The calm after the storm loot (June-July)The calm after the storm loot (June-July)Loot

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♢ Hiya everybody! ♢

Back again with another loot. This one definitely smaller than the last (the last one was crazy anyway ^^'), but since I'm not expecting anything until late September, I decided to post as-is.

Anyway, let's get into it.

Obvious heavy picture blog warning is obvious.


♢ Amazon ♢

The first thing I received was my long-awaited copy of Maquia: When the promised flower blooms.


I adore this movie and this was basically me after watching it + the whole crying my eyes out.


♢ Hobby Search ♢

Next, I got a small package with some small goodies, a Darling in The FranXX t-shirt and the new Fire Emblem Fates artbook. Some pages of the artbook are in the spoiler below for those interested.


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♢ Amazon ♢

Yet another volume of manga for me to read. This time, the first volume of Komi-san can't communicate. I read the first chapter a while back and enjoyed it a lot, plus Komi is simply adorable and must be protected.


♢ Neokyo ♢

Next item I got through a proxy - Neokyo. It was my first time using them, but I was satisfied. The item in question was a tapestry of Vanilla from Nekopara. I still have to play through the game (have the vol.1 on the switch), but I really love the art style and the characters, especially Vanilla. That's why I went through the "trouble" of proxy shopping to get this tapestry since I couldn't find it anywhere else.


♢ Hobbylink Japan and Hobby Search♢

And here's my, by now, regular big Hobbylink Japan package + another small one from Hobby Search. Let's take a look at that last one first.


Just a weapon for the gunpla I got last time, plus the Nendoroid of Shirase of A place further than the universe. I love that series, but I struggled to decide if I'd get her because I'd want the whole set, and so far it's not looking like they'll make the last 2 girls. Still, I gave in since she's so cute anyway.


As for the HLJ one, It has a whole bunch of keychains, my first ever Myethos scale and some stuff I got during their last big sale (another gunpla, some effect parts, a Mimikyu trading figure, and Pokémon Let's Go Eevee).


My Sakurajima Mai shrine is taking shape :3


Now... I love what Myethos did with this figure. The illustration was already great, and they did a great job translating it to figure form. The concept is amazing. And the execution is pretty good. Mind you there are a few flaws here and there (mainly painting), but it doesn't really take away from the grandiose and presence of it.



It was short but had some really cool gems in there. My pre-orders are only due in September at the earliest (if there aren't any delays of course). So I'm going o take the chance to catch up on some games and study for my job promotion in the meantime.

See ya soon, OmegaWerrier out.

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I love that tapestry of Vanilla!
Il y a 1 an
Awesome loot! Liked them all, especially Maquia and the Myethos figure!
Il y a 1 an
Nice loot post. I'm sure your wallet will feel relieved at the small reprieve until September, lol.

The shots of the Myethos figure are nice, I have to admit they do a great job from what I've seen.
Il y a 1 an
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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