. I'm pretty sure your haul is bigger than my entire collection. I dream of the day I can buy all that at once.

I've recently gotten into the show and I'm enjoying it a lot. Thanks for the blog!
Il y a 3 ans
This collection is MASSIVE AFFFFFF!!!! I've recently just got into the BNHA fandom myself. Don't think I can (or ever even WANT TO) surpass this, but awesome collection nonetheless! XD
Il y a 3 ans
I'm in BnHA heaven!
Il y a 3 ans
Now THAT'S a haul!
Il y a 3 ans
Ooo! All these goodies! Great loot!
Il y a 3 ans
purpledragongirlIl y a 3 ans#20841198*puts hand up* I get doubles too! I get doubles too! My boyfriend HAAAAAAATES it. He says we don't have enough storage space and I'm taking up space for several figure boxes with my doubles. ^_^ It's pretty cool.

IM SO GLAD. Doubles are just so satisfying? Triples are ideal but money doesn't grown on trees sadly so you gotta pick and choose. It's also comforting to know if something accidentally happens to one of your items you have a back up!!

TsieIl y a 3 ans#20842620[GASPING]
That's absolutely beautiful. I've legit shed a few tears. I didn't know they've made a Midoriya nendo ??? Where was I ??? Damnit. You're the real MVP. Seeing all my hero children is making me happy.
Awesome loot.

They did!!! He was only recently released waiting for you to take him home. Thank you so much, I love all my children. Wipes tears.
Il y a 3 ans
That's absolutely beautiful. I've legit shed a few tears. I didn't know they've made a Midoriya nendo ??? Where was I ??? Damnit. You're the real MVP. Seeing all my hero children is making me happy.

Awesome loot.
Il y a 3 ans
*puts hand up* I get doubles too! I get doubles too! My boyfriend HAAAAAAATES it. He says we don't have enough storage space and I'm taking up space for several figure boxes with my doubles. ^_^ It's pretty cool.
Il y a 3 ans
chachachowIl y a 3 ans#20839662HYENA SCREECHING
god, I'm so glad that there's someone else on here who's super enthused by angry hedgehog boy I love him and Deku just kill me please
This is an incredible loot post, god. If I wasn't already swamped in literally 3,000+ doujin (and some merch; I'm mostly a doujin book person), I would consider being more invested in all this amazing merch. Those overly-large real-life sized posters of Katsudeku basically made my morning. Congratulations on getting the very, very rare popularity poll ID! I'm hoping they put out some merch based off of the final announcements (king of the forest Bakugou and alchemist Midoriya, thank).
Waiting for a March - May 2017 doujin loot to arrive to Blackship in the next few days, so I'm excited for that since bb has a few new things I don't have yet, although every time I forget to order new HRAK books, I end up missing out on the ones I want the most /sigh.
Anyway, lovely loot, so jealous! I'm loving all of it.


Yeah, I'm 100% in love with Katsuki Bakugou he can blast my face and I would thank him. I'm glad it's made your morning. My friend jokes that I should just open my room as a Katsudeku museum and after getting the scrolls that's basically what it is. I can't even deny it anymore. I REALLY hope they make merch based off the 2nd poll too! It's gorgeous and if they did it would make my heart sing.

But damn, I'm pretty excited to hear about your doujin loot! I don't have too much, just some bb and Kisa stuff my friend got me from her trip to Comiket. Probably for the best because I know how much that can add up... I ADORE bb so much though so I'm glad to hear you're giving her your support. SHE ALWAYS DOES GREAT KATSUDEKU.
Il y a 3 ans
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