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LtKaruLtKaruIl y a 3 ans
So, I've decided to undertake this "30 Day Figure Challenge"!
This is inspired by CANETON's blog post of the same name, (BLOG #32010).

Here is the original image from that post:

The pictures I add here are rather large (mixed with some of my existing uploads), but hey, my DSLR battery mysteriously went missing and I had to use my cell phone camera. (shame!)

1) My Gateway Figure
My first figure that I can really remember has got to be my Flandre Scarlet nendoroid (ITEM #42081) from the Touhou Project! I acquired her back in 2014, so it's pretty much when I got started. Touhou Project is my life, so this makes sense that this would be my first official figure~

2) Most Entry-Level Figure
I am NOT a Funko Pop fan, by any means, but I received this as a gift from my little sister, so this stays in my collection~
The Colossal Titan from the anime Attack on Titan (ITEM #240384)

3) Most Obscure Figure
This one is a tie between my Ayanami Rei (Lilliputian Hitcher)(ITEM #3532) and my Talho figure from Eureka Seven (ITEM #863). Rei is featured with an interesting ramen bowl, while Talho actually recites lines from the anime when you press the button!


4) An Impulse Buy
Oh wow, I've made MANY impulse buys! As for my most expensive impulse buy, it'd have to be my Marika figure from Mouretsu Pirates (ITEM #186125). I'd been wanting her for a long time and all of a sudden she showed up on sale at a local shop I frequent! :D

5) Most Expensive Purchase
Oh wow, I've made some really expensive purchases in my short time collecting.
For me, it's Yoko Littner (Bounty Hunter Ver.)(ITEM #4329), who I bought used for $311.50 (she is more expensive still)!
Coming in a close second was Musashi (Heavy Armament Ver.)(ITEM #198448) who I purchased new for $292.97.


6) Best Deal
On a new figure, the best deal I've gotten is for my Stella Vermillion figure (ITEM #366291) for which I paid $83.52 when elsewhere she was running ~$120-170 only 6 months later.
For a used figure, the best deal I've gotten has to be my Yoko Littner (Bounty Hunter ver.)(ITEM #4329). She runs $450-500+ now. Even now, the used version runs $50-75 more than what I paid only a couple weeks prior.

7) Favorite Posable Figure
I'm not really a nendoroid person, but I do love Sinon too much to pass up a nendo for her (ITEM #235669), she is so adorable here! <3

8) Favorite Chibi Figure
My favorite chibi figure that I own is surely my tiny Ibuki Suika (ITEM #25230)! She and I have had some good times together~ (see #16)

9) Favorite Prize Figure
Another appearance for Sinon again (ITEM #263954)! She is lovely~

10) First Grail Owned
Now, I'm still not quite sure what constitutes a "grail", but I understand that it's surely one that is highly collectible/expensive.
In this case, I have 2 grails that I acquired simultaneously. They are my beloved Musashi (Heavy Armament Ver.)(ITEM #198448) and my ever-charismatic Remilia Scarlet (ITEM #179391)!


11) Items/Characters You Have Multiples Of
I currently have doubles for Sinon (ITEM #263954 & ITEM #235669)(you've seen those already), Komeiji Koishi (ITEM #323297 & ITEM #331526), and Cirno (ITEM #91921 & ITEM #49257).


12) An Item Non-Collectors Would Appreciate
Hmmm, there are a few candidates for this one. It'd be either my Koishi nendoroid (ITEM #331526), my Sinon prize figure (ITEM #263954), or my Remilia (ITEM #179391) (all of which you've seen here already).

13) Figure You're Ashamed to Show Your Family
AHAHAHAHA... HA... ha...
I have 3 that take that prize, I ogle them every now and then ;)
Musashi (Heavy Armament Ver.)(ITEM #198448), she's got huge jugs.
Stella Vermillion (ITEM #366291), her clothes are ripped everywhere, slightly exposing huge jugs.
And Shimakaze (Major Damage Ver.)(ITEM #198017), whose undergarment has snapped, leaving her quite surprised!

14) Item You've Had to Repair
My Futaba Anzu figure (ITEM #286429) arrived in very bad shape, unfortunately :(
The entire right side of her hair was snapped off along with her left side shorts ribbon. But that's never something a little industrial-strength E6000 superglue can't fix!!!
(You can see the glue from when I repaired her hair)


Behold! The very first case of my personal fault in damaging one of my figures. This occurred in the very process of taking pictures for this article :'(
I dropped my cute little Ooi figure (ITEM #298177) and one of her pegs snapped off in the hole! NOOOO!

15) Item With an Interesting Story
Hmm, my figure(s) with an interesting story happen to be the same figures from item #3, most obscure figure. Ayanami Rei (Lilliputian Hitcher)(ITEM #3532) and Talho (ITEM #863). They were found by my sister at an antique shop, of all places. Yes, these are the oldest figures I own (see #27), but I don't think they'd quite qualify as antiques just yet!

16) Nostalgic Figure(s)
I'll have to shout out once again to Suika (ITEM #25230), everyone's favorite lil' oni. I had gotten my undergraduate degree and moved into my own real place after I got a decent job. With Suika accompanying me, we went to restaurants and other fun places. At night, after a long day wearing my lab coat and gloves and respirators, I loved relaxing with a nice tokkuri of warmed sake, mmmmm. It really makes me happy that I have the drunken oni with me whenever I decide to do that again~

17) Most Annoying Figure
Okay, I love Stella Vermillion to death (ITEM #366291), but her back ribbons have been a royal pain in my behind! They look great, but they are SO FREAKING LONG! They make her footprint so huge that it's tough to maneuver my other figures around those ribbons in my display case. It's as if she demands her own shelf with that flaming blade and ribbons.

18) Gaudiest Item
Hmm, I think this prize goes to my Suiseiseki figure (ITEM #233029). I don't really buy figures I don't think look nice, but I wasn't quite expecting her watering can to be so shiny and the first thing to grab your attention when looking at her.

19) Biggest Figure
In terms of my largest "MFC official" figure, Musashi (Heavy Armament Ver.)(ITEM #198448) takes the cake, being 240mm at 1/8 scale. That would make her over 6'3" at full scale, for us non-metric folks. That's tall!
As for my actual largest figure, MFC does not allow it on the site, since it's not produced in Japan. You may have watched the animated show called "RWBY". Well, I've got a 1/6 scale action figure of Ruby Rose (ENTRY #98827) straight from Roosterteeth. She is 12" tall, which would shockingly make her 6 feet at full scale - not quite what I expected of that tiny character! However, it's that massive sniper scythe that she carries that is truly the spectacle! At almost 18" tall, the scythe translates to 9 feet at full scale. MASSIVE!


20) Smallest Figure
I have 2 tiny figures to show you. First is my tiny Claire Farron (Lightning)(ITEM #301901) of the Final Fantasy XIII series of games. At a minuscule 40mm, she is the smallest figure I own.
The runner up is my RX-124 Gundam TR-6 [Woundwort](ITEM #514784) at around 44.5mm. (Why do I even own a Gundam figure? Idk)


21) Favorite Item Received As a Gift
My little sister gave me my Koishi nendoroid (ITEM #331526) for Christmas of 2016. Such a good imouto~
(both she and Koishi are)

22) Favorite Pair to Display Together
There is a trio of pairings that I like to display.
Flandre Scarlet (ITEM #42081) + Komeiji Koishi (ITEM #331526), from Touhou Project
Sailor Moon - Petit Chara! (ITEM #388790) + Chibiusa - Petit Chara! (ITEM #388792)
Ooi (ITEM #298177) + Kitakami (ITEM #298178), from Kantai Collection



23) Cutest Item(s)
There is a tie for who I deem to be the cutest of my collection. They are adorable! <3
Oshino Shinobu (ITEM #291212), from the Monogatari series
Perfect Math Cirno (ITEM #91921)


24) Edgiest Item(s)
This is a three-way tie, I suppose. Coolness factor maximum!
Konpaku Youmu - ver. OZ (ITEM #167170), such a solemn expression (plus huge hips, yesss)
Canaan + Alphard (ITEM #13483 & ITEM #14087), from the anime Canaan; so much gun-blazing and stuff, you know?
Remilia Scarlet (ITEM #179391), you can't get much cooler than this



25) A Series You Wish Was Complete
My favorite character from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime series is Sakura Kyouko (ITEM #111445)! I would acquire the other 4 characters in this series, but I haven't had the motivation to do so yet. I do wish to complete this series one day, though.

26) A Completed Line or Series
Kitakami + Ooi (ITEM #298178 & ITEM #298177)- I acquired these from the Limited Edition of KanColle Kai for the PS Vita. I love collecting for the PS Vita so much, I had to get these to match my Limited Edition Kantai Collection PS Vita!
Flonne + Etna (ITEM #128684 & ITEM #128685)- I got these in a limited edition of Disgaea D2. Very nice

27) Oldest Item
Ayanami Rei (Lilliputian Hitcher)(ITEM #3532) is the oldest item I own, released ~mid-April 2004.
Runner up is Talho (ITEM #863), who was released September 2005.

28) Most Recent Acquisition
I've just gotten a cute Hatsune Miku - Sweet Pumpkin Co-De (ITEM #396880), only 3 days ago at the time of this writing

29) My Display
I have recently purchased a second glass display cabinet for my expanding figure collection. The first one was way too crowded. However, I have not been able to get the same set of lighting that I got for the first cabinet! Thus, the lighting is uneven overall. I will fix this eventually. But I am quite satisfied with my current display so far ^-^

30) Favorite Item
Ohhhh, this is so hard! I'll limit it to 5 items, in no particular order:
Musashi (ITEM #198448), Remilia (ITEM #179391), Youmu (ITEM #167170), Koishi (ITEM #323297), and Sinon (ITEM #263954)






And there you have it! Compiling the list was the easy part. Getting the pictures and writing the article was the real endeavor! Man, what a large post for my first Blog entry. I hope all who read this have enjoyed my attempt at this "30 Day Figure Challenge" that I decided to try out ^-^

KoishiKomeiji <3

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Yasss touhou represent! Nice post!
Il y a 3 ans
LtKaru Friggin' Weeb
blueberrywaifuIl y a 3 ans#26502742This was a joy to read/view and a very interesting prompt! Thank you for this quality content. ^^

Thank you so much, I am very glad you enjoyed my entry ^-^
I happened upon the prompt, was inspired to emulate it, and realized I'd never written an MFC article before. I quickly fixed that!
I hope to remain creative enough to produce more quality content in the future.

Il y a 3 ans
LtKaru Friggin' Weeb
ptitange23Il y a 3 ans#26506640Beautiful collection !! :D

Thank you! :)
You have some nice pieces in your collection, as well.
Greetings from east coast USA~

Il y a 3 ans
LtKaru Friggin' Weeb
monkryIl y a 3 ans#26442921This is very nice and I'm excited reading it! Thank you, it's very interesting! :)
Oooo I hope this is a thing and many MFC members follow you and making a blog from this challenge, I wanna see moooore ;o;

Thank you for so much reading! ^-^ I would also love to read other users' posts of this nature, no matter how long the posts are. I enjoy seeing other collections and hearing their stories behind acquiring and adventures with their collections~

XRaptor7Il y a 3 ans#26458589I want someone to do the 30 day challenge except it's to buy and get 30 figures in 30 days.
I kid, it was an interesting blog.

Oh mannn, that would be awesome! If only we common folk had the funds to do so. I'm certain there would be that one MFC user who does have a vast disposable income who would like doing something like that! haha I'd love to read a post like that.
Thank you for reading! :)

Il y a 3 ans
LtKaru Friggin' Weeb
Kirito-donoIl y a 3 ans#26442552Awesome first entry, congratulations! :)Lady-MegatronIl y a 3 ans#26452843Thanks for sharing ^^.tacholaIl y a 3 ans#26479037i had so much fun reading this! ♥ gj!!2huIl y a 3 ans#26479402awesome post, koishi.

Thank you very much! ^-^
I hope to be able to create more quality content in the near future

Il y a 3 ans
Beautiful collection !! :D
Il y a 3 ans
This was a joy to read/view and a very interesting prompt! Thank you for this quality content. ^^
Il y a 3 ans
awesome post, koishi.
Il y a 3 ans
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
i had so much fun reading this! ♥ gj!!
Il y a 3 ans
I want someone to do the 30 day challenge except it's to buy and get 30 figures in 30 days.

I kid, it was an interesting blog.
Il y a 3 ans
You can buy Japanese anime and manga merch!

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