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LeahCasey-LarkinLeahCasey-LarkinIl y a 2 ans
Well hello there fellow MFC members!
It’s Leah here.
Today I picked up the stunning Hotaru Shidare by Max Factory.
I pre ordered this lady last year when she was first announced. I really enjoyed Dagashi Kashi and needed a figure of the amazing Hotaru.

Okay let’s get into the figure. Hotaru has been made by the extremely talented company that is Max Factory.
She is a 1/8 Scale Figure and stands at around 8.39 inches. She is a pretty large 1/8 Scale Figure, which I am not complaining about at all.

As always I want to state that I am no professional. I am only stating my own opinions. So please enjoy :)

1. The Box.


The box is really pretty. I feel the box is simple, however it suits Hotaru nicely. We see some simple flowers and the shop theme looks nice too. I love the window with Hotaru standing there looking gorgeous. I feel as though she’s standing outside a shop and showing off her goodies.

2. Sculpt.


The sculpting on this figure is simple but affective. I like the details on her shirt and the way in which her skirt blows in the wind.
The face is sculpted beautifully and I think the shape suits Hotaru pretty perfectly.

3. Pose.


The pose for me is ideal for Hotaru. The dramatic pose reminds me of the passion that Hotaru has for her Dagashi. She is proudly showing off her snacks to the owner of this beauty.

4. Paint job.
I am going to add a few pictures under this head. I wanted to add a few angles and parts of the Figure.


The paint job on Hotaru stands up to the usual Max Factory standards. I couldn’t notice a blemish anywhere.
The colour palette is simple but definitely represents the art style used in Dagashi Kashi.
The thick chunks of colour contrasts nicely with each other. I love the pops of purple for the hair and the red of the bow.
The Dagashi that Hotaru is holding look great. The small details are what makes these sweets look so realistic.
The eyes, oh my gosh. I don’t even know where to begin with the eyes. They are so detailed and amazing. The style of The eyes has always stood out to me. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Max Factory caught the style perfectly.

5. Overall enjoyment.


I thought if wrap this review up with how I feel. I honestly think this Figure was worth the pretty hefty amount of money (that’s including customs). As a big fan of Hotaru, I felt the beauty was worth the price and loooong wait.

Max Factory blew me away, I really feel that I have a little Hotaru living in my detolf.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope you like the beauty too!
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Thank you :)

willyg1982Il y a 2 ans#27493162Yes I like the beauty as well. Great job with the pictures.
Il y a 2 ans
Thanks for the review! Although I am not a fan of the show, I absolutely love her character design and max factory killed it, will pick her up. Also I believe she was originally listed as a 1/7 scale, which might be why she's so tall for a 1/8.
Il y a 2 ans
Yes I like the beauty as well. Great job with the pictures.
Il y a 2 ans