2017 closure (Loot from October to December)2017 closure (Loot from October to December)Loot

broken-Toyboxbroken-ToyboxIl y a 2 ans
Hello again and welcome to another loot post! :3
This post will be long since I'll be covering 3 months and I wasn't exactly frugal, so it's picture-heavy (though I used collages again to make it a bit more bearable).^^

Sooooo it's been a while since my last lootpost since I've been kind of lazy with everything and busy too. 2017 passed and after a delay with the shipment of my December order (though it was EMS) I can finally bring it to a close loot-wise too.
Ok, so before I start blabbering cheesy stuff about my first year of collecting etc. let's get to the actual topic. :3

Starting with October my loots became a bit smaller (for now at least) which was the initial reason for me not to cover them monthly.

First up is was a package from solarisjapan, as I finally decided to get ITEM #13123 and ITEM #269729 to complete the set (and because they're absolutely stunning ofc).
I was unsure about getting them at first, because although I loved Odin Sphere and also Mercedes and Velvet I didn't like them as much. Well I ordered them anyway and what can I say I love them both (Alter sure doesn't disappoint).
Especially Mercedes, everything about her is so perfect. I love the colors, the wings and the elaborate base.

Of course I love Velvet too, though right now I'm having a bit of trouble finding a good angle to display her (since I finally got a detolf and I want to display them together).

Next up this time was the monthly amiami package containing ITEM #498420, ITEM #549135, ITEM #415013, ITEM #538429, ITEM #549487, ITEM #605427 and ITEM #606794.

I just love how the Racing Saber turned out, she is so beautiful and always puts a smile on my face when I look at her. She looks so happy and energetic I just couldn't help ordering her and I'm glad that I did. Initially I thought her revealing outfit would bother me (that was way before I ordered my first cast-off though), but I just fits her.

Well Belle's Nendo is a different story entirely for me. While she turned out just like expected I just don't like her anymore. I mean she is cute and her accessoires are great, but it just didn't click for me. I'll be selling her in the future I guess.

Next up is the releleased Aqua from Konosuba which is cute and fun to play with, especially with her faceplates. While I don't have the time or energy for that now I'll definitely do some dorky stuff in the future. X3

Same LN/anime, different Nendo, it's Darkness's turn now, who is also nice to play with. I had a bit trouble moving her arms though, but oh well. The best art are obviously the cute cabbage monsters!

Last but not least one of my favorite servants from F/GO (not that I'd actually have her...), Jalter's Nendo. Obviously I love her, she is cute and insane (always a plus), though I found it a tad bit difficult to pose her with her flag (I effectively put the end in one of the base's holes to hold it in place).

November began with a package from Figuya containing a full Kancolle loot ITEM #342766, ITEM #464562, ITEM #396831 and ITEM #287707.

Hokuhou Seiki's prize figure sure is nice for being what it is, but right now I just feel bored with her. It was more or less and impulse buy anyway so that's probably to be expected to some degree.

Poi-girl's Nendo is kind of meh~ for me too, since I only bought her because I thought she'd go well with ITEM #396834 (which she does). I don't really like her as a character though and I find the ship parts to be especially annoying for destroyers like her. Nevertheless her display options sure are nice , so I'll keep her for now.

Kashima is different again, I'm totally cool with keeping her Nendo and I really love her. I mean she is just so adorable and has a lot ot display options too. I don't own her in the game, but maybe that's a plus, since I can enjoy her Nendo freely that way (which I so do!). :3

Last is Hokuhou Seiki's Nendo and unlike her price figure I like the Nendo very much. She is so cute and though it's a bit annoying for her to always lean forward when I try to sit her on her weapons. Maybe I'm just to rough though, I accidentally broke one of the stands for her aircrafts while posing her after all.

The next package came from solarisjapan again and contained an early christmas present from my boyfriend ITEM #221043.
I like the figure (even more so since it was a present), it's definitely hight-quality as expected too, but why the hell is she so small? She looks a bit weird next to my Edna eventhough they're both supposed to be 1/8. ;_;

A smaller packet from mykombini arrived too with ITEM #591502. Again they undervalued for me (without me needing to ask) so I didn't have to pay VAT or customs, which I'm very grateful for.^^
Well he certainly is cute, but doesn't really have too many options and I bought him more for completionist's sake and the extra parts for best boy Victor.

And again there's also the monthly amiami package, the smallest yet, which I was really happy about to be honest. So why can't I be more disciplined? -.-
Anyway ITEM #218050, ITEM #564119, ITEM #564121, ITEM #564122, ITEM #564123, ITEM #564124, ITEM #613982, ITEM #617951 and ITEM #617952 arrived that month.

And I was positively impressed with Koto's Shiro scale (obviously I checked out pictures beforehand), she is very cute and I like the lighter color scheme so much.

I also adore the Uchouten Kazoku 2 trading figures so much, there's not much merch for that show to begin with, so they were a must-have for me. I'll never use them as intended though (besides the smartphone-holder one actually can't hold my phone) and just display them.^^

Not to say anything about a specific item, but I've slowly started collecting straps and keychains too, as you could see. I still didn't find a decent cork-board for display-purposes yet. The regular brown ones are a bit too bland for my taste so I'd prefer something in a nice color or with a frame. Any suggestions on where I might get something like that (preferably in Germany or the EU and for a reasonable price) would be much appreciated. :3

December began with a few long-anticipated figures (mostly because I ordered them domestically, which always shifts the actual release).
Starting off I got a packet from anime-figuren (which I'll make my go-to shop for domestic orders, as I'm really tired of Figuya) with ITEM #463456 (I could've gotten him sooner, but I decided to bundle two figures to save postage) and ITEM #527786. And I'm not really happy with either of them.

While I think Koto did good a good job on Ed (for the most part), I can't bring myself to like either of the faces. It's bothered me since the promo pics came up, but I went ahead and ordered him anyway, thinking I could probably live with it. Seeing him live it turns out I can't. But that just confirms my general impression of Koto. It's always 50/50 either they're good or they botch up the faces (at least imo, don't get offended if you don't agree please). It holds true for Roy vs. this Ed and certainly for the upcoming LoGH figures (which I ordered anyway, since it's my all-time favorite anime).
Coming back to Ed's figure, since I don't like it I'll sell him in the future and just live with the Nendo.

Unfortunately Megahouse's Hijikata didn't impress me either. I haven't been a fan of Megahouse ever since I got ITEM #396938, though she was kind of cheap, she is also small and I have prize figures with better quality still (which is sad). Though being a bit better in terms of quality (still not good enough for that price tag though), I'm very salty. First of his alternate parts are quite literally a pain to use, since the fit poorly (it took me forever to get the glasses on his head straightly) and let's not talk about his hear almost cutting my fingers a couple of times. Also what's with that Kanji, for being that simple it looks awfully cheap with those visible lines....
I'll keep him at least for a while, since I like his character, but I won't be persuaded to buy any more Gintama figures (or anything from Megahouse really, I still have a pre-order coming though....).

Well, I got ITEM #496477 from figuya, after no updates for 4 friggin' months (initially he was scheduled to release at the end of July).
I will make it short now, since I already ranted above. He is better than Hijikata in terms of quality still and looks better too, the thing with the ill-fitting parts remains though. Oh well, it's Gintoki, I love him, so I'll keep him.

Next up is ITEM #276879, which I got from a very nice user here on MFC and eventhough I usually don't like wedding figures this one is stunning. I really love her, she is gorgeous and her serene expression is just beautiful. The only thing that bothers me a bit, is that her veil doesn't fit perfectly and instead hovers a bit over her head. X3

Another package from anime-figuren arrived later that month containing ITEM #265073. Apparently I accidentally deleted every picture excluding this one (I've been really busy and sick in December, so maybe that's why). Still it's a nice figure, though my overall enthusiasm for K-ON faded quite a bit.

I also got ITEM #595937 from Ninoma (my first time using them) and apart from them being slow to ship it went smoothly.
I ordered this Shinobu on a whim though so I'm not especially excited to own her. She is cute and all, but I don't think I'll keep her after all.

Next is ITEM #464693 which I found for 21k on mandarake, by sheer dumb luck. Well, I was stalking him, ever since the release, because I came to love him after watching Apocrypha. I wasn't stalking him excessively though, since I neither had the time nor the energy (unlike I did with ITEM #455088 on aa after his relase). Still, I managed to snatch him up and after 2 days of agonizing wait I got the confirmation from mandarake and paid for him.
And guess my luck, my favorite trap could've gotten here just 2 days before christmas, but instead went to the customs office (where he spent the holidays).
Well, I got him after all and I'm so happy about it. There are still other figures of him coming up ofc (which I plan to get unless they look ugly), but I love this one and I just had to get him. <3






And last but not least December's aa package (which arrived only yesterday). Shipping was rather expensive, because of ITEM #490595, but at least the order didn't get split so...
Also in this package were ITEM #548723, ITEM #549388, ITEM #549396, ITEM #549416, ITEM #549357, ITEM #287708, ITEM #632145, ITEM #632146, ITEM #605953, ITEM #632562, ITEM #655411 (and some other Mahoutsukai no Yome keychains, that apparently aren't in the database) and ITEM #613920.

Starting of with the star. Aniplex's Ultimate Madoka... boy is she beautiful... it's just.... wow






The Warspite Nendo is (again) one of my impulse buys, but I like the regal air about her and she is cute.

I decided to take pictures of the Kimi no Na wa Nendo's together, since there are not a lot of parts and options anyway. I like them both and I loved the movie, but that's the reality of it.^^

Morgana was a must have ever since I started playing Persona 5, and the Nendo is so fun to play with, with all those face options. *-* I love it and for the first time in a while I really had fun posing a Nendo.

That enjoyment sure carried over to Cocoa's Nendo, which is just so adorable, especially with the dog parts. I decided to display her with Tippy though. X3

And finally the rereleased Chino. To be honest I thought I would like her Nendo more than Cocoa's, but for some reason that's not the case. She is cute, but not as much (I guess). She also annoyed the hell out of me since her lower half wouldn't stay in place for some reason. -.-

That's the end ladies and gentlemen!
I'm kind of tired after writing all this in one go (I definitely shouldn't let stuff pile up like that).
This post seems kinda negative, since there were quite a few items I'm not satisfied with, be it impulse-buys or general disappointments. Overall I'm quite happy with what I got. I also intent to not be as whimsical with my purchases in the future and to be more selective, so at least that's a good thing. ^^
Anyway, thanks for reading and feel free to leave whatever thoughts you have below. :3

P.S.: I know the picture-quality good worse in-between, but my old smartphone broke and the new one, while being more durable, unfortunately doesn't have a good camera. -.-

P.P.S.: I noticed, I could've included pics of my detolf....
oh well, next time then (it's not even lighted yet).
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Jess-chanIl y a 2 ans#30901155Oh yeah, I think I've almost flung them across the room a few times XD Especially the Suigintou from Rozen Maiden nendo lol
I can totally relate to that, not with that particular Nendo, but in general ofc and hands not going where they're supposed is just the tip of the iceberg. -.-
Il y a 2 ans
broken-ToyboxIl y a 2 ans#30900041Oh yeah, don't remind me... especially when you have specific pose in mind (which might be on the promo pics too), but it just doesn't work like that. Happened to me a lot. -_-

Oh yeah, I think I've almost flung them across the room a few times XD Especially the Suigintou from Rozen Maiden nendo lol
Il y a 2 ans
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Jess-chanIl y a 2 ans#30900013Even just posing them for display can be a pain lol
Oh yeah, don't remind me... especially when you have specific pose in mind (which might be on the promo pics too), but it just doesn't work like that. Happened to me a lot. -_-
Il y a 2 ans
broken-ToyboxIl y a 2 ans#30899108Haha, yeah, ordering so many has downsides too though, since it's a lot of work to pose them for lootposts or pictures in general. x3

Even just posing them for display can be a pain lol
Il y a 2 ans
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
JumppaIl y a 2 ans#30899850I also had get that Astolfo, as I fear those other upcoming figures will be ugly. Amakuni one has most perfect pose for him and quality is amazing. This looks very awesome too ITEM #604756.
I'm not too worried about the upcoming figures of him tbh, but I had to get the Amakuni one regardless. It captures his cheerful personality really good, I also agree about the quality. The Koto one is a must buy for me too, since they showed the Prototype, because it looks so cute (and in my experience they don't really mess up the paintjob).
Il y a 2 ans
I also had get that Astolfo, as I fear those other upcoming figures will be ugly. Amakuni one has most perfect pose for him and quality is amazing. This looks very awesome too ITEM #604756.
Il y a 2 ans
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
RubyRedIl y a 2 ans#30899308mykombini... mmmm... never heard of that shop before, do you recommend him?
I never had any problems with them so I would, though I've read miyed feedback on other sites too.
A plus is definitely them undervaluing, I even had a scale slip through customs that way. Besides they sometimes get exclusives other shops don't for fairly rasonable prices. They need to be paid fully up front or 50% most of the time then, shipping will be invoiced after the item arrives though.
Sometimes they are a bit slow to ship out stuff too, but not unreasonably so (imo).
I first tried them since I couldn't find the rerelease of ITEM #215491 elsewhere for a reasonable price, but I'm failry satisfied so far (made 3 orders through them).
Il y a 2 ans
mykombini... mmmm... never heard of that shop before, do you recommend him?
Il y a 2 ans
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
moonstarfcIl y a 2 ans#30899162You got so many nice and cute things! I love all the nendoroids!
I love them too for the most part, I'm feeling a bit guilty for not playing too much with them tbh. x3

RubyRedIl y a 2 ans#30899198Wow great loot post. I love fate too and racing saber is really beautiful. I want to get her too :-) Btw after I read your loot post from september I ordered the mononoke accessory case from figuya. I simply couldn't resist and it is really great!
THank you! :3 Do it, she is definitely worth it.^^ I'll get Rin and Nero too, to complete the set, later.
Haha, nice, I love it (for some reason) when I can get people to buy stuff they like. Glad you like it too. :3
Il y a 2 ans
Wow great loot post. I love fate too and racing saber is really beautiful. I want to get her too :-) Btw after I read your loot post from september I ordered the mononoke accessory case from figuya. I simply couldn't resist and it is really great!
Il y a 2 ans
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