The 6K USD Super Loot - Japan Visit + Exclusives and More!The 6K USD Super Loot - Japan Visit + Exclusives and More!Loot

The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.
SilverJinxSilverJinxIl y a 2 ans
J'ai plus de 18 ans
Hello everyone! As the MFC Giveaway is underway, I thought I would use the time between to write a loot post!
I have been focusing down this hobby of mine and have made huge strides to update my collecting habits.
As such, I have relinquished my CCG/TCG collection in favor of my anime hobby.

This loot will cover from Early June till now, mid July. Since my last loot post, my Violet Evergarden collection has grown to what I believe is the biggest in the world.

My figures have gone from being misc. to more 18+ centric.

My already too large Doujin collection also just got even larger.

Then of course, my habit of buying things I find cute or interesting is also prevalent here.

On top of all this, my semi annual visit to Japan helped to remind me of my life situation and really gave me a new perspective this time.

This blog will be organized around the visit to Japan and I will coincide items attained before, during, and after that time.

And yes. The cost to attain everything you will see is almost 6K USD.

It is quite a lot so I hope you can kick back and share some memories with me :)

In this blog post, you will find Asian culture stuff, figures, books, lewd toilet paper, and more!

Because of select figures, doujins, and Tankoubons this post is a NSFW, 18+, Seijin post. Scroll at your own risk!!

Also please be warned, these pics are taken out of order. I'm posting them in the order I got the items in the pictures. Some are toaster quality camerawork, others are ripped from my instagram stories. There's just too much stuff for me to fetch out and do a group photo.

Without Further adieu...

Late May: Pre-Departure

The week before I left I got a small package in the mail filled with Violet Evergarden Kyoani exclusives.
It's a small lot of clear files, line art books, promotional art artbooks, the 3 original light novels, OST CDs, pins, and an issue of Shin-Q featuring Violet!

Additionally, I got this a few Megami issues dated from January to around April.
Yes Ryou no Oshigoto, Gochuusagi, Yuru Camp, and Meruhen are all cute but all of these issues have one thing in common: they all have features of Violet Evergarden.
The hunt is real, my friends.

Early June: In country
Going to Japan is always an experience for me because I feel like I become a different person. I'm not sure how to explain it but I feel more comfortable and at home? It always takes me a week to settle back in and remember how everything works but once it hits, I feel like I've lived there my whole life.

In any case, one of the first things that I committed myself to doing was to hit up all the Toranoana stores, Surugaya, Melonbooks, etc for doujins and Tankoubon. After all, books are the most wasteful thing for me to ship. They cost very little, take up little space but weigh a lot. Whenever I'm in Japan I take full advantage of my physical being and lug as much paper merchandise as my human body (and the airline) will allow.
Taken from the Big Apple (the pachinko tower, not the city)

This was the end result in terms of tankoubon. The context behind this is when I came back, my luggage was left behind cause of random security checks. I almost peed myself cause a particular tankoubon was a little risque (top left) and I was ready for the police to take me away. Thankfully that was not the end result.

I visited AmiAmi, to whom many of us have so graciously sacrificed our income to. I picked up a phone case along the way.
Not that I needed one, I just liked it. My plan is to use it at anime related events like conventions or something.

I also got an Aiz/Ais/アイズ (at this point idk what to do anymore) magnet. I don't understand the reason behind it's existence but it was cute, cheap, and I love Aiz.
Maybe you stick it on something and worship it??

In another Toranoana they had a section for my favorite band, Kishida Kyoudan and the Akeboshi Rockets. I screamed and bought these.
Their Touhou covers are insane. I especially like the art on .JP

I went twice so I got two store only clear files
Mizugimizugi~ They're cute but I'm actually not a fan of Touhou (gasp) I literally only like KK&theAR
The Hifumi New Game file came with Book #6 that I bought. I would take a picture but that book is buried in my shelf and I really wasn't going to reorganize my shelf for one picture.

At yet another Toranoana (man, they really own the 437..) I bought some cute playmats and card cases. See, this was a time when I was considering quitting CCGs but hadn't decided yet.
A man and two women.
knock off Kancolle and a Masochist.

Then, tucked away in the "Expensive Corner"
Worth the 35 dollars. I hate FRANXX but I love the design. Nishigori Atsushi is the savior to my eyeballs.

So one of the things I do in Akihabara is to dodge the swarms of tourists and ""dirty foreigners"" so I end up walking in the alleys or in an adjacent street and browse the dainty side shops. Sometimes I find interesting things.
Megumin and Len patches? Sure why not. Purchased. Money spent. Regrets: none.

Working backwards, I visited GAMERS, the long store located across from Radio Kaikan. With 7 floors of media goods, it was surprisingly easy to pick out what I wanted. PRO TIP OF THE DAY: if you ever visit GAMERS, the top floor always has special event sections. This time it was Highschool DxD Hero, Franxx, and Umamusume: Pretty Derby.
....and guess what THIS GUY bought in to. A complete keychain set for Team Spica :D
I think I've always been an anti-fan of these quick cash grab shows that push merchandise or games (24 minute ads, if you will.) But they're so charming I can't help it. Umamusume was so cute when I watched it on T.V I just wanted to get up and run around like a child.

At Animate, I picked up Teddyloid sensei's new book the DAY it came out.
A venerable neon colored cover that's almost blinding. I remember people talking to me about it and asking to buy it off me only to have the book release at AX a few weeks later. Though, I'm sure it cost me less.

To condense things, I must add that I was on a mission to make some money too. A friend of mine offered me 500 dollars to buy her all the FRANXX things I could get.
That is the end result of my labors. Needless to say, she was quite satisfied. (and no, I didn't buy her repeats, those were for other people.)

Here's the 02 prize figure I won for 1 dollar.

Saying Bye to Akihabara

I am very proud of this picture.
I like Akiba for it's up to date nature but I would have much rather have went hunting at Mandarake or Surugaya, etc. I did go to Surugaya (as you will see) but I didn't have as much time given my objectives in country.

I did go to Surugaya in Shinjuku, however...

Whenever I visit, I take advantage of having an address where I can ship things to.
I shop online at Surugaya and pick up everything I can get my hands on.
So, in terms of doujins, I was able to HORDE more.
and complete some sets..
For some reason, I really really like Condiment 8分目 work (top row with the bright colors.) Their super brutal precure stuff is just...something else and it really catches my eye.

Now what ACTUALLY caught my eye even more was this..
What the hell. LEWD TOILET PAPER. I've seen this a long time ago but I never thought I would own it. It's quite common to offer sanitary items like TP, tissues, etc in Japan, but I guess this is a twist on that idea? Shindo-Eru has been a lot more popular these days (for whatever reason) but that guy always pushes the envelope. This dates back to 2011 and I believe it was bundled with the first release of TSF Monogatari. I have only 1 reason for buying this and no it's not to wipe the DNA fluid on. It's because Takumi got her/himself a figure that I ordered and I wanted a set. I love sets and related items so it was almost automatic.
If you want a translation, he..she? is saying "Please use my face" "in my mouth" etc. I do like the "ore..watashi" touch. Gives this toilet paper some extra character...

I also sniped some promo posters!
Hinamatsuri and Killing Bites is something else. Slow Start is...slow. Fate is fate (but this time by shaft) and Crazy Magical ladies.

Leaving Japan

Before parting, I take it upon myself to take in some sights and get a drink or two.
Sparkling Junmai is expensive..
I stayed a few days at Odaiba (giant gundam island for those unfamiliar)
My not-so-secret obsession with lolita fashion. I didn't have any lady friends with me this time so I wasn't going to go in. It's too awkward.
Japanese packing skills: ACTIVATE.
Goodbye, sweet home country.

Early July: The Return

Home again.
Once my missing luggage came in, I set to work reorganizing. It was quite hellish cause a few pre orders/ online orders all came in at once.
annnd more Violet Evergarden stuff.

I even got the Concert Event goods!!
Though I am missing a tote bag, light, and 1 ticket holder. I practically own everything in existence. Multiples of, cause I am a terrible person x_x

My prized possession!
Hand drawn frames!!

KA-Esuma exclusive postcards

Themed letters

My full set of Blu-Rays with completion bonus.


I have a lot.

Now in terms of new figures, I got a few.
I got 2 Native Oshitsukes. She is GORGEOUS.
Chihaya and her best buddy Haruka.
Lust. eheh.
Cute Rin figure that I had no idea jumped up in price until someone told me.
Two Kuro no Assassins (one for a friend)

I also got Deku and Bakugou but MFC didn't upload that image properly :P

To wrap things up, I was able to attain an album that has a lot of meaning to me.
Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari. The original ED theme. But It's a little more than that to me. I could write a book on what this song is to me but maybe later. (the text on the side kills me.."Kimi wa Yubisasu Natsu no Daisankaku"
I hope I wasn't too wordy! Even more, I hope you all have enjoyed these memories that I have shared. I don't think I got everything but it was the large majority.

What do you think? Have you ever been to Japan? Plan to go?
Any series you liked from here? So much to talk about!! I think that's the beauty of all this. This merch, these shows, books, etc can take groups of people separated by massive distance and bring them together, even for the briefest moments.

Questions, comments are all welcome ^_^
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SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
silentwinter91Il y a 2 ans#39616932There’s a severe lack of very good rins on the market. This is only the 2nd decent one other than the gsc version. But you would need to collect the other 2 sabers to finish the set.
Other than this there’s the Archer rin lookalike from aniplex but that’s expensive and complicated.

Hopefully she'll get another release for everyone.
I was lucky enough to pick up the trio and its a very beautiful set indeed.
With normal Saber's rerelease, there's little doubt they wont do the same with Rin now
Il y a 2 ans
SilverJinxIl y a 2 ans#37877530Im glad I'm not a huge fate fan cause I bought it only because it was cute.
Apparently people held back because they didn't want a RACING Rin, just a normal Rin.
Then when it released and the quality was great, everyone wanted one?

There’s a severe lack of very good rins on the market. This is only the 2nd decent one other than the gsc version. But you would need to collect the other 2 sabers to finish the set.

Other than this there’s the Archer rin lookalike from aniplex but that’s expensive and complicated.
Il y a 2 ans
SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
WindsorSevenIl y a 2 ans#38367088So, this is kind of late, but I had a question - at the doujinshi stores, how were the books organized? By series? Or illustration/comic, sfw/nsfw?

It really depends on the store you go to.
Melonbooks has theirs organized by series in some aisles, artists in others, type of media (tankoubon, anthology, etc) new releases.
Il y a 2 ans
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
So, this is kind of late, but I had a question - at the doujinshi stores, how were the books organized? By series? Or illustration/comic, sfw/nsfw?
Il y a 2 ans
SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
silentwinter91Il y a 2 ans#37861491You bought rin at MSRP? amazing

Im glad I'm not a huge fate fan cause I bought it only because it was cute.
Apparently people held back because they didn't want a RACING Rin, just a normal Rin.
Then when it released and the quality was great, everyone wanted one?
Il y a 2 ans
You bought rin at MSRP? amazing
Il y a 2 ans
SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
Leo_OtakuIl y a 2 ans#37776333Love your Violet Evergarden Loot so much :) Did you buy the keyframes at the store?

Thank you!
and yes! Only Kyoani's store sells Violet merchandise.
Il y a 2 ans
Love your Violet Evergarden Loot so much :) Did you buy the keyframes at the store?
Il y a 2 ans
SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
hieigodsendIl y a 2 ans#37743962Awesome haul!. Specially like the lewd toilet paper.StacycmcIl y a 2 ans#37739406That's a lot of money...LOL.
Very cool loots though. I loved Violet Evergarden as well, and it also saddens me seeing that one pic that you said cried on when you opened it. Man...breaks my heart. Such a great show!
Loved your pics of the area too, very beautiful, especially the bridge.
congrats on all your goodies and thanks for sharing your adventure and booty with us!! :D Hehee!!

Thank you! I'm glad you all enjoyed it
Il y a 2 ans
That's a lot of fappage for 1 day.
Il y a 2 ans