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tomocchitomocchiIl y a 2 ans
Hello everyone~

It's time for another review and boy, I looked forward to this one a lot!
You'll see a ton of picture of the new Hanayo figure by Alter ITEM #549458
I've been excited for this one (and Rin) since they've been announced and I'm so
happy to finally have them on my shelf. <3

Like always, we'll take a quick look at the box first.
Alter went with clear boxes once again, so you can see Hanayo right off the bat. In all her beautiful glory. I love clear boxes. xD
Otherwise it isn't really fancy. It has her name and the usual stuff written on it, with the whole flower theme continued all over. The back is the only part (besides the bottom) that isn't see-through. It features a close-up of cute Hanayo. :)
Top and bottom in a Spoiler because they aren't anything special at all.
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/11/18/2098691.png

Now on to the best part of every review, the figure itself!
This Hanayo and Rin are probably my fave Alter Love Live! figures so far. <3

The base might be simple, but it is still very pretty and cute.
It fits the theme and figure itself very well. I love it. :)

With the overview done we get to all the details this figure has. Alter really outdid themselves once again. I mean, their older LL! figures were already little masterpieces, but these March Versions of Hanayo and Rin are really perfect. <3

Hanayo's soft look and smile are just to die for. I wanna squish her face. <3
Her hair is colored beautifully with 2 different brown/yellow tones and shaded nicely. It also has enough details all around. The only thing I don't like is the seamline on top, but I'm already used to those and don't think it's that much of a flaw. If you look at her from the front/right angle it also isn't visible at all.

So, onto Hanayo's outfit. Yaaay~ :D
It has a lot of frills and flowers, some lace on the top and Kimono sleeves. All the patterns are done beautifully - the little flowers and petals all around, the stripy look of her skirt and the big ribbon on her staff. The buttons in the shape of Sakura flowers add a lot to the cuteness and are very detailed for their size, just like the golden ones at her belt. Those are really impressive. They look like golden wire or something and are really thin and don't look clumpy like often with such wire/chain-like things.

The big brown ribbons are beautiful. If you read other of my reviews you'll know I'm a sucker for ribbons. xD I love the flower petals on the darker one. And the whole lacey part under it looks so cute too. The cut-outs are perfectly done even though they are rather small. I like that it’s not pure white too. It goes really well with the pink/rose color of the rest.

All the flowers are sculpted very detailed, even the small ones at the end of her sleeves look quite good for how small they are. Unfortunately the ones under the big one on her wand look a bit like a blob, but the big flower and ribbon(s) pull the attention away from them.
I don't know what to think about the glitter. Same goes for Kotori's figure btw. It looks really cute and all the sparkling is great, I like it, but in Kotori's case it gets all over the figure, and Hanayo's hand isn't safe either. Dusting is hard because of it too. I'm scared to rub it all off. x'D I could live wihtout it tbh. This is not a flaw though, just personal preference. ^^
A little peg to put the wand in her hand securely would have been appreciated, but it's not like it falls out or something. It just moved a bit whenever I turned her around for pictures, so I had to adjust it pretty often. xD

The sleeves are sculpted greatly with all the folds and creases, the ruffles. They flow beautifully and show movement, like her ribbons and skirt too. Even her hair has a nice flow to it. As you can see the Sakura flowers at their ends look great. They are shaded just as great as the rest of Hanayo’s outfit. I love how the color goes from rose to the same creamy white that the lace has.
A great transition.

My good friend BROKEN-TOYBOX explained that there are indeed some kinds of Kimono sleeves that are closed off like this. Something new learned again! Thank you. xD
So Alter did a good job with this as well, haha.
One thing I don't like is the inside of the sleeves though.
They are Kimono sleeves and should be wide and open, but when you look into it it's completely closed, like it got sewn together. I don't know, maybe they really are sewn together and are supposed to be like this, but to me personally this is weird. It should have been open at least a bit and the forearm should have been visible. But the pose hides this problem, so it's no dealbreaker. Not at all.


Next we’ll take a look at Hanayo’s legs. Those thighs are great. <3 Haha.
I love the design of the boots. They fit Hanayo greatly. The frills are so cute.
And the color scheme is gorgeous, but let’s be honest, the colors all over the figure are awesome and go together well.
Backside is hidden in a spoiler, just to be sure. That skirt is short af. xD
https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/11/18/2098729.pngVoir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/11/18/2098732.png

Last, but not least, have a picture with Rin together!
They are precious and beautiful~ :D

Another one with more figures. :3

If you are a Hanayo fan then this is a total must-have for you! Even if you are just a Love Live! fan, this is a great item to own. One of the best Scale figures of this series out there. This Hanayo is nearly perfect, if you don't have a problem with the seamline and/or sleeves, then she IS perfect. Alter did a fantastic job with her. I'm really looking forward to Maki and Nico now, and I can't wait for more LL! announcements. Where's Yoshiko at Alter?? xD

Stay tuned for my next review, which will be Rin! :D
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tomocchi Superneko
AijihiIl y a 2 ans#35932228I don't even like Love Live and I kind of want her now after seeing your review. Good job!
You're welcome... or not? xD Haha.
Il y a 2 ans
I don't even like Love Live and I kind of want her now after seeing your review. Good job!
Il y a 2 ans
tomocchi Superneko
FallencyIl y a 2 ans#35445012Wow she is so beautiful ! Thanks for sharing, now I'm tempted to grab her :D, she will look good next to Nozomi, Umi and Eli :D
You're welcome! If you can you totally should add her to your collection.
She looks great with the other Alter Love Live! figures. :)
Il y a 2 ans
Wow she is so beautiful ! Thanks for sharing, now I'm tempted to grab her :D, she will look good next to Nozomi, Umi and Eli :D
Il y a 2 ans
tomocchi Superneko
StacycmcIl y a 2 ans#35439461So many little fine details...very nice!! She is super cute! :D Nice review and pics! :D
Yeah, it‘s surprising every time, but Alter can pull it off with each of their new figures.
Thank you! :D
Il y a 2 ans
So many little fine details...very nice!! She is super cute! :D Nice review and pics! :D
Il y a 2 ans
tomocchi Superneko
Bah-RooIl y a 2 ans#35431984aww, the base is really sweet/cute! The figure looks great, and I love Hanayo.... I'm tempted to get this!
You can't go wrong with this Hanayo! :)

SolarstormflareIl y a 2 ans#35423589Nice review! I'm not super interested in love live but i do like seeing reviews of the figures
Thanks. :D
Il y a 2 ans
aww, the base is really sweet/cute! The figure looks great, and I love Hanayo.... I'm tempted to get this!
Il y a 2 ans
Nice review! I'm not super interested in love live but i do like seeing reviews of the figures
Il y a 2 ans
tomocchi Superneko
TsieIl y a 2 ans#35418491She is absolutely stunning! I really wanted to PO her but I couldn't justify with such a price. She's well worth it tho.
Thank you for these close shots. I love them haha.

I bought Ranko and Fumika, so Hanayo's and Rin's prices were cheap compared to those. x'D But even if they are a bit pricey, yes, they are both totally worth it! Such lovely figures. <3 I'm glad you like the pictures, haha.

sailormatlacIl y a 2 ans#35419745Thank you for sharing and reviewing her. Mine is still in the mail, but your closeups and review confirm it is yet again a lovely LL figure. Now I hope to see a review of Rin.
You are welcome! :D
And I'm working on that. Hopefully it will be done tomorrow. ^^
Il y a 2 ans
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