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I recently got ITEM #198576, the figure itself is great, and while the base gets the job done, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of aesthetics, and it's a bit big for my liking. So I thought I'd ask my fellow MFC users for their input on the matter of a possible custom base.

What would your ideas for a custom base for this figure be? I've tried to think up some ideas of my own, but my brain is lacking a bit in the creativity department...

While on the subject of bases, I've been considering getting ITEM #482201. The only thing holding me back is the GODAWFUL table cloth. I think the tablecloth is an integral part of the figure's aesthetic, but the material they decided to use for its release is just too damn ugly imo. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a possible replacement. Hopefully something that won't stain the figure (or at least won't stain it TOO bad.)

Any ideas or feedback are greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking time to read my article!
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The table cloth on the table makes my figurine a fall hazard and is a bit difficult to be made to look nice....So instead I decided to go clothless for the table and place the provided cloth as a base for the base....

If what I said is confusing, here's a picture of what I did,
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To replace the tablecloth - you could buy a fat quarter from your nearest fabric shop and use that. Fat quarters are great as they're normally very high quality fabric, but are pretty cheap because you're buying so little of it.
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RajkeIl y a 2 ans#35391427
-A wooden plate with a picture on it. Above this an acrylic plate attached. This was you can make a lot of different shapes. Something that looks like a dark wooden floor will look good with this figure.

I agree with this....I ended up making one for one of my gk's (linked it below, was made out of actual wood - but that's a PAIN if you don't have all that equipment), but I've seen some folks that built their own sets using the vinyl flooring, then they cut it up into smaller "wooden planks", painted the seams and base they put it on black and then it looks like real wood planks with dark cracks in between. Was very neat looking...and I agree her sitting on something like that with the amp and guitar would look really good. :D

I also like the idea others have thrown out of the fake fur to use as a "rug". This stuff is pretty cheap at hobby shops and looks good...it also serves as a nice soft area to keep her bottom area from being scuffed. :D

Either way good luck, and as I mentioned before, please share your end result with the rest of us...eager to see how she turns out!! :D
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A furry base would look good (like this picture/1863604...) and it wouldn't stain the figure (I think).

I'm waiting on a custom base for my extra ITEM #396901, which will either turn out like the one I suggested or like this ITEM #331541.
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For my sitting figures that don't need bases, I buy shaggy faux fur from an arts and crafts store and make carpet.
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She'd look cool posed on a 1/6 leather sofa or a bed. I'm sure eBay would have something like that.
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Thanks to the colorscheme of this figure there are a lot of options to use for a custom made base.
The table idea is a good idea. Something that can replace that piece of cloth (don't laugh) is a handkerchief. Many have a nice pattern that you can use for on the table.
Some ideas that crosses my mind:
-Guitar base. Made out of wood, painted in a black/gold or black/red color scheme.
-A wooden plate with a picture on it. Above this an acrylic plate attached. This was you can make a lot of different shapes. Something that looks like a dark wooden floor will look good with this figure.
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The table cloth one looks super easy to swap out...you could literally do anything there.... Good luck on ideas on the other though...I do love the idea of custom bases, so if you do end up going that path, please share the end result with the rest of us!! :D

The only experience I have with custom bases though is this one I did for my Makishima Shogo garage kit (BLOG #38983).
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I have this figure, it's great and I don't use the base at all. If you want a base though maybe you could make a little stage front or something. Depending on how much work you wanna put in it you could even put in stage lights (leds). I think I've seen little model stage lights for figures before
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orochimaruxsaberIl y a 2 ans#35377749have this sonico and i don't even use her base. since she's lying down, i think a fuzzy/fake fur base would be cute. I saw someone below linked a nice tutorial :3
also, for frederica, maybe you could try tracing the size of the tablecloth and cutting a different piece of fabric that you prefer! i think it would be cute to hem the edges of whatever fabric you choose with some high-quality lace :3c i think as long as you stick with white, you don't have to worry about staining. Light pink fabric should be fine, too. Definitely avoid red though. Also, you can wash the fabric before you sew it and hopefully that'll remove excess dye and prevent staining!

The idea of adding lace didn't even occur to me, but that would be super cute! I'm not that good at sewing, but the end result sounds so appealing that I'd at least be willing to give it a shot.
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