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Animate in Japan

akarinakarinIl y a 1 moisDiary
I finally went to this infamous place I have only ever heard of online ha
effect...WOW I'm glad I went :D

The BL section was great A++++ I didn't really take 'close-up' photos of alot here since Animate actually has ALOT of customers, or we just happened to go on a day they were busy because I was even bumping into people. In contrast to Hobby OFF that was a bit ded lol but I digress, since I think I liked Hobby OFF more because of the cheap prices (which is a no brainer since they're a 2nd hand shop after all...) anyways pic dump




dear lord have mercy ya'll have no idea how i'm waiting so anxiously for these to get released. like i've been thinking on whether i should just order the entire set and ship it here but then how tf would i even take it all back with me and all the rest of the crap i've already accumulated. and then there's animate who has this 'ticket system' but i really am not willing to drop down $$$$ in hopes of getting the ones I want. i ain't gonna do ANOTHER type of gacha lmao nooo


lol random bl goods section ya'll fans of caste haven and shit club (im sorryyyyy


i really didn't know (still don't) on what series was in most of these machines, but i was still very tempted to try although i suck

and here are my idol boys wooo it was quite small and evil tbh. i'll explain why below

yooo they put the new love live fan book next to all the BL magazines i was crying cause it's MY 2 FAVORITE THINGS TOGETHER ahh

i tried the new ten count gacha machine and hoped to get K U R O S E daddy, but i didn't. i got penguin shirotani, but I traded him with someone else for this one instead since I rather get sexy shirotani than the cute one lmao

all in all, animate is a great shop for those that are loaded in $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ since most of the things fall under the forbidden word.......

g a c h a

i cannot afford to buy 5 blind boxes of something hoping to get the damn chara i want. and i get this is a great business move on them lmao but not for me lol no thanks i have enough with the games laughing at my dumb ass but anyways, other than that, the books and the merchandise that ISN'T in a blind box is okay. If you think 650 JPY-1,200 + tax for a keychain is okay haha. But like I said, not a lot is sold out of a blind box. Like most of the enstars goods were all blind boxes as well as the love live ones.

i didn't picture alot but i'll list what i recognized and had their own sections:
-bongu stray dogs
-haikyuu some goods, not alot (alot of oikawa so i was ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-re zero alot of goods
-yuri on ice doujinshi, ALOT of it (surprisingly there were no goods at all...what happened animate???)
-some more anime that looked really pretty but i'm so sorry i don't recognize them since i'm not watching in season anymore D;

i realized free is dead now which is quite sad...it used to be HUGE a couple of years ago. just wow

might go again since someone i know really wants to go now for the doujinshi haha same girl same ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

anyways, sorry for the crap photos + writing...again lol til next time!!!

p.s. i showed a little about book off here
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this store is my wet dream
Il y a 1 mois
Stalking Loli hunter
Did you ask the staff if it was okay to take pictures inside the store? Many stores have strong policies against that. Maybe if you're just taking one, but if you're making a blog about it? The polite thing would be to request permission.

It's great that you're having so much fun though! I don't know how you keep yourself from buying stuff :P
Il y a 1 mois
no photos inside the shop
Il y a 1 mois
Oh I forgot to ask where is this Hobby Off?? I've never heard of them...I know Book-Off but not Hobby-Off :3
Il y a 1 mois
You have incredible restraint to resist buying all the merch while in Japan! XD God, animate is really Heaven on Earth I tell ya especially the main store over at Ikebukuro. The sheer amount of BL stuff over there makes my heart melt :'D
Il y a 1 mois
I miss Japan :( Thank you for the pictures!! Makes me want to go back again. Animate usually only features current new merch for the newer shows. While Yuri on Ice is still popular it isn't airing. There is still a bit of merch though.

Where is this particular animate? Hobby Off sounds new to me. Judging by some of the prices, it seems more expensive, so I guess it must be Akiba? I do recommend going to the Book Off Super Bazaar. I went to one in Nagoya and it was so spacious, with a wide selection and was way cheaper than Tokyo.

Also the Book Off at the Narita Mall has tons of great stuff too btw.
Il y a 1 mois
I'm want all !!!!! *o* lol
Thanks for this photos !!! Amazing adventures in Japan, no ? :D
Il y a 1 mois
Yay~ I'm glad that you are enjoying your adventures in Japan. I enjoy reading your diaries entries.

>> Your restraint must be so strong. Considering that you are surrounded by goods from Ensemble Stars, Ten count, Love live and not completely spurging on merch www

Are you planning on going to Mandarake? Stella Worth? Let your eyes feast on all the BL stuff available in Japan during your stay there www :3
Il y a 1 mois
Character & Hobby Shop

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