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( Author's Note, this is a followup to this -> BLOG #38700 )

The prevailing wisdom I got from both professionals and fellow hobbyists was to not take any chances since no one would know what would happen. Thanks to everyone who chimed in even if I didn't get back to yah last time!

Well everyone, despite my ever crumbling sanity and motivation to package/move all my figures into the garage, I succeeded in the task! Between 10 Hour loops of songs, Monster Energy, professional levels of procrastination and massive bitching and moaning over the whole thing, it is done! God damn does suddenly having to protect and move your entire collection within a week's time claw at your soul. No, I mean literally, I feel like my figures are a giant Horcrux that I am currently sad not seeing in my room. I knew I liked seeing my ladies wherever I looked in my room, but my shelves are now barren of lovable plastic.

Now, what did I do to protect them you ask? Well, there are a few workarounds during heat treatments I could exploit. The first of which, is fridges are always to remain plugged in. Since figures might just get a little bit brittle in cold and not melt into goo, I confiscated both fridges downstairs to my needs.



Yes, Waifus are now what's for dinner! There are mini tanks inside a meat drawer along with swords and shields. And the Panzer IV just barely fit in the small fridge, but overall this cut tremendous time from trying to disassemble all those.

The second thing I could bank on is that our garage is detached from the house. Since there is no threat of any bed bugs outside, literally below freezing, they could all be safely stored in the garage with all my boxes and anything else I didn't wanna disassemble.


Pro tip, for the complex formations that I was worried about falling during transport, we made makeshift carriers from cardboard and stretch wrap. We simply took the shelf, added cardboard that reached above the characters and wrapped the shit outta them. Some of you might be wondering how much space that all took, note the bicycle in the background... Those boxes are deep and tall...

Now, the whole process is still not without incident and why I hate cleaning and moving figures in the first place. Nanoha (Force Version) ITEM #98868 had her left hand break at the wrist and I applied Super Glue. Hope it can still hold her Strike Cannon but I'm not worried since it also attaches to her arm. Angela ITEM #279274 had her leg damaged when I was trying to remove her from the stand. I made a note to be stupid careful if you need to do that yourself in the future on her page. Lastly, Ultimate Madoka (Figma) ITEM #117907 had her anklet wings pop off. AGAIN. No glue applied here, but they are very delicately held in place.

So, now it's 3:30 A.M., I have to be up in a few hours for a routine dentist appointment and my stress levels are starting to subside after being in panic mode for the last 10 days. I'll try not to think of my DVDs/Games/Blurays/Consoles and Laptop getting vaporized while my hygienist cleans my teeth. It's about as fun as it sounds considering it's an 8 A.M. appointment. And once the house is no longer nuclear hellfire, I can have the sarcastic JOY of putting EVERYTHING BACK. Honestly, there are some figure I might not wanna put back out and others I may still put away as a result of all this. I really do have too many to display, but I don't want empty shelves. Well, that's all for now, I need sleep and thanks for reading.
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I hope you achieve everything you want (dentist, bed bugs, figures...) *thumbsup*

I like that mousepad in the fridge. Looks like some vacu-sealed meat, lol
Il y a 2 ans
Thanks for giving us an update.

Congrats on moving the treasures to a safer location. I like the idea about the fridge. I know you are going to enjoy the satisfaction after putting the figures back in their shelves, once this stressful incident is over. Cheers!
Il y a 2 ans
Wow, thx for the pics! You have so much stuff! Good luck at the dentist too >.<
Il y a 2 ans
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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