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broken-Toyboxbroken-ToyboxIl y a 2 ans
Hello and welcome to another loot post! :3
This post will be picture-heavy (well it IS a loot post) and I'll be covering my January purchases and some February purchases that came early. I also got myself a foto box a few days ago and I hope it improved my pictures a bit (Still the same sh**** camera though). Still planning to write some reviews in the future.^^

So before I start blabbering again let's start off with a nice little something I got from a very nice
MFC-user ITEM #396853 (still unopened too, lucky me). :3
Tbh I'm not into figmas, I don't like the joints (especially skin-colored ones) and usually not even the overall impressions most of them give off. But I was willing to make an exception for this and it was so worth it (well the first torso has no skin-colored joints anyway). So much that I actually had him on my bed table for a few days. Considering the sunlight I grudgingly had to move him to my other figures. Since I don't have any other figmas he looks weirdly out of place atm though, but I love him so whatever. X3


Next are some little cuties I got from Figuya ITEM #109901, ITEM #109900, ITEM #119441 and ITEM #109902. Wherever they got those (like seriously... how?) I'm glad they did since they're really nice (though they were kinda expensive imo).

I got one of preorders from yorokonde too, which was actually WF17S Nendoroid More Wedding Set, but I already sold it since I didn't want it anymore, which leaves only ITEM #464593, which I basically got on a whim (yet again). I'm not unhappy with her per se, since I think she is quite cute, but her display options are really limited (I'd have loved a little veil etc. for her third ascension look). Besides her spears keep falling out of her hands. X3


After quite few delays I also received the long anticipated ITEM #485674 and she is so, so beautiful. Thankfully she got here in mint condition, though TOM's packaging was beyond lackluster (not to mention that they opted for a cheaper shipping method instead of the promised EMS). Anyway I love and enjoy having her immensely (now), but I still have a few very small complaints about the green on her bouquet or the base, but well there is no such thing as true perfection.^^




Next I got 2 presents from my best friend.<3
One was ITEM #198343. Which I adore, though it's never exactly fun posing Kancolle Nendos for me (at least her torpedoes don't fall off all the time, which makes it a LOT easier). Anyway she is one of my favorite ships and I especially love her annoyed faceplate.^^


The other one was the Nendoroid Petit: Fate/Stay Night Extension Set (ITEM #75593, ITEM #73399, ITEM #75594, ITEM #75606, ITEM #75607). I love those little cuties and attaching the different parts was surprisingly easy (I heard horror stories about Nendoroid Petits in that regard x3).


I also recently played DMMD (yeah, I'm reeeally late to the party... who cares x3) after eyeing ITEM #549359 for days (and annoying the hell outta my friends with it) in order to see if I'd still want it afterwards. Yeah well, not only did I preorder that one... but I also bought ITEM #235621 from Mandarake (I plan to get at least Aoba and Koujaku too). He arrived really fast too (even for EMS), but really weird is that he also slipped through customs without any charges,
which never happened to me before (with EMS).
Well, what can I say, I love him to bits. :3


And finally I got to picking up my packages from the local customs office
(because there can't be a month without having to go there apparently).
Well, anyway I had to pick up 2 packages this time. One from BiJ, containing ITEM #549424 and ITEM #549425 (ofc I went with the special set). I like them actually more than I thought I would, granted I'm not exactly impressed with MH's quality (as usual). But I'll keep them at least for a while, instead of selling them right away (my original plan). They look decent after all.








The other package was my monthly Amiami package.

The biggest box I received from the so far (180size) and half of it was filled with the enormous box of ITEM #414719. I'v been wanting a Saber figure in a 'regular' outfit for a while now, but at first this one was just too expensive for me. Well after some contemplation I decided that it had to be this one and no other regardless and I'm very happy with my decision. She looks great (so much that I'm willing to overlook some smaller paintflaws on her cape). ^^





I'm not as happy with ITEM #167033 unfortunately. Her dynamic pose is great and I like her ofc, but there are a lot of paintflaws even if you don't look that closely and that really bothers me. It's a rerelease too so I really expected a bit more care on Phat's part after I read reviews about the older version having the same problem. Otherwise I'm pretty satisfied I guess...




It's different story with ITEM #594139 which I had to get. LoGH is probably my most favorite anime (for years now) so preordering Yang was a given for me. I went without the bonus face (unlike for Reinhard), since I like the normal face and the bonus face just wasn't worth it for me. Certainly not an eye-popping, wow-type figure, but Koto did a very good job and captured him quite well.



Next up is ITEM #464726 which I unfortunately received defect (the connecting peg from the first lower body is stuck/glued to the torso and I couldn't remove it even with considerable force).
Well, I contacted GSC's support about and will wait for their reply.

Luckily I had no such problems with ITEM #549381, not even paint defects (which some users mentioned in the comments) and he's just so cute. Well, you could probably sell me anything with cute cats though and I'm happy that they included them.^^

ITEM #549347 I got more or less to fit with Victor and Yuuri, but I'm glad I didn't skip him,
since he is quite cute.

And now my favorite Nendo of this loot, the adorable ITEM #591628. I'm really impressed both with her posability and her paintjob. They really captured her well and I especially love her
drooling faceplate (drool-face is best face!).

I also got ITEM #604002 and ITEM #604003 to make my Nendos a bit more derpy and I love it!

Last are straps and keychains (Fate, Persona 5 and BNHA), my new 'obsession'. x3 Honestly I just see something cute/nice from a character I like and it's like 'I need to get this'. OK, from the bunch below I certainly don't like Kirei, but getting him was a compromise so I could split the box with my best friend (I wanted Gil's strap so much) and it's not that I like all of the Persona 5 characters, but well, it IS a box.





I got some other FGO keychains (two-sided) on tictail, because I just couldn't resist the cuteness. *-*

And that's it (again)!^^
Thanks for reading and feel free to leave whatever thoughts you have below. :3
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
tomocchiIl y a 2 ans#31200767
Thank you! :3
Yeah, I actually prefer him.over Ed (it's the power of cats... And those faces). X3
I'm still nitpicking about her 'flaws' though (might write a review for her), but you know that's normal for me. Luckily it's mostly complaining at a high level.
Yeah, I would've preferred that too, but I guess they wanted to make him fit Tsuna kind of.
Il y a 2 ans
tomocchi Superneko
Great loot as always! ^^

That Alphonse Nendo is so cute. Thinking about getting him too.

And I'm glad that you are starting to like Wedding Holo. :) And that you actually enjoy Hibari and Tsuna too! Though I have to say I would have preferred Hibari in his school uniform a loooot more. >.<
Il y a 2 ans
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
JisungIl y a 2 ans#31177304
Thank you!^^
That one was sold out when I placed my first order. ;_;
I could ordered him together with Saber/Salter and Frankenstein's summer version a few days later though (they're already on the way). :3
Il y a 2 ans
But you didn't get Rosu's other Astolfo keychain where he's stark naked... It's a good haul though!
Il y a 2 ans
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
RubyRedIl y a 2 ans#31177217
Yeah, the price is pretty steep and 5cm is tiny (but it's about what I expect from Figuya...).
I probably would've thought it over more if the Saber didn't have the 'last unit' logo already, so I just snagged the up. Don't get me wrong I like them, they're very cute. The price is still unreasonable though.
Il y a 2 ans
I was thinking of getting the petit Chara Land Fate / Zero figures at Figuya too ;-) they look soooo cool. But they cost even more than the naruto petit figures grrr ...
Il y a 2 ans
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
3DghoulIl y a 2 ans#31177183
Well they're certainly some of MH's better figures (that I know of) and look quite nice, though I'm horribly nitpicky. x3
If you want them my bet would be that it's better to get them sooner rather than later, since I'm pretty sure they'll rise is price. And if money is an issue there are still the Nendos announced at Wonfes.
Il y a 2 ans
so many goodies!! if it's worth it i wanna snag the reborn figures at some time
Il y a 2 ans
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
ChocolateSpiderIl y a 2 ans#31177141
Thank you1 <3
Actually it was your review that made me want that Saber so much. :3
Ryuuko was more less and impulse buy after my last rewatch of KLK (still salty that there's no scale of Mako though).
Il y a 2 ans
Woohoo! This is such an awesome loot. You have great taste in merchandise. The Saber and Ryuko figures are wonderful. <3
Il y a 2 ans
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