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Hello everyone! I'm literally quaking because I accidentally deleted this article that I was working on so I have to type it again. Big OOF. Oh well!

Today, I'm just here to show you 2 of my figure shelves that I'm a bit proud of and that's only because of the display. I cleaned my room yesterday and reorganized some things so trust me when I say that the shelves look better then how they were before. They are very simple but I like how I did them so that's all that matters to me! Let's get started! o(≧∇≦o)


Now, the first thing that I have to show you is my Danganronpa shelf:


Some of you might be wondering as to why the figures in the back aren't unboxed and that's because I'm waiting until I have the Nagito Komaeda figure that goes along with the Hajime Hinata figure so then I can unbox them together. It's weird, I know. I'm planning on unboxing the trading figures with the two boys as well even though I have the full collection of them (๑•́ω•̀๑). I honestly wish I had more Danganronpa merch in general but they are really hard to come by nowadays. I'm still on the lookout though!

(Just noticed that my Madoka shelf is visible at the bottom of the picture, oops.)


Next is my My Hero Academia shelf! The two figures in the back are propped up by Funko Pop boxes:


I don't know why I absolutely love this shelf, I just do. I've never really focused on displaying things, just setting figures on my shelves in which ever order but now that I had bought two more My Hero Academia figures, I wanted them to be seen, now just hidden behind the front figures so I used Funko Pop boxes to prop them up so people can easily see them. I guess that's why I'm so proud of it. The fact that it's kind of my first time truly focusing on display is special to me.

(Oh wow, another sneak peak of my other shelf near the bottom of the picture.)


Alright, so, I bought some plushies that will be coming soon and I decided to make a little space in the corner of my room just for plushies and extra pillows that I have:


Fun fact about me is that I absolutely adore plushies. I love them, I love how they look, I love how soft they are, everything. I plan to buy so much more in the future if I can because I want that whole corner to be filled with anime plushies and pillows.


Lastly is just about storage. Before I cleaned my room, my figure boxes were in that little corner where my big Pikachu is but since I wanted more space for my plushies, I decided to move them to my closet. Luckily, my closet has a top shelf in it so I can just place all of them there.


I also have to say that almost all of my Nendoroid figures are still in their boxes because as the weird person that I am, I'm waiting until I have the full collection of all the series that I have so then I can unbox them all at the same time. There is one Nendoroid that only has one in it's series that I have but honestly, I am just to lazy to search for it.



That's it for now!! I hope you all enjoyed seeing a bit of my room space. Thanks for reading!
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ajfunny aka Bwab
Kirito_Il y a 1 an#59726748That Pikachu... is so AWESOME!

Il y a 1 an
That Pikachu... is so AWESOME!
Il y a 1 an
TalalIl y a 1 an#59689915I think you are running out of space . Good luck and nice work

Hah yeah, I have a pretty small room so I'm sure that I'll run out of space soon. I'm just doing the best I can to fit everything in. :)
Il y a 1 an
I think you are running out of space . Good luck and nice work
Il y a 1 an
Everything looks so clean and nicely arranged. Lovely collection!
Il y a 1 an
Your collection seems very organized, everything has a place.

Some collector's display in box, but I like to display my figures completely from all angles, your collection seems like a mix of both styles, and it looks good
Il y a 1 an
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