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August 2018 Mega Loot - NSFW/Lots of PicsAugust 2018 Mega Loot - NSFW/Lots of Pics

moonstarfcmoonstarfcIl y a 5 moisLoot
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Hello all, it's now almost time to make a September loot post, but here's my August loot. This ended up being a way bigger loot than I expected, so that's why it took me a while to put together, I guess. I also finally moved into my new house (at the beginning of August). I've definitely been busy trying to move things and get things set up.

Package 1: Nippon-Yasan

Although I do try to avoid them due to their bad reputation, I do use Nippon Yasan for some exclusive figures that aren't sold on AmiAmi.

I was drawn to this figure (ITEM #549554) for its cuteness and interesting pose (and I've found myself drawn to some loli figures recently?). Not sure how I feel about the fluffy base, and how it will hold up over time. The box is also pretty meh, honestly, it's not thick and sturdy like Native boxes usually are (this figure was manufactured by Progress, though).

But thanks to Nippon-Yasan's minimal packaging, when the package got crushed on one side, the box of the figure got pushed in.





Spoiler for NSFW pictures:
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My first thought was that I hope the way they split the torso like that doesn't create a seam when you actually assemble the figure ;_; I guess I'll find out when I set my display up.

Package 2: MFC

I think I just happened to be checking my phone at work at the right time, because I found an ad for ITEM #415011 at a great price. Of course I had to jump right on it, and I don't regret a thing. Finding May means my ARTFXJ Pokemon collection is now complete! She's super cute and so is the Mudkip, honestly. (Maybe I need to stop compulsively checking MFC ads though because I always find something I feel tempted to buy...)





Package 3: AmiAmi

Like some people, I almost never ship single figures from AmiAmi, except this one (ITEM #604360) was split off from a larger order because it was delayed 2 months. By the time it released, I wasn't even sure if I wanted it anymore, but now that it's arrived I think she's pretty cute. So I think I'll keep her. I thought she'd look super tiny but she doesn't, maybe her big head has something to do with it...plus I do love cute girls with pigtails. This is my first figure from Emontoys and I think she looks pretty good!






Package 4: Native Online Shop

I can't remember ever being interested in the original version of this figure (ITEM #722133), but this exclusive coloration caught my eye. I think I just find the darker hair and eyes more appealing. I logged on the Native website as soon as it was available for sale, and bought it. I just don't like how Native charges flat 4000 yen for shipping (this isn't a very big figure), but at least it was shipped EMS, so it is nice to receive something quickly. I would buy more figures direct from Native if the shipping was cheaper.





Spoiler for NSFW pictures:

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/moonstarfc1536377699.jpeg


Package 5: Tokyo Otaku Mode

I can't remember why I decided to randomly buy this figure, maybe I had a coupon for TOM? (I think that's it.) But I wasn't looking to spend a lot so I picked up ITEM #603756 to go with my ITEM #415008. I wouldn't say I have a wide variety of nendoroids but I like how these ones seem to come with a lot of accessories.

I had the package shipped with Air Small Packet, which to me is actually a better deal than EMS because it came in a couple days and was cheaper.






Package 6: MFC

This was another good deal I found on MFC ads, I found ITEM #549711 for only $130 and I was happy about that since I regretted not pre-ordering this figure. Like some other people, I think this figure's arms look kind of weird when cast off, so I'll probably display this one clothed, but I still think she's absolutely adorable, not to mention I'm super into anything Halloween themed.

The seller packed this figure extra securely, with a very big box and tons of paper.




NSFW pictures under the spoiler:
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Package 7: Tokyo Otaku Mode

I pre-ordered this figure (ITEM #500291) a few months ago, when I saw the final pictures put out for the figure, I was interested in ordering it. (I had been hesitant before because I've never owned a Sonico figure). The box for this figure is really nice, I like the slip cover that goes over it. Based on everyone's reports, I'm not exactly looking forward to assembling this figure but I'm sure she'll be amazing once actually displayed!



Slightly NSFW pictures under spoiler:

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Package 8: Good Smile Company & Zenmarket

Since I've been a huge Team Rocket fan forever, I pre-ordered this nendoroid (ITEM #655570) twice so I could get both pre-order bonuses (once from GSC and once from the US Pokemon Center). Too bad the US Pokemon Center won't get him in stock for a while, but I got the GSC one very quickly because I had it shipped by Air Mail.

I'm so glad they decided to release Mewtwo with Giovanni, and it's almost like getting two figures in one. I hope they keep all the Pokemon nendoroids coming, I'll seriously keep buying all of them...








Package 9: AmiAmi

This was a really expensive package - after kicking myself for not pre-ordering ITEM #490595, I had been waiting to hopefully find her for a reasonable price...it took a while, but finally AmiAmi just happened to restock in June. I waited until the beginning of July and placed an order, combining it with some other items I had pre-ordered (ITEM #654855 and ITEM #669361). When I got the invoice, I was surprised to find that the package could actually be shipped by SAL Parcel...for 5690 yen. Well, it was better than the 6740 yen it would have cost for EMS.


Slight loli NSFW pictures under the spoiler:

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The Hachiroku dakimakura is really cute, though not technically 18+, but her lingerie is really adorable.



The Rey nendoroid is really cool, I'm slowly but surely building a small collection of Star Wars nendoroids.






Finally, it's Ultimate Madoka, I seriously love this figure and I'm glad she finally came home (I thought I would be paying $200+ for her). Her box is pretty big but at least takes up less space than GSC's Ultimate Madoka. Devil Homura has joined her as well (Homura will be in my next loot post I guess.)




Package 10: Ebay

I saw this artbook at Otakon, but decided not to buy it and look for it online later. I found it on ebay used from a US seller, and bought it. It's called "Little Comet" and has artworks by the artist Shiratama, whose artworks I've casually admired for a while.




NSFW art under spoiler:
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Package 11: Ebay
I picked up a few more nice art books, using a coupon Ebay gave out for Labor Day. As it turns out, the seller was just dropshipping the books using Amazon JP, I think I'll just order artbooks directly from Amazon JP from now on. As Amazon JP ships with DHL, the books came in only 2 days.




(Spoiler since the books all have pictures of girls in lingerie)

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The first book was ITEM #572314 "Kurimi" by the artist Ryohka:




Then, I got three Kantoku artbooks. The first is "Pure" (ITEM #564174).






Then I got ITEM #731035, which is the Kantoku 15th Anniversary Art Book.





Finally, I included one of Kantoku's older artbooks, "Ashiato" (ITEM #44178).





Package 12: Tokyo Otaku Mode

This is the last package for this month, which I bought using TOM's Otakon coupon. I had this figure on my wishlist but never pre-ordered, so I was happy to pick her up at a discount.






That was a really big loot for this month, September will probably be a lot smaller, but I have a lot of pre-orders for September and October. (Of course, anything by GSC will have a pretty good chance of being delayed....) I'm in the process of making my figure display, still working on the lighting, but soon I'll be able to unbox everything and start setting it up.

Hope everyone is having a great month! I don't know if anyone besides me has a ton of figures pre-ordered for September/October but I think I went overboard T.T send help.
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Rychi (Il y a 5 mois) #41011337Amazing loot!!^^
Thank you!

Stacycmc (Il y a 5 mois) #41031013Ah LOTS of goodies!!! Congrats on your awesome stuffs and thanks for sharing!! :D
Thanks for reading and for your nice comment :)
Il y a 5 mois
Ah LOTS of goodies!!! Congrats on your awesome stuffs and thanks for sharing!! :D
Il y a 5 mois
Amazing loot!!^^
Il y a 5 mois
ChocolateSpider (Il y a 5 mois) #40927015This is an awesome loot. There is a nice assortment of series. <3
Congrats on getting the May and Mudkip figure. It is easily among the best ones in this line of Poke-figures. I'm still waiting for my Giovanni Nendoroid from Pokemon Center.

May is so cute, I thought I'd never find her for a good price. Too bad she hasn't gotten a re-release yet.
US Pokemon Center seems to be 2-3 months behind the JP releases now. I just got the Lana nendoroid from them, if I recall, that released back in June in Japan.

Mew2 (Il y a 5 mois) #40971595Amazing! What do you do for a living T_T haha that's an insane amount of figures. I would be buying as many myself but storage is such an issue!
I'm a nurse, and actually, I've been doing a bit of overtime lately but if I don't pick up extra shifts I probably can't always afford to order this much.
I have the boxes in closets in my basement, but I'm sure I'll have to sell some off at some point because having the room to display all of them neatly is a different matter xD

Panda_Chan (Il y a 5 mois) #40985003Nice loot! I like these R18 figures :> especially Alice from Skytube
Thanks! I definitely recommend Alice, she's super cute.
Il y a 5 mois
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
Nice loot! I like these R18 figures :> especially Alice from Skytube
Il y a 5 mois
Amazing! What do you do for a living T_T haha that's an insane amount of figures. I would be buying as many myself but storage is such an issue!
Il y a 5 mois
This is an awesome loot. There is a nice assortment of series. <3

Congrats on getting the May and Mudkip figure. It is easily among the best ones in this line of Poke-figures. I'm still waiting for my Giovanni Nendoroid from Pokemon Center.
Il y a 5 mois
solluxcaptor (Il y a 5 mois) #40914736Amazing loot!! I love the Aoba figure
Thank you for reading!
Il y a 5 mois
Solarstormflare (Il y a 5 mois) #40876732Nice loot! I'm glad ultimate madoka is still popular! I impulse bought an older fig today and then panicked, but i agree the preorders can really pile up~ curse the companies fot giving me what i want!
I have both Ultimate Madokas (the GSC one and the newer Aniplex one) and both are really nice! It definitely looks like the newer one is better supported on the base though, the older one would be better if it didn't have a tendency to lean.
I impulse buy older figures too xD like if I find a good deal on AmiAmi I always add it to my monthly order.

victorviper (Il y a 5 mois) #40877595Nice loot!
I've been thinking about getting those Kantoku artbooks for some time, so it was nice to see some sample pages. I didn't realize that the source artwork for this ITEM #144280 figure was in one of those books; that's one of my favorite figures, so I might have to pick up that book.
Assembling Sonico is definitely a little nerve-wracking, but as long as you take your time and you're careful, it's not too bad.
Now that Alice has started to come down in price a little, I'm keeping an eye on that figure. I agree that her arms look a little weird when she's cast off (I can't unsee the "velociraptor" picture someone on here made), but it looks to be quite a great figure, and it's Misaki Kurehito.
Thanks for sharing!

I have the Mimi figure too, and I didn't realize she was going to be in the artbook either! The book is really nice. This makes me want to buy even more art books xD and yeah, Alice really skyrocketed in price, so I was upset I never ended up pre-ordering. Now I've started to pre-order all the Skytube figures that I'm interested in, because of that issue. It's probably because Skytube has gotten a good reputation nowadays.

Surrealnebs (Il y a 5 mois) #40886494Awesome loot, thought my September loot was big but yours puts mine to shame :p Never owned a super sonico figure but every time I see someone get one it makes me very tempted to buy one (especially the wedding ver)
This was my first Sonico figure, and it's definitely a good one. I'm not sure how many more I'll pick up, but I did just buy ITEM #166004 from Solaris Japan.
Il y a 5 mois
Amazing loot!! I love the Aoba figure
Il y a 5 mois
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