What area of the house do you display your figures?What area of the house do you display your figures?Ask MFC

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I'm moving with my husband soon and we'll get our first place together and I'm wondering where I will display my figures.
My whole life they've been on a shelf in my room, but it won't be just me anymore, so I'm not sure where to put them.
I've asked him if I could display them in the living room but he didn't sound too enthusiastic about it (he isn't an anime fan but still supports what I like).
So with that being said, where do you display your figures?
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Where do you display figures?

13%Living Room
8%Game Room
59%My room
2%I keep them in their boxes stashed away
7%Every room
4%Stand alone collection room
2%Computer Room
1%My office
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I still live at home with my parents, so I keep my collection restricted to my bedroom! Here are some shots of my collection that have overtaken my room like a weed:

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I used to be able to keep everything in my nightstand cabinet as seen above, but several bookcases and shelves later my bedroom now looks like a toy store xD I prefer to keep my collection condensed to one room so I can shut the door when..."less understanding" guests come over, but I love being able to look at everything when I'm in my room! I plan on dedicating an entire room to my collection when I move out one day ^_^
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I'm lucky enough to live with three other adults who share the hobby and we have two curio cabinets in the living room with our collections. I personally have my nendoroids in my bedroom on my bookshelf and desk. When I lived at my parents' house, we had an extra room there and it was like a workroom so I had a few in the curio there, didn't own too many at the time.
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My wife has command of the first floor while I have the 2nd level aka basement. Call it man cave, catacombs, PVC funeral parlor this is where 90% of the collection rests and all down there are still boxed.

Depending on where you reside basement foundations can shift over time and from so doing leak water. Everything not utilitarian to the home is raised off the floor down there to ensure against water damage, mildew. I've had to remove paneling put up by a previous homeowner to get access to leakage source so it could be repaired properly. I have 1 bedroom lined (raised 2") floor to ceiling with PVC arranged thematically either by series or G versus R18 rating along 3 of 4 walls while closet is 3/4 full of PVC awaiting light of day (hopefully, this century). One-third of area downstairs that is not strictly utilitarian is wall to wall still in original boxes PVC stacked accordingly 2" off floor to ceiling. The other two-thirds is work in progress between outgoing hobbies to be sold off via eBay or disposed of via relatives or landfill and incoming PVC which is tapering off account lack of room accommodation and cost of acquisition.

I did have 50 of my favs upstairs in my office but they are now posited downstairs awaiting office repainting to get finished...boo hoo. Most of my anime CDs are spotted in the office for easy retrieval.
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I live alone, so one bedroom of my 2 bedroom condo is like a museum. 3 walls full of bookcases full of figures and stuff hanging on the fourth wall. Any new stuff or overflow is displayed in my living room. I'm worried about this issue when I get a gf and we eventually get a place together. I'll have to make sure we get a place with an extra room specifically for me to turn into my animu man cave lol.
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My boyfriend and I live in a small apartment with an open plan kitchen/living room, and my collection is in there. Our entertainment for room is too small and full of computers, so I don’t really have any other option until we get a bigger place :,3
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MY wife is also not into figures and such, although she likes a few anime and supports me collecting as a hobby. I have all mine set up in my office (I work from home). None displayed in the living room or bedrooms. Both our parents still tease me some when they see my office set up, but I don't care :D Personally wouldn't be embarrassed having them in the living room etc, but I can understand wanting to have them in a computer room or something instead. Good luck, congrats on the new home/moving in!
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Living room, I spend most of my time playing games when I’m not at work and I like to look up and admire while I play occasionally
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We have two specific rooms we put figures in. Gaming related figures (NIER, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, SMT etc.) are in a cabinet in our entertainment room, and general figures are in the living room (which might need a second shelf soon). Since I have cats I can't leave them open, so I have a Billy shelf with added glass doors - not as nice to look at as Detolfs, but safe.
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I have figures in every room (apart from the utility room)

My partner has a big collection of figures as well.

We both have our own rooms/offices where the majority of our own figures live.

Everywhere else is where the figures that we both like live.
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Most are currently stowed away in their boxes, but the ones that are displayed are in a finished basement where I spend most of my free time. The long-term plan is to display most of them on shelves in the basement. It will help avoid light, and from what I've noticed, items in the basement tend to collect less dust than some of the upper levels too.
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