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A Pair of Maids From My Best Friend!?A Pair of Maids From My Best Friend!?

WynaWynaIl y a 6 ansLoot
Today I'm going to tell you about the many things I've received from my now closest friend, Aria (OTAKUGIRL01), in addition to something quite old that I've purchased myself (in a very scary picture at the end!) recently.

Why don't we take a look at this adorable package from Aria, first?


- 3 page letter, sealed with hearts and pictures
- Texas bull and TY kitty plushies
- A matching silver bead bracelet and gourd charm
- 2 extra figure she received from a purchase (Heine & Laila)
- 2 Gakuen Alice textured collectible gift cards
- Pokemon White/Black Promo Poster
- Fruits Basket DVD
- Card Captor Sakura DVD w/ Bonus Postcard
- Fruits Basket journal
- Bunny Drop 1 manga
- To Heart 1 manga
- Nanase Aikawa - Red CD
- Hekiru Shiina - Power of Love CD
- Banpresto Tsumugi Maid VER from K-ON!
- Banpresto Yui Maid VER from K-ON!

Can you believe this is only the first two packages from her?! She's quite generous, isn't she? Ah, it feels so good to get a present from such a close friend.. if I may open up just a little about myself-

It's been about 3 years now since I've allowed myself to call anyone a "best friend" outside of my own husband. Some very saddening things happened between myself and both my best friend and childhood friend and though it must be done, moving on from such a longstanding relationship never ceases to leave one feeling, well, a little more than disheartened.

I've done my best to learn all I can from these experiences and it's good to know that after all this time I've only improved and taken steps forward rather than backwards.

I was, and still am, a little too cool-headed and aloof for my friends liking. It used to be difficult to get others to understand how I feel and what I am thinking. Mostly, I had no desire to. The friends that I had whom were into anime and other Japanese media most found the most appropriate label.. that is- kuudere.

I was also most definitely a closet otaku back in those days. I didn't really want to share my collection with others because of how painful it was to feel the disappointment that others just weren't so enthusiastic about what I suppose is something very simple when I think about it.

That "moe" feeling I get when I'm staring at my favorite characters embodied in those neatly scupted figurines.. that similarly excited feeling I get when I'm playing an RPG and I can really put myself into the shoes of the main character.. the light that is surely there in my eyes when I'm locked on to some rare book that I've wanted for oh so long~!

Finally, I feel like I can share these feelings with others.

I had no idea what it meant to become a member of this community, but surely it has only helped me to become more and more proud of my private hobbies and to have that desire to show the world and seek others like myself.

That very desire lead me to Aria, my friend.. No! My BEST FRIEND~! It feels so embarrassing for me to make such a declaration about someone like that after all I've gone through.. But for once, I'm confident that the two of us will get along just fine.

With all the love and passion in my heart.. I know it will be met by her own. And she's just so adorable, too. I can't wait until she comes to visit in December and I get to dress her up in lots of outfits and abuse the hell out of my camera!

Ah? Speaking of that, shouldn't I be getting on to the maids now?

Please take a look at... dun dun dun~


Tsumugi-chan, and~!


Yui, from K-ON!

What should I start with now? I'll un-box them for you first!





You don't have to be a fan of K-ON! to realize how freaking adorable these two figures are. I've actually had them on my wishlist for some time now though I was hesitant to do so, especially after holding off on watching K-ON! because I do my best to only obtain figures from characters that I am truly passionate about.

I can't get over how attracted I am to Tsumugi's caterpillar eyebrows and how bright and cheerful she and Yui look.. I'm sure that I'll like them the most. This isn't my first time obtaining K-ON! goods, so it was bound to happen! A seller I frequent sent me a Happy White Day poster.. n_n;;



Well, anyway, the figures..

You see, I thought they were much smaller and I was also sure the quality would be lower than officially pictured. I have about 10 or so banpresto figures and have bad more before and while I don't think they're bad at all, I think a number of what I've seen could be a little more polished. n_n

This is not including the Ichiban Kuji line! THOSE THINGS ARE AUHG SO CUTE!

Well, anyway, I'm pleasantly surprised. The packaging is simple and wonderful and does well to sell the figures contained therein. It took no effort at all to open and pull the figures from the plastic shell and plastic wrapping.

Though I'm an amateur in presenting these figures, I took these next shots to show them off from various angles together.








I'm very pleasantly surprised! Aside from the bottoms of these figures lacking detail (which is fine for me, they're not being displayed in a see-through case)


This is Yuzuki, one of my two kittens I've cared for from birth (their mother was a stray calico) and she makes these weird faces in all of my pictures.. Anyway, though the bottoms of these figures are sort of like this, she seems to know which she likes best. xD

Creepy kitty.. you are truly my child.













Aren't they cute? Aria must have known how much I love maids.. She picked these two out just for me and kept assuring me that I would definitely love them! She was right. I do love them. Absolutely!

They'll go right here, with my other maids! It may be a little unbalanced now, but I am sure with time I will come up with a way to make this shelf look really nice. It's missing my nurses and Nanako too (which is on my desk currently).. but MAID SHELF TIME!


See? See? OCD aside, I put them together with all of my maids~ I love them!

I love them enough to make this uncomfortably revealing post about my marshmellowy pure shoujo friendship with her. >>;;

Thank you, Aria. Thank you so very much! Not just for these wonderful presents.. but for your love and acceptance as my friend. I'll do my best to make you happy 'till the man of your dreams comes along. n_n

THEN I'LL STEAL YOU AWAY FROM HIM O______________O .. just for a little bit. Then I'll give you back. Then I will follow with repeat offenses.. eheheh. >_>;

Anyway, if that didn't bore any of you half to death, Aria previously made a post about the first package I sent her. You can see it here- BLOG #3751

Please forgive my crushing cheerfulness on this fine day and take a moment to vote on my poll.

Here comes that really creepy picture I promised you, and the figure I personally bought recently..


Heh heh, no.. it's not Yuna's strangely distanced eyes.


Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Wyna1344290416.jpeg

Thank you all.
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Would you buy a figure of a cute character from a series you haven't watched/read yet?

  • 58%Yes, based on the aesthetic alone!
  • 17%Yes, but only if I knew about the character in detail.
  • 9%No, but I will preorder one and learn about it immediately.
  • 12%No, I absolutely will not buy a figure of a character I don't know.
  • 3%Other, explain below.
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Vjii (Il y a 6 ans) #1072140Its great you could find an awesome friend like that. :)

I also have problems befriending people, and I come of as awkward and boring I think. I have no idea how to fix that, and I guess I have given up now.
I feel invisible if I hang out with more than 3 people at the same time.
Oh well.

Awesome package >w< cute figures!

I have to say it's pretty hard for me to find friends or such too. I always let my whole personality shine and it usually doesn't conform to anyone so they a lot of people see me as weird, likely perverted, obsessed with weird things, etc.. You can't win them all but you do win some!

Also on the article I really try to know the figures I get. I one time got one I didn't know about very well and I just didn't feel a good connection to it compared to the other characters. They may look nice but eh I will likely put them away after a while if I just don't feel for them.
Il y a 6 ans
Its great you could find an awesome friend like that. :)

I also have problems befriending people, and I come of as awkward and boring I think. I have no idea how to fix that, and I guess I have given up now.
I feel invisible if I hang out with more than 3 people at the same time.
Oh well.

Awesome package >w< cute figures!
Il y a 6 ans
Aww you have a wonderful friend! I'd love packages like that from friends, but sadly, all my friends are broke because of preorders lollll~

But as for the poll, I'd only get a character after being interested in them. For example, I didn't end up buying the Madoka nendoroids right when they were out for preorder, because I didn't watch it yet. After watching it, and liking it, I've began a small collection~ Still need to get Kyouko and Sayaka's though ;-; /broke
Il y a 6 ans
Cool figures. ^^ That's very nice from your friend! ^o^
Il y a 6 ans
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
I voted on your poll! I bought ITEM #12045 at AX2012 because I loved how cute she looks and "dat" hammer :DD
Il y a 6 ans
Shinigamiyoko heart reinforce
That's awesome that you've made such a good friend!
As for the poll, I have 2 scale figures on order (ITEM #103161 + ITEM #98882) that I haven't watched the anime for; but they're way too cute~
Also ITEM #61727 is of Kirino Kousaka, who I'm familiar with and dislike, but her pose and coloring here is really cute so I ordered her XD
Il y a 6 ans
Your story really touched me- your friendship with Aria and everything! Those figures are also very cute ^.^ The best part is, both the characters are very good friends! So there is some symbolism there.
Thank you for sharing your personal story with all of us :D

Now I'm going to go and call my best friend because of this story T^T
Il y a 6 ans
Wyna 「ウィナ」
rowbutts (Il y a 6 ans) #1071195My thing with figures of characters I don't know is if I tend to REALLY like them, I run off right away and watch or play the source material if possible. I've gotten into some of my favorite series that way, haha!
I mean, look at all the nice Saber figurines. Now Fate is one of my favorite franchises!

And congrats on all your stuff and having such a nice friendship >v<

I have to agree. If I see a figure online of a character I don't know, I may just run right off to learn more about him or her, or even it. xD

Saber is really dominating the market these days, eh? But I'm glad, because Fate is a really great series and Type-Moon makes great games. My favorite is actually Tsukihime where my husband's favorite is Fate/Stay Night. Make sure you check out all of Type-Moon's great characters!

And thank you very much!
Il y a 6 ans
Wyna 「ウィナ」
OtakuGirl01 (Il y a 6 ans) #1071186Waaaah, I'm so glad you like them so much! >w< I'm so happy to have you as my best friend <3~ I'm sure we'll have lots of fun times when I move over there next year ^w^ Let's continue to spam our best-friend-love all over MFC! XD <3 <3 <3 Daisuki!

Okay, but if we get too cheerful it might become sickening. n_n;
Il y a 6 ans
My thing with figures of characters I don't know is if I tend to REALLY like them, I run off right away and watch or play the source material if possible. I've gotten into some of my favorite series that way, haha!
I mean, look at all the nice Saber figurines. Now Fate is one of my favorite franchises!

And congrats on all your stuff and having such a nice friendship >v<
Il y a 6 ans
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