What did you do while you waited for your first figure?What did you do while you waited for your first figure?Ask MFC

JayboxJayboxIl y a 1 an
I made the miskake of picking SAL shipping from AmiAmi for my first figures, [ITEM #198329] [ITEM #675374], and I have to wait a while for my figures to arrive. As a very impatient person, im having a hard time waiting. Whike you waited for your first figure, what did you do to pass the time?
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Lol. I check my tracking number daily even though I know it’s not going to be that fast and it’s going to take 2-3 weeks.

I also would look at the figure’s pictures or videos to pre-appreciate the figure XD
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It was a couple years ago, but I'm pretty sure all I did was continue doing whatever I was already doing at the time, which was college/uni. I do remember being worried about the possibility that my parents would be the ones to receive the package and question me about it though.
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Well, try living in Peru and having to wait 3 months for an unregistered SAL! I used to order everything from FromJapan and there there is a considerable difference if you pick SAL unregistered vs. registered. On AmiAmi though the difference is just 2 or 3 dollars. When it comes to waiting times, I have found out registered SAL is A LOT faster (one month on average) vs. unregistered SAL, which takes 3 months minimum (and the whole time I'm biting my nails hoping the package didn't get lost).
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I began to write a story about a character inspired of the figure...

And somethin else...
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Usually just beat my meat, take a nap, wake up, rinse wash repeat.
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I remember being excited about my first order from Amiami. But I chose DHL so I got it quickly. For my first order through SAL, it took almost 5 weeks because the postal system in my country sucks. But I remember tracking the package every morning when I woke up, and forget about it to focus on my day. I did it everyday until I finally got it.
Il y a 1 an
That was so long ago I don’t remember! O_O;; I think I just went on as usual and didn’t think about it much until it arrived.
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I usually opt for SAL shipping because I travel often and have to be away for weeks. I don't like it when the packages arrive to my house because there's the danger of my super curious little siblings stealing my mail. I've lost a few figures to the grabby hands of children.

Here's what I do and don't do:


- Track your shipping every hour.
- Look up other people's photos of the same figure.
- Beat yourself up over for mistakenly choosing SAL shipping.


- Watch/read/play something to keep your mind off the shipment, but don't watch/read/play something related to the shipment.
- Do some light exercise.
Il y a 1 an
I try to not check tracking as often so I can kind of forget about that stuff is on the way! It also helps if your job or whatever keeps you busy as well so the days are passing in no time haha

Also: welcome to hell I mean... our lovely community ♡ Be prepared for hell breaking loose every won fest
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take123 Bunny Farm
I kept checking the tracking number on my first figure. But after receiving so many figures, I no longer care and eventually it comes.
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Bringing the hobby to your door.

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