tomocchitomocchiIl y a 2 ans
Heyo everybody here on MFC! :D

Here goes my monthly Loot post~
This one contains more books then anything else, at least it feels like it, lol.
But books, especially Artbooks are awesome! And I love them. :D
Of course there are also a couple of figures, so let's go! :)

As always, the figures first~



ITEM #585967 I didn't even watch more than 2 episodes of this Anime, because I had no time not because I didn't want to, but this guy is just awesome looking! Had to get him. <3



Yuri! ITEM #604424
Tbh, I didn't enjoy YoI at all. Yuuri was okay, but I just couldn't stand Viktor (don't kill me please...) and I dropped the show after 4 episodes. The one character I really, really loved though was Yuri! <3 So I had to get this Nendo at least. That smiley faceplate is just adorable. When the time comes I'll definitely display him with that one. ^^ And Otabek. xD


Mei Raiden by Myethos finally arrived as well! :D I wouldn't have gotten her if another kind MFC user wouldn't have told me about her, so thank you! ^.^ I was surprised to see her box, which was smaller then I imagined. Everyone goes on about how big her box is, but tbh, I got so many bigger boxes around. xD Anyways, she is super beautiful! <3
I'm gonna do a review on her soonish.



Last but not least, Rin-chan! ITEM #542904 I fell in love with her the moment I saw her, so I just had to get her. She is so cute and pretty. Meiko and her are my faves from this set - and the only ones I got, lol. Might still get Luka, but that's a big might.



The next few things are Artbooks once again. I love collecting those. Maybe I should do a blog post about all my Artbooks once? xD Don't know if that is a good idea though, lol.

Anyways, first we have 2 of the 4 Final Fantasy 14 Artbooks. I just need them all. For now I only got the very first one ITEM #258765, and one of the Heavensward ones ITEM #540690, though I'm not sure if it's the first or the second? I *think* it's the second one, but, who cares! They are lovely either way. <3


My only complaint about the HW one is there is way too little Aymeric and Estinien in these!! My husband and my BFF need more love god damn it!! xD Maybe the other one is full of the best boys, but I'll have to wait and see. Just hope NeoTokyo won't take their sweet time to get the other stuff in my order! >.<

More pics in the Spoiler~
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerMixed and matched because I don't remember which picture is from which artbook anymore. xD


























































For anyone who cares, here is my FF14 character! xD
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerShe is a Miqo'te and her name is Meroko Mimetto.


You don't wanna know how long I needed to think of a proper name, because I don't wanna give my characters dumb names like "Animefan1334" or something, good lord. xD
She started as an Arcanist and went on to be a Scholar, but, being the one in charge of keeping everyone alive isn't my cup of tea. Too much responsibility. :x So as soon as I got to Stormblood she switched to Red Mage. Just those awesome hats they wear are reason enough to become a RDM. xD And those sweet moves, lol. I love playing as RDM. But she can also play the harp and sings like an angel, so she has Bard as her second job and she's also trying to become a Ninja. She dabbled in Astrology as well, buuuut I'm afraid of the healing job still, so who knows if she'll go on to properly learn it. >.> Summoning is cool though, so Mero-chan will definitely also further her studies of Summons beyond Lv50, lol. Recently I also tried my hand at tanking, though I'm still too scared to go into the first dungeon. My Gladiator is sitting on Lv16 for that reason alone. :')

Recently I learned about the joys of Glamouring, so she is wearing some sweet outfits too. :D

If you play FF14 and are on the Behemoth Server it would be cool to play together sometime. :) Though I gotta say, I'm on a NA server, but I'm European, so it's like a 5-8 hour time difference or something, so. xD

Then I got another Artbook from the Artist for the Persona games, Soejima Shigenori. I got the second one with Artworks of 2010-2017 ITEM #670337. I got the first one too some years ago. ^^ It mainly contains Persona artworks, especially Persona 5, which I love, so I had to get it anyways, lol. The couple of other artworks (Persona 4, Persona Arena stuff, Catherine) look great as well. So if you are a fan of his style I'd definitely recommend this book to you!


Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://i.postimg.cc/hGwq4bnS/IMG-4590.jpg




















I also got Ghost Lights, an original comic (or however it is called) by fantakoi. Check out their tumblr if you want. fantakoi.tumblr... Their art is really pretty and cute, and their OCs and the story are very interesting. It also wasn't that expensive, so I just went for it. I got the book, 2 beautiful mini prints, a sticker, some sweets and a nice thank you card as well. :)


Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://i.postimg.cc/59YBzF0r/143.png


Some more Manga again. Haikyuu! and KHNM are the only English ones.



Chika's birthday figure ITEM #551710 should have been in this Loot post too, but she is still stuck in Customs. I'll just put her in the next one, as I don't wanna wait longer. Already waited for Mei Raiden - which was sitting at Customs for 3 damn weeks - and it's only been 1 week for Chika, but I fear the worst, lol.

Anyways, with that we reached the end of this Loot blog.
I hope you enjoyed it, and see you in the next one! o/
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Would anyone want to see a blog post about my Artbook collection? ^^

100%Sure, go ahead!
0%Nah, boring...
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tomocchi Superneko
JukkaraOfficialIl y a 2 ans#38915088Looking forward to see your artbook collection!
Haha, thanks. That will be like a million blogs though. xD
Il y a 2 ans
Looking forward to see your artbook collection!
Il y a 2 ans
tomocchiIl y a 2 ans#38840661
Thank you. :)

You're welcome. c:
Il y a 2 ans
tomocchi Superneko
minteaIl y a 2 ans#38830129Yeah Solid's a really good track!! Love it! Though I think my favorite is still Freefall & Heroes Never Die. Other Heavensward pieces of course.
What are your thoughts on Stormblood so far though? Even though we're only in patch 4.3?

I'm sorry, but I have no idea how any of the songs are named. Unfortunately I don't own any of the Soundtracks (yet). :( But yes, Solid, that's one awesome song. And I'm sure the 2 you mentioned as well. x'D
I love Stormblood as well, but there is one thing that makes it worse then HW. And it's just one thing. Well, someone. Freaking Lyse. I can't tell you how much I dislike her. Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerI liked her so much better as "Yda" and when Papalymo was still around. I don't know what happened after her little charade ended, but she is so annoying to me. I hate all the cutscenes where she talks too much... which are a lot in SB, lol. >.> All the new characters are great, like Gosetsu and Hien. More of Yugiri is also awesome. The music is brilliant, like all FF music really. The Dungeons/Trials are cool. The Raids in the FF12 World are fun too, allthough the bosses are really hard. Especially in Ridorana. x'D And Eastern themed is always great too! :D
So, all in all I like SB a lot, but Lyse makes it worse then HW. Maybe a dumb reason, but if a main character is so annoying it can diminish the fun, at least for me. I'm glad I'm through with it and don't have to hear/see her anymore, lol. At least until the next Expansion, but I hope she won't be as important then. *prays*
Btw, how do you like the Monster Hunter Crossover? I think the fight is a lot of fun. Didn't beat the Extreme version yet though. Only tried 2 times till now. It's just a practice thing I think.

angelbottIl y a 2 ans#38836469Nice loots! :D
was awe in art books. *o*

Thank you. :)
Il y a 2 ans
Nice loots! :D

was awe in art books. *o*
Il y a 2 ans
tomocchiIl y a 2 ans#38829675Good! xD
I just love him and Aymeric and the whole of HW, really.
I hated Alphinaud before HW, but during that I learned to love him too.
Too little Alphi in the first book as well... in any of them, lol.
The music in Foundation is my fave. Sometimes I just stand around there to listen to it. <3

Yeah Solid's a really good track!! Love it! Though I think my favorite is still Freefall & Heroes Never Die. Other Heavensward pieces of course.

What are your thoughts on Stormblood so far though? Even though we're only in patch 4.3?
Il y a 2 ans
tomocchi Superneko
minteaIl y a 2 ans#38819029"way too little Estinien in the book"
Yeah I agree. Big time.

Good! xD
I just love him and Aymeric and the whole of HW, really.
I hated Alphinaud before HW, but during that I learned to love him too.
Too little Alphi in the first book as well... in any of them, lol.
The music in Foundation is my fave. Sometimes I just stand around there to listen to it. <3
Il y a 2 ans
"way too little Estinien in the book"

Yeah I agree. Big time.
Il y a 2 ans
JisungIl y a 2 ans#38778333Where did you order Mei's figure from? It's such a pretty figure and I've been trying to see where I could get one! I'm actually selling her but shipment is to US only. I just want to get my moneyback on her. She's unused.
Il y a 2 ans
tomocchi Superneko
AuthoritahIl y a 2 ans#38792012Nice loot! Mei looks brand new along with her box as well. I'm glad! And those FFXIV artbooks look amazing. How come You play on NA servers seeing as you're in the EU though?
P.S. That's a cute Miqo'te

Yeah, she is like new. No complaints at all. ^^ Thank you for telling me about her too! :D
The Artbooks are awesome. Can't wait to get the other 2 hopefully still this year, lol.
Well, I mostly play in the evening and at nights, so the NA servers are full of people then. And I wanna write and read English, not German. I got German every day, everywhere. Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerEverywhere I go in the world I meet German speaking people too (no joke, even when I went to Japan I met some German speaking people...), I just don't wanna see German, lol. xD And thanks, she is a cutie. :P
Il y a 2 ans
Import from Japan

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