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Hello my fellow figure enthusiasts,

it has been some time, but i finally came around to do another review. Its actually a special one, but more on that note later. Let's start :)

WARNING: As its always the case with reviews, this one will also be very picture heavy. Since this is an NSFW figure, most of the pictures are, you guessed it, NSFW too. So if you don't want any of those disclaimer, please turn away now.

DISCLAIMERS: I actually planned to release this review much earlier, but some things happened and i wasnt sure if I should really upload it. But I was already half way thorugh, so I decided to now put the finishing touches on this.

Today im reviewing the Original Character Jin-Lian from Skytube Premium. She's based on an illustration by famous artist Tony Taka.
I've been a fan of his designs for some time, especially the faces and I already own one of his "Chinese ladys" (they probably have another name, but I'm not sure - anyway I mean these ladys "ITEM #457060, ITEM #696256, ITEM #604563 ")
They usually come in two different colors and thats were this special review will come into place. I only own the original version, but my best friend bought the Kougyoku Version. So she will reviewed her and I will review the normal version. You may find her review here: BLOG #41764

So, without further ado, let's start the review.

Jin-Lian comes in an overall purple box with some golden flowers and golden mist-like structures. On all sides you have the name of the figure and some other information (excuse me, but my Japanese is not good enough to read those)

On the front there's a big window in order to have a look at the figure itself, which is, in my opinion, a pretty bold move since the figure is clearly of NSFW nature.
On the sides there are smaller window like shapes, which remind me of an old chinese or japanese house.

On top there's also a small window in the form of a water lily, which fits the overall theme of the box very well.

On the back one can find the actual art this figure is based on. She resembeles all of the other Tony Taka figures out there, especially her significant face. Since I really like his designs, i have nothing to complain about, but I certainly get the people, who say that the eyes of his characters look kinda dead. I dont think so though. I reallly like the blue color of her eyes, making her look more beautiful.
As always on the bottom there are the usual warnings.

The instruction is pretty elaborate, but is needed in my opinion since you can really harm the figure if you dont put her together correctly.
As with almost all Skytube figures, theres a postcard of the art included. I really like those cards, its currently displayed with my other ones.

Here's a close up of the instruction. It's of course all in Japanese, but the pictures speak for themselves allowing to still use the instruction without knowing Japanese.

And a close up of the card <3

Moving onto the base of the figure. It's a round golden circle, with some flowers engraved in it. It does an ok job upholding the figure. Her shoes do not fit 100% in the pegs and I scratched them a bit, trying to get the figure to stand on the base.
There's unfortunately no extra notch for Jin-Lians instrument, so it just stands on an elevated flower and can easily fall over if one bumps against the figure.
Other than it being a little bit too big, I really like the base. It's similar to the other girls from that line have and it's pretty cool that the bases are kept in a similar way.

Her instrument, which is supposed to be a Chinese instrument called Pipa, is sculpted and painted very nicely and lifelike. The wood looks really woody (?) and gives off a nice shinny look.

Now onto the highlight (obviously) of this review.
Heres Jin-Lian in her full glory

And with the usual spin around

First, I want to show you all the items and stuff she comes with, as she has several things that can be changed

Lets start from the top of the figure.
Her head has a nice shape and i really like the flow, shading and color of her hair. Its a yellowish blonde with a golden shimmer to it. She wears her hair open, with some hairs being tied together on the side (not sure what you would call it though). The tying is done with a purple bow which fits her overall outfit pretty well. The bow is sculpted well and gives off a nice vibe.

On the other side of her head Jin has some black flowers in her hair, which are not sculpted that well, but from afar the flaws are not visible.

Moving on to Jins face or rather faces. For me, i really like the ahegao face over her normal expression, since this face gives her something special, something more erotic than the standard one. Both faces are painted nicely and with lots of attention to detail for example for the lashes and the brows.

Lets move on to a close up of her face (i hope you can keep your eyes away from those beautiful breasts for a while longer :D), hair and one of her arms. I like how shes shyly placing her arm in front of her face as if to silence her moans. Really gives off an even more erotic moment to this scenario.

Be careful, when you change her arms, because the color tends to rub off of her dress onto the arm. Its not visible, when the arm is attached, but its still bad somehow.

Now lets have a closer look at her left arm, which she keeps at her side and in which you may position her instrument. The gloves are painted and sculpted nicely and fit her darker dress. I would like to have seen some fingernails and hands, since im sucker for this (hand fetish, hello), but sadly the gloves cover up everything. The fingers within the gloves are still pretty and very feminine.

Please be aware that the right arm is very difficult to put into the hole, since a little gap is always left. Its not noticable from afar, but still worth mentioning.

Now onto her breasts. They're beautifully sculpted and painted, with the nipples having a faint shimmer and a cute pinkish erected look to them. Given the situation Jin-Lian is in, this is of course to be excepted.

Her dress is painted in a dark purple tone with golden flowers printed all around. The more down you go the more the purple tone becomes visible, which gives the dress an elegant and smooth vibe.

One thing to mention here, is the painting of her breasts, when they're covered with the golden bra-like top. The paint bleeds into the sourrounding areas all over, which is a shame, since they managed to do much better in different areas.

Lets have a look at Jin-Lians back. The dress is also nicely painted in the back, all in all theres nothing to complain when it comes to the dress. As in the front, the back is also covered with golden flowers.

One thing to notice here is the ribbon, which has some leftover plastic all over. I dont know if it's just my figure, but it's certainly not pretty to look at. Since the figure will probably be positioned face forward you it's a deal breaker, but still kinda annoying.

The dress does not fit 100% to her legs. There will always be a little gap.

Other than that, she gives off a nice feeling even when viewed from the side. It is here, where you can see her glossy hair very well.

Since you can remove her leg, it's vital to put the leg in again with some force, otherwise you will be left with another gap as seen here:

The ribbons of her underwear is very nice sculpted and painted. No leftover paint, that bleeds into other areas.

Jin-Lians dress has, funnily enough, a little hole for her cute little butt. It's of course, for inserting her toy, but even without that and without her panties, it gives the figure more of an erotic vibe.

Heres you can see how it looks, when she has her underwear on. It's just a golden slip, which you put around her bottom. It fits nicely once the dress is put on.

Now lets a quick look at her toy, which is also sculpted with an incredible amount of detail.

Also worth mentioning is, that her hand does not quite allign with the toy, if you don't use some force.

For everyone who's into that, heres a how she looks from below:

I actually prefer her private area, without the two big holes. Looks much more comfortable :D So heres a picture of the other bottom she comes with.

The toy fits nearly perfectly into her hole (wow, what a sentence) and that part of the vagina is, again, sculpted with many details.

Lets have a closer look at her shoes, which are painted in a glossy black. The ribbons, which are tied to her lower legs look quite good, but they can fall off too easily. I dont know if its just my figure, but playing around with it, one ribbon was lost, then i put her in my detolf again, and the other ribbon broke off. They can be put back into the shoe, without much problem or even glued, so they dont fall off. But im not sure if this is supposed to happen.

So that marks the end of this review. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe also decide to get her after this. She's really a side to behold in every Tony Taka-Collection and when I think about it, even for the ones who don't like his artworks that much.
She's certainly not perfect. Some paint and sculpting errors in some places are somewhat annoying, but can be overlooked as they can not be seen from the distance.
The fact that you have to use some force in order to get every part of the figure together is making me nervous too, when I change her parts, but it's still no deal breaker.

Last but not least, i have some comparison shots for you.

First off here she is with ITEM #457060. Since they belong to the same "line" they look quite good together in terms of size and proportions. Ping-Yi is also a 1/6 scale.

Next is ITEM #391934. You can clearly see that Odille is quite bigger than Jin-Lian, even though they are both listed as 1/6 scales.

One more item I like next to Jin is the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown ITEM #165760. The color scheme compliments Jins' very well. Sadly putting them together Jin dwarfes the Sorceress which is only a 1/7 scale.

Last but not least, a holy grail I got this week. Tharja from Fire Emblem ITEM #144366. They dont fit in terms of size, but that's to be expected because Tharja is a 1/7 scale after all.

If you have anything to add or if you have constructive criticsm to give, please don't hesitate to comment or send me a PM :3
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Which of the two Jin-Lian figures do you like best?

78%Normal purple Dress version
22%Red Kougyoku version
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SomeStupidGuyIl y a 1 an#50248339The bows do fall off easily as they have done with mine. I did manage to not lose them, but they are a pain to put back in and I worry that they might fall off again and possibly lost because of my cat.
.........Yes, I have them freely displayed outside of any kind of detolf/protective casing because I'm stupid like that.

That's certainly a bold thing to do :D I would maybe consider to buy a protective casing for her. It would be a shame if the ribbons get lost or something :/
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FallencyIl y a 1 an#50237935snip.

Yes, I really enjoyed it, thanks :)

I just love the color purple, so I was all over this figure.
The sculpting error are really sad, concidering how expensive this figure was in the first place, but from afar they're not so noticable.
I'm really happy that I got her, i can overlook most of the flaws and she's so fun to look at :)
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The bows do fall off easily as they have done with mine. I did manage to not lose them, but they are a pain to put back in and I worry that they might fall off again and possibly lost because of my cat.

.........Yes, I have them freely displayed outside of any kind of detolf/protective casing because I'm stupid like that.
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Thanks for the review!
I hope you enjoy doing this review (regardless of the reasons you postponed the review).
I already see the review from your friend, and I can say I prefer the red Koungyoku slightly more because is more vibrant color with the yellow hair match up pretty well.
But I can't deny this black version is also very pretty. Thanks to your review, I've been noticing a lot of flaws that I didn't see at first (flower sculpt, ribbons really sorry for that).
Overall she looks so great, I don't regret buying her, in fact as a whole she is so sexy and elegant at the same time. I hope you have the same feeling :p.
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