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The day of return and my afterthoughtsThe day of return and my afterthoughts

chobittsuchobittsuIl y a 4 moisDiary
Hi there,

As my Japan vacation was drawing to a close, I got ready on the day of leaving. There was a bit of time left before I would catch the train to Narita, so I zapped through some TV channels and I happened to land on a broadcast of the 2017 BanG Dream! 3rd live Sparklin’ Party! Poppin’ Party:

It was a live performance of the BanG Dream! Voice actresses band Poppin’ Party.
Now that was a nice and fitting way to end my vacation!

They also did some live voice acting:

There were of course frequent commercial breaks with CMs of the anime series:

As well as game related commercials:

Like for The Idolmaster Weiss Schwarz card game:

Or a BanG Dream! downloadable game:

And Weiss Schwarz cards:

Of course there was still the live concert itself:


After enjoying this for a while it was time to head for Narita, so I got to the station. This time, I got on the Keisei Skyliner, which went directly to Narita without stops in-between:

At Narita I visited the Cospa satellite store, which was located before the security check:


It had some nice merchandise like from Pop Team Epic:

Re(m):Zero goodies:

there were anime fans for anime fans:

a selection of Dragonball shirts:

the inevitable Love Live goods:

even Kizuna Ai merchandise:

a lot of keychains and iphone straps (I love that platelet keychain):

and several eye masks and tote bags:

And if you didn’t like all that, then there was also this Hello Kitty shop next to it:

As I was heading for the check-in, I passed by a restaurant with this typical Japanese food sample showcase:

Or maybe you didn’t have breakfast yet (now that is one thick slice of toast):

Anyway, after all the formalities involved with departing were taken care of I spent some time at one of the airport lounges (one of the perks of flying business class) where they served food and drinks free of charge.
Eventually I arrived at the gate where I took one last look at the typical Japanese Kitkats that were sold at a souvenir shop:

The ones with the bottles were sake and umeshuu flavor, in case you wondered.

As got ready to board the plane I realized that my vacation in Japan really went by in a flash. Even though it was my tenth time, I’m still not fed up with spending my vacation over there.
I like the country very much and as long as I can afford it I will return there.

During this stay, I also got a few ideas for my next visit, like the Tottori sand dunes:
Since that is located near the Sea of Japan coast, it remains to be seen if can visit that in December with the notorious snowfall in that time of the year, but we’ll see;

the Tsugaru Kokeshikan in Aomori prefecture:
I learned about it when I browsed through a brochure in the Shinkansen to Sendai and it looked interesting;

Leonardo LG in Akihabara, which I never knew existed and has tons of old model kits:
As someone who is into model kits, it is a place I just have to see.

Of course I’ll try to visit Treasure Festa Neo again. How could I not…
I kind of regretted not getting one of those stunning yet oh so expensive resin kits, like this one:

or this one:

I thought about this one since I find it absolutely breathtaking:

but I saw the size of the box on Yahoo! and it alone is massive, so I think that would pose a problem (no way I would ship something that large containing nothing but fragile parts).
I already bought a cabin size suitcase, just in case. I hope those will be present again next year…

I’m not sure about Comiket though. Since it will be over the course of 4 days (because the East halls will be closed in 2019 due to renovations), attending will now require the purchase of a wrist band. Apparently, this done to offset the costs of running the event for 4 days, but also the attempt to reduce the number of visitors to accommodate the reduced capacity. It may have some effect, but since I suspect the majority will usually buy the catalog (printed or digital) in advance, the effect will probably be limited.
The doujin circles will now be housed in the west and south halls. As a result, the corporate booths will be relocated to the Aomi exhibition halls which are located at 1500 meters from the Big Sight.
I think I’ll decide when I’m in Japan.

As for other things to do: well there is plenty of time to search for that, so I’m sure it will work out.

Hopefully until next year!
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Wario54 (Il y a 4 mois) #48265089Great write-up, very cool that you got to see that live on tv too! Have you built a resistance to buying in Japan after all of your trips? Btw, in the Cospa store that was Love Live merch, not Idolmaster. ^^
Actually I did develope some resistance; first, I virtually abandoned buying PVC figures (which saves quite a lot of volume). My purchases now mainly focus around garage kits and manga, but I alsways take into account whether I have space for it or not.

The amount of characters of Love Live and Idolmaster have grown so much that they start to blend together, so I'm not surprised that I mix them up. ^^
Il y a 4 mois
Ah...Popputepipiku! (^-^) Almost tempting enough to consider backtracking to the Cospa shop when I arrive back in Japan at Narita Airport in March (okay, I like the Tamiya parody T-shirt). Don't want to bother hauling stuff overseas and back. Thinking to myself..just wondering when the stores in that little shopping mall between the north and south wings of Terminal 1 international departures level close....
Il y a 4 mois
Great write-up, very cool that you got to see that live on tv too! Have you built a resistance to buying in Japan after all of your trips? Btw, in the Cospa store that was Love Live merch, not Idolmaster. ^^
Il y a 4 mois
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Nice, ohhh i would love those umeshuu kitkats as i love umeshu drinks. Sake is nice too :)

Yeah time flies when youre having fun.. i cant go that often cause going would mean spending (cheapest) 1800 euros or so... ^^; but definitly going next year most likely :)
Ao youre very lucky

I saw that cospa shop as well tho i didnt buy anything.. most of it was a bit general which i usually dont want goods of :p

Seems your next destinations are fun im especially triggered by those dunes
Il y a 4 mois
The Cospa store is so cool! When I went to Japan, it was through Haneda, so I didn't get to see it.
Il y a 4 mois
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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