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Levi Figma: Real vs FakeLevi Figma: Real vs Fake

Wolfen1991Wolfen1991Il y a 1 moisReview
Levi Ackerman Figma: Real and Bootleg (R: Good Smile/F:Gift Toys)

ITEM #166921

So I am doing the same thing I did with the Mikasa review and show off some of the differences I found. I did actually pick up a lot more differences with the Levi one.


Once again, it is the difference in color shades I picked up on. The cover on the real one is more bright while the fake looks like it was just put out in the sun for a few years. As the second photo shows, it is just poorly put together. This most likely happened from the delivery. The box is just in bad condition and is nothing like the real one. The real one has a little stamp/sticker on the front where as this can't be found anywhere on the fake.


This might have been on the others but this was the first time I noticed this. Not sure if this normal for figmas to have different patterns but for some reason the fake wasn't able to copy it.


Another thing I didn't pick up, is the size of the images themselves. While the resolution is very noticeable I didn't even notice the size difference of the images.

Same as the others, they give you the same stuff and with the fake, it is hard as all hell to attach the gear on the figma. You get a much better bag with the real one to put the hands and other objects inside. The word figma is on the display stand of the real one and not on the fake. The capes between the two feel extremely difficult, the fake is more plastic while the real one is more rubbery. Like Mikasa, my fake came one came with extra cords to hang Levi on. (After writing that last part I might try another pose with that fake figma :smiling_imp: ) and last but not least the real one would give you a little instruction booklet.


This is probably the most noticeable of all other faces. The snarling face does have some highlights missing on the fake but this one has pretty much put eye shadow on him. The forehead on the real figma has a brown/grey shadowing that blends in perfectly to the skin tone. The fake (if you can see) has the most lightest shade of brown right at the top of Levi’s forehead. Like they were scared to paint it and F it up.


Can you guess which is the real and which is the fake? Ok, I am not going to lie, none of my fakes were this bad. They were at least somewhat capable to stay together.... Somewhat. All I did was move the arm and since then I had to fight to keep it on. The story with the head was that I lifted the chin up and it just popped off. As always, you can see the difference in quality and material used. The fake just looks like shiny cheap plastic while the real one has a better paint job with a more rough texture.


And once again they never fail to make me smile with the ballpoint joints. As broken and as miscolored as always. Even the hand on the fake figma has so very little detail that it is hard to see the fingers. The real one just poses so well as the ballpoints are tight, making able to hold the weight of their full figure and weapons without collapsing on itself. Something that is going to be an issue with what I have planned.


Like the cape, both the cravat and skirt (I don't know the name of that part) are both made of rubber. With the fake, it is still plastic and I think this might be what is causing the legs to not be able to left up as high.


I don't even know how this happened. I was working on the real figma and when I look back I see this. Lol, ahhhh I can't wait to pose this piece of $#!+

If you read my past reviews you would know I enjoy posing them with extreme poses, so here is Levi’s


I need to enjoy this pose while I can because the fake figma’s display stand just wont stay up. It took me a while to get it just perfect and I expect either the arms would fall off or the stand just won't be able to hold the fake figma up. One or the other. If it comes to that then I might just have the real figma hang the fake figma.

Fake Figma cost me $10 Aud and the real figma cost me $75 Aud

(Fake Figma Scoring)

completely broken and just won't stay together

Very basic, obvious overlaps and unmatched colors, can't do highlights or shades.

can't pose it without breaking it.

Hard to keep it on the pin or stand naturally

Did have more cords than the original and unless you have the original package it is hard to tell if it is real or not. Box however was broken when it came to me.

too annoying to use, not a fun fake to have.
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