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Persona Room 2017Persona Room 2017

ZukirennZukirennIl y a 1 anDiary
This has been a very long time in the building, and I have just now started to fully love my collection of anime goods I've gathered into my room.

This is the view of my room right when you walk in and face forward. Out of view to the right is my bed, and to the left you can see two of my 3 detolf cases. My desk hides most of my window sill, which is easily the worst thing about my room OTL but I think I work around it pretty well.


Right when you walk in there's the light switch, that I decorated with the Persona 4 manga caps, just to spice it up.


To the right is my bed, which is my safe haven and the home to all my wonderful kitties! My nemuneko collection of 35 kitties all sits stacked on top of my bed, along with some other Persona dolls and plushies.


And the posters directly above my bed (Giant Tanaka watches over me all night)


In between my bed and my doorway I have my only open hanging bookshelf. I keep my little nendo's and Trigun figures on it, because they really have no where else to go. I'm definatly still working on filling this section of my room out, and I love nendo's a lot so I figure by this time next year I'll be almost out of space! ^^;


Below the bookshelf I have a small nightstand, that holds a lot of my anime DVD's in its drawers. The most amazing section in this part is my cork-board though, the number one most cluttered thing in my entire room.


Moving onto my other side of the room, I have my cases and my desk up against the corner with the window sill.


The two cases over by my desk are for generic purposes, and they are getting pretty stuffed as it is. My third case is over by my TV, and features just Persona figures and merch inside of it. Here is a look at my 8 shelves and the top of the detolfs by my desk for now though









And for those that don't fit inside, I have a small gathering on the top of my case.


And now we move onto my desk area! My favorite spot in my entire room. My desk is rather torn apart, but I love the space and shape of this desk and will probably keep it until it falls completely apart.


This first part contains my games and CD's for persona/atlus/smt games. My personal favorite is the errors of our youth CD on the very far left side, a sort of drama CD made for Persona 2, my favorite Persona game! (you would think Persona 4 was my favorite persona game, huh? lol). It was a hard find back in the day, but I treasure it all the same. I do have a few more games such as the original persona 4, persona 3 FES, and strange journey but they are on loan to a few people atm.


Above that I have my Persona 3 and 4 manga collection, most of which have been purhcased in Japan. I also have the rare Devil Summoner Manga, which i dearly treasure forever and ever. I have mostly Japanese copies on this shelf.


And on the shelf above that, I have the english copies of the Persona 4 manga as well as two of the Persona 3 movies (1 and 3 for right now, still looking for the limited edition of 2 and 4). As well as the persona awards dvd and the persona 3 light novels!


This area stretches above my computer, and it holds some random things like phone cases but also my persona 3 and 4 collectable figures. I love how they look on top of eachother like this!


next to my computer, I have what I call my "teddie corner" but its more like a random assortment of junk corner. I have teddie plushies galore, a hidden Morgana, and some cups from persona Q. I also get the joy of seeing Maya for this months Persona 20th Anniversary Calendar!


And above my teddie corner, I have my rather small Persona 4 Arena and Anrena Ultimax area. I personally could never pass up owning the only official scale figure of Kanji ever made, and I just love the dopey poses of Souji and Yosuke in these figures. Aigis and Yukiko were more instant buys because they were cheap, and while I would like to have the entire set, I have no where else to put a lot of these figures because of their large bases.


Behind the figures I have an artbook, but even better than that, I have a small collection of persona 4 doujins! I am very proud of these, a lot were purchases in Japan, some were given to me, and some I have found at conventions. All of the are SoujiXYosuke, with one Souji and Adachi slipped in there....


And for the final stop at my desk, I have my junk keep. I keep all the boxes for limited edition/pre order bonuses for the persona games I buy, just as little memento's (momentos, lol) and display them. My favorite gem in this batch is my persona 4 calculator though, a cool find!


Moving on past my desk theres my TV, and my window sill. I don't have much of interest around this patricular area other than my small collection of PS4 games and my FFXV cuties protecting the games. To the right of it I also have some dragon age posters, its all Fenris and Hawke though so don't be too impressed.


This part of my room is probably the least interesting, but I had to show off my body pillow babe I have right now ;3


Beneath my TV is a small space for Manga and Movies, I have a very sad lack of manga for anything that isn't Persona or SMT related though, and all I own is some Initial D, JoJo, and Haruhi Suzimiya books.


And then making a full circle around, the end of my bed leads to my closet and my TV.


There isn't much of interest in my closet except for boxes though :/


And now for my ultimate reveal, right next to my TV is my Persona case, that I stare at while playing Persona 5 everyday. My bottom shelves need some work, and I probably should get some more risers to put in my case, but I do love everything about this set up that I have for the most part, it is my pride and joy.





And that's about it! I don't have much else to take pictures of! With that, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite Persona gems







Thank you so much for reading, and please feel free to let me see some of your persona collections, I always love seeing other peoples passion!
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Your room is so cool! You have all the Persona and Danganronpa stuff that I've been trying to find for ages, especially those P4A prize figures! Easily the coolest and best collection of figures and merchandise i've seen on MFC! :D
Il y a 1 an
Nice room! I really like the pile of stacked cats (don't know the character name) and your Initial D items. Where did you get that Initial D cloth?? I need one of those!
Il y a 1 an
AAAAAA I'm so jealous of all your Teddies ;w;
Il y a 1 an
You've a really cool room! I enjoy collecting Persona stuff as well (mainly P4) so I totally love your collection :) Nice to see someone appreciating P2 as well. The game doesn't get enough love :( By the way, where did you get that wall scroll with Yu, Nanako and Adachi at Junes? I always wanted to have it but I've never seen it for sale anywhere T_T
Il y a 1 an
cocosole (Il y a 1 an) #20946251Your collection is insane! So many persona items <3
How long did it take you to collect these? :o

I've been collecting slowly sense 2012 I think? Sometime right after P4G came out. I unfortunately didn't join in the hunt for Persona items until after the main game was past it prime so a lot of the old stuff is hard to track down now, but I was lucky enough to see the release of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Persona Q items when they came out!
Il y a 1 an
IridescentFall (Il y a 1 an) #20953715Oh wow, what a fantastic space! We have so many interests in common, so I love love your room! So many great SoujixYosuke items! And where'd you get that Ignis daki cover?! Also, I am impressed by Hawke and Fenris- they're my fave ship from DA2! XD

Thank you, I'm so glad you like it! I got the Ignis daiki cover at Sakuracon in Seattle this year, unfortunately I didn't get the artists card :( (It's got Prompto on the other side too its so good).
Il y a 1 an
Pomelo (Il y a 1 an) #20946732Amazing room! So nice to see Persona 2 items in there too, since Innocent Sin is my absolute favourite of the series.

Eternal Punishment is my fav of the series! I try to go after every little persona 2 thing I see honestly, sense there is just so little P2 stuff available :/
Il y a 1 an
Kimm134Saya (Il y a 1 an) #20956092Awesome room! I actually plan on building a house with a big exhibit/museum with a Velvet Room or Cathedral of Shadows theme once I'm well off. I aim to have the biggest SMT collection in the world. Hopefully, I'm already in the top 5, at least. :) You have some random stuff that I still don't have!

I wish you good luck! I'm more interested in just Persona stuff more than I am SMT stuff unfortunately. You're collection is amazing though, and if you ever wanted to sell anything I'm sure me and a ton of other people would love to take some things of your hands!
Il y a 1 an
Ciciely (Il y a 1 an) #20957605Such a nice room!! P5 was my 1st taste of the series. I think I'll be doing P4 next when I've got the time.

I hope you like it! P4 was my first taste of the series and I fell in love with it
Il y a 1 an
Noel-chan (Il y a 1 an) #20960677OH. MY. GOD.
Now that's a really nice room! So many amazing things...! *^* Even though I'm mostly into P3 :')
... And so many stuff I'm hunting for (RYOJI STUFF!!! XD)!
The only question that remains... Where to put the incoming Persona 5 stuff? :')

Thank you so much! Finding Ryoji stuff is super hard but when I find it I'm always so happy! He's my favorite character from Persona 3 and I hate how little merch there is for him :(
I do have some space left on the top of my shelves, that I'm hoping will hold the Persona 5 until I can find a spot for a new case OTL
Il y a 1 an
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