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wooo \-o-/ A lot has happened since my last article, so i thought, why not make a general post about it all?
i don't remember the exact dates of when i purchased and received everything, so i'll loosely categorize things with time periods... and for the sake of having this look nice i'll put details of things under spoilers :P (if you do look at images, you're gonna have to be tilting your head a lot)

Pre-holidays purchases
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler this is almost all jojo stuff. i didn't realize that until now ;; but anyways~
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/546146625626570752/574082433402798090/image0.jpg sorry for the sideways pic, hehe - but here's ITEM #98946 . he was pretty cheap for a figure of such high quality, and i love narancia so i couldn't just not buy!!!
These. are the loafs. i love potekoros, they're really silly and cute to me, and as i kind of obviously love jjba a lot i could not resist buying these two~ ITEM #656005 ITEM #628783
here is my other SAS figure ITEM #27982 holding dio loaf because why not ^o^ i got both dios in the picture from sellers on here for a GREAT price! if either of the sellers are reading this, thank you for the dios... they're probably what my friends like most about my room
here's my kakyoin plushie (with a paper crown on). at the time when i was looking for him, there wasn't many listings of him, and none of them at a price i could afford... so getting him was definitely a steal for that time! now though, i think they're back in production again... also, i'm a bit concerned he might be a bootleg, as a lot of his parts seemed to be attached with hot glue.. ITEM #473883
now, behold, the best investment in my life - narancia plushie!!! i got him for an actually good price on ebay of all places. He is now my most prized possession ITEM #761965
lastly, i got this cute chiyu trading figure :D ITEM #92679 i also found her on ebay for a good price, especially considering it's a bit difficult to find people selling her

Things i got over the holiday season
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler
Well, starting off, i got a lot of books! got some jojo (of course) and some of junji ito's works! also unpictured, i got some dvds and ITEM #544226 and ITEM #748807
starting off, here's the coolest prize figure ever! not much to say really, but i'm very glad i own this now ITEM #29800
got another netrun-mon trading figure, this time of habenero-tan! some parts don't fit as i think they were designed to be, but i'm happy nonetheless i own her ^o^ ITEM #26873
and on the topic of characters hardly anyone knows, here's some os-tan prepaints i got! they came in a really cute box (which is the image for ITEM #190118) and alongside a pretty big doujin, for doujin standards. and sadly.... i did not get one with 2k-tan. But i will get her someday
also got ITEM #41247 ! she did come with all the extra parts, but i didn't want to accidentally break anything so she's relatively untouched as of now
another touhou thing - adorable little patchouli plush! she was also found on ebay, in case anyone wants to buy her or a plush from the same line.... ITEM #560657

Birthday and con things
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilercombining these two, as the con i went to was quite unimpressive compared to the other local one i went to. however, unrelated to figures completely, i got to meet up with a good internet friend of mine there! so it wasn't a waste of money at all
cirno sega prize figure! ITEM #711999
to complete the netrun trading figure trilogy, here is biscuit-tan! ITEM #5385
also netrun-mon, nini-tan! ITEM #204510 she's also a trading figure, but i don't think she's from the line the other three were
last from my birthday, this haunted jotaro plush. he's not in the database. which might be a good thing

as for the con, i only got two things. i got ITEM #549264 and a keychain that looks like it's supposed to be rensouhou-chan from kancolle. honestly, they're both probably bootlegs, but they're soft and the vendor was nice so i feel justified in that purchase

Post-con stuff
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler
starting off, i did my first order with a proxy. i used zenmarket to buy from yahoo auctions
got my first ever scale figure ITEM #2460 . she definitely made the shipping of my order go up great amounts, but :| it was worth it to me!
along with xp-tan, i got an abbacchio plushie from the same line as narancia! i LOVE tomonuis and getting him in the mail was like getting blessed ITEM #765644
and now, some nendoroids i got at around the same time
jotaro ITEM #675840 and ai-chan! ITEM #672763 . these were both pre-orders, but ai-chan came SUPER late. probably shouldn't have pre-ordered off an america-based website..
I then went and bought a bit of stuff from mandarake!
the most notable being the ME-tan scale figure! she tends to lean over so she's been separated from xptan , however still a great scale! you can remove the keyboard she's holding as well ITEM #18973
and with metan, i got 6 doujins. I really like la squadra, what can i say?
another random ebay buy... cute limited moon rabbits! they're a lot smaller than i imagined them being. ITEM #10375 ITEM #29443
ordered from yahoo japan again! i found a listing for some suuuppper rare figures i wanted, but unfortunately i lost the auction so i only got a few little things instead
being said, still happy with what i got! i've been looking for the bkub touhou plushies for a while and finally got one. she's SO small i cannot handle it. ITEM #717091
and with her, i got another doujin and a copy of kirby's nightmare in dreamland (that game has a lot of meaning to me.... i really wish i didn't lose the copy of it i used to own)

and that's about it! thank you for anyone who took the time to read all of this... and apologies about all the sideways photos ;;
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May you forever be remembered as 90°-chan.... (◕‿◕)
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MaakieIl y a 1 an#62250198Nice loot! I especially like all the oldie trading figures you've been getting! One super random question, but you've been hosting these pictures from Discord??? I had no clue that was possible! Do those links work for a couple of weeks/months?

thank you lol ^o^ i think the images stay up forever, or at least a very long time. my first loot blog from 9 months ago still has working pictures and i have a tab open on my phone of a video i took on discord from over a year ago
Il y a 1 an
Nice loot! I especially like all the oldie trading figures you've been getting! One super random question, but you've been hosting these pictures from Discord??? I had no clue that was possible! Do those links work for a couple of weeks/months?
Il y a 1 an
tacholaIl y a 1 an#58446261aaaa, such nice loot <3 old school figs are the best!
thank you!!!
Il y a 1 an
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
aaaa, such nice loot <3 old school figs are the best!
Il y a 1 an
solluxcaptorIl y a 1 an#58421880Cute haul, you have really good taste! I like all of the stuff you got ahaha, the OS-tan stuff especially.
thank you very much! i love collection os-tan things, i'm actually bidding on a figure of 2k right now :D
Il y a 1 an
Cute haul, you have really good taste! I like all of the stuff you got ahaha, the OS-tan stuff especially.
Il y a 1 an
HassySoda Autumn girl
The JJBA Vento Aureo plushes are super cute
Il y a 1 an
illumi4LoveIl y a 1 an#58415010All the Jojo is awesome!!
hehe, thank you ^w^
Il y a 1 an
All the Jojo is awesome!!
Il y a 1 an
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