[NSFW] X-Eros Cover Girl - Skytube(Alphamax)[NSFW] X-Eros Cover Girl - Skytube(Alphamax)Review

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This article is full of NSFW content including but not limited to nudity and suggestive themes. This article is only for readers over the age of 18.


Hello MFC, are you waiting for the new arrivals??? the delays almost kill me, so I decided to do something while I'm waiting. Let's do a review.
This is the Cover girl featured on X-Eros, illustrated by Kizuki Aruchu.
A seductive JK in Winter school uniform.

It's very hard to find a viewing angle not so NSFW.
She is 18+ regardless to castoff features.
She's lying on the cushion base.
As you see, the costume includes uniform shirt, skirt, underwear and jacket.
The jacket sleeves and her arms are one single part.

Fingers lickin' good. This is all I can say about her facial expression.
Her alternative face plate kinda obsolete when you have licking/ not licking as choices,
you always prefer licking.
Love this fappy posture.
Butts, Legs. all checked.

I'm impressed that she is soaked to the skin. This is one of the best recreation of such a scenario. The semi-translucent uniform shirt and pantsu makes her sexually more appealing. Look at those long long legs. WOW.

Her boobs are completely exposed with her clothes on anyway. Castoff isn't really a must.
I do think she is more attractive this way. but if you wanna see castoff, okay, I'll do this.

-Castoff Fever-


After writing a review , I feel like I love her more.
Thank you,MFC.


Overall really good. Easily one of the best JK. The proportion is great.
But I feel like the extra face plate kinda missed it. Hope more details can be done on her beautiful hairstyle. But still very good enough to pull the trigger.

I really like how Skytube handles semi-translucent costumes.
This is one of the best looking costumes soaked. Really make her sexier than anyone else.
Sweating/ whatever reason she got wet, I don't care.
She is really appealing this way.
I love it.

Might be limited to some viewing angle. But rotation could work well.
She looks like relaxed and really enjoying. Good for both she and me.

I always love cushions for the lying postures. It gives the best protection.

A hard shell case allows you to display her with the packaging.
It helps saving space.
I love this more than paper boxes IMO.

Overall satisfying. This is the one I prefer having clothes on rather than undressing her. I pick her over other Aruchu girls and the price is stable so I highly recommend you to get one. Many removable parts is always fun to play with.



Who is this figure for?

This is for everyone who loves JK.
Is soaked clothes a fetish for you??? You must have her.
Exposure is high anyway if you want to display figures with SFW option, this isn't for you. It's that simple.

She is relatively budget friendly, good quality,
if you want to join the NSFW game,
this one is a really good choice for an entree.

If you appreciate my work,please consider supporting me by donation. It allows me to create more content like this. Thank you.
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To castoff or not to castoff? That is the question.

77%Clothes on
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vgadictIl y a 1 an#59541562Nice review. I agree that the translucent shirt material looks nice here. Shirt and skirt on with the panties off would be my preferred way to display this figure.

Thank you. No pantsu but clothes on is a good idea.
That way I can have both the original design elements
and the taste of her "bottom".
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Nice review. I agree that the translucent shirt material looks nice here. Shirt and skirt on with the panties off would be my preferred way to display this figure.
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