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l0lil0liIl y a 2 ans
As you might know, Japan Post has abolished registered SAL service to many countries in 2013 (Info here: www.post.japanp...)

There's good news for people living in these countries like Germany who don't want to pay the higher fees for registered Airmail (also known as ePacket). The new service is called ePacket Light, which is basically SAL with tracking number but without insurance.
It costs about the same as normal SAL + the insurance fee of 410 Yen. All information can be viewed here: www.post.japanp...

Unfortunately, not many stores are offering this shipping method right now. But it can't hurt to ask your favorite shops if they plan to offer it in the future.
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My newest package was sent with this method. And holy maccaroni! It arrived within 9 hours German customs, sent from Osaka. I still can't believe it. Ö_Ö

I'll see if it arrives this week. That would be the fastest package from Japan I ever got.
Il y a 2 ans
The whole no RSAL for some countries has always seemed a little weird to me. I assume it's purely down to those countries not being happy to foot the costs of tracking the item though their local system?
Il y a 2 ans
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
Thanks for this, I might just be too used to unregistered SAL now to feel the need (things come quickly from Japan to Aus), but if stores start offering it I will give it a serious consideration. At least having something like this is useful because of the gap between unregistered SAL and forced EMS for those who can't access RSAL.

Also the other commenters are right, I love Airmail and I'd rather see companies make that accessible. But why not both.
Il y a 2 ans
I'm in one of the no-SAL registered countries, so I was interested to hear about this. But already not many services offer Airmail, and still fewer allow for unregistered Airmail which makes things a bit cheaper but still faster than unregistered SAL. So I hope some stores will offer it, but it does sadly seem a bit unlikely.
Il y a 2 ans
I just had something come in with this. It moved a little bit faster than RSAL, and doesn't require a signature. I prefer to add signature to more expensive stuff since I had an issue come up with shipping before, but it made it okay this time.
Il y a 2 ans
NemsEngelAceSasuIl y a 2 ans#31445439I've already asked some shops like HLJ, hobby search and they won't provide it. Nor does any proxy I asked. So it's sadly still not helping.
One of my proxies is currently testing it with a few selected users, that's how I know of it. But it's not public yet so I can't tell you which one. The 2 packets that I received also arrived very fast. Also they didn't get stuck in customs, like Airmail always does...
Il y a 2 ans
I've already asked some shops like HLJ, hobby search and they won't provide it. Nor does any proxy I asked. So it's sadly still not helping.

Had a personal proxy who offered it and the package's didn't take more than a week. That was nice. But sadly he stopped being a proxy recently.
Il y a 2 ans
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