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Parents buying you figures as a giftParents buying you figures as a gift

kotoriikotoriiIl y a 1 moisDiary
Both of my parents are well aware that i collect figures. I have never asked any family member for a figure as a gift, because they know very little about the hobby and i am far from the age of asking or expecting gifts from either parent.
Then on christmas 2018 my mom has a gift for me, which is odd!
I open it up to find
ITEM #711995
I have never seen or read the title the character is based on and have no interest in her character. D:
My mom said "Its your favotite character!"
I told her I know nothing about the character and asked what made her think that. She thought it was Rei from Evangelion!
My mom and I thought it was so funny!
So now I have a prize figure of Rem.
I thanked my mom cause it was cool that they wanted to get me something related to figure collecting but also told her she didnt have to get me anything figure related since i only collect scales and they are a lot of money! I taught her about the difference of scales and prize figures. Surprisingly she is really nice for a prize figure!

Does anyone have any stories about loved ones giving figures as gifts! It was a very funny experience!
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Has a family member gotten you a figure as a gift?

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My mom got me several figures that she thought I would like (which I did) so I usually just watched the anime afterwards to find out more :'D It's a nice surprise in that way
Il y a 1 mois
My parents bought me the RAH Ciel ( ITEM #302797 ) and RAH Sebastian ( ITEM #249767 ) for my university graduation last year. By far the most expensive figures in my collection, and I really appreciate it. <3

Even though my mom is the more enthusiastic of my parents when it comes to anime and my collection (she supports my hobby by always saying good things about it, giving suggestions on how to improve my displays, teaching me figure photography techniques, watching anime with me, etc.) and my dad is pretty neutral (he doesn't really care about my collection or anime in general, he collects books and car models too so he just knows the feeling of a collector), my dad has been the one so far to willingly buy me things to add to my collection as a gift. I talk about what my parents think of my collection in a blog post, but I point out there that my dad willingly took a bit of time out of his business trip in Bangkok last year to go to Animate and pick up some artbooks for me. I still wonder what people thought of a 46 year old man in a business suit buying BL. Thank you for sacrificing your crisp businessman image to fuel my love for gays, dad //SHOT

Last November for my birthday, my dad got me Alter's Sousuke ( ITEM #512119 ) as a gift, because he was the only boi left to complete my Free! collection (I have no interest in Nagisa). He asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I showed him my Amiami cart with Sousuke in it and he was like "ok I'll pay for that." x'D It's nice to receive such gifts from family members, I have to say, because this hobby is so expensive so it's always nice to get a little help. X'DDDD but aside from those 3 figures and artbooks, everything else was purchased with my own money. Ah, but sometimes dad helps chip in to pay for exorbitant customs fees too, though that is a very rare occurrence (only really happened once or twice).
Il y a 1 mois
aww, this is such a sweet story. :) my mom got me my first figure, the miku append nendoroid, for christmas. i was(/am) pretty young for the hobby, though.
Il y a 1 mois
My sister and I have gifted each other figures for multiple occasions. I got the Alphonse Elric nendoroid from her for my birthday back in July, but it has happened for Christmas as well. Two times in a row we gave each other togainu no chi figures :) other than that, my family is very supportive of my hobby and usually pays the customs fees of my parcels so in some kind of twisted way that kind of counts ? x"D
Il y a 1 mois
My parents haven't bought me figures but have given me money as presents in which I bought some with. Been told by my mom that "Here, buy your figures since I don't know what you like" I would recommend watching Re:Zero as that Rei is a great character
Il y a 1 mois
It's only happened once for me, and it was something I already had. A really nice thought, but still dissapointing. Whatever! [url=]ITEM #282545[/url]
Il y a 1 mois
kotorii (Il y a 1 mois) #48346920Omg lol
I think i should ground myself for how much ive spent.

well, at least my parents appreciate them when they visit.
Il y a 1 mois
My mom loves action figures and dolls, so she usually asks me around my birthday if there is a specific figure or Pullip that I'd like. She's awesome. I open my gift on Skype and we both freak out and get all excited despite both being grown-ass adults, hahaha.
Il y a 1 mois
My mom for my birthday got me the Rem prize figure I currently have, I don't know TOO much about Re:Zero. I did watch the beginning, but got bored. I did thank her because she tries her best to understand me, and im greatful for that. <3
Il y a 1 mois
I have a birthday coming up in April and honestly, I've been thinking about putting an art book and a prize figure or two in my Solaris cart and asking my mother about it. It's when we get to the nendos and stuff where I want to go digging for some deals, and you really need to be familiar with the market for that.

Either way, I've never had any issues with my mother dumping on stuff I like; she's pretty supportive in general, though it helps that my most risque figure (ITEM #338779) is literally from a show that she let me watch when I was like 10.

Congrats on the Rem figure though! I actually just watched Re: Zero for the first time last week. I kind of felt that it was a mixed bag, but 10/10 can confirm that Rem is an absolute sweetheart. I'm glad your mom's mistake ended up being a positive in the end!
Il y a 1 mois
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