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Hi everyone,
Recently I read an article where best figure manufacturers were discussed and I enjoyed reading it. The trinity of Alter, GSC & Kotobukiya and other favourites were mentioned a lot, but I think there are still a lot of manufacturers out there (literally hundreds), some maybe a bit obscure and haven't heard of.

Then I read an article about Pulchra and that is super helpful as well, I know they've been around for some time but I don't know their reputation (^.^;)

So, I think maybe we can start a discussion about other manufacturers and learn something new.

For starters: Have you bought figures from unpopular brands? What is your experience with them?
It isn't necessarily has to be the best experience, the one that simply met your expectation or even bad experience is certainly welcome.

Tip: to know what brands & how many of them are in your collection, you could click your profile icon > on the dropdown menu click "my collection" > on the right side, next to the word "Statistics" click "Bonus" > on the popup window click "manufacturer that (your name) like". I bet there is one or two odd brands there (^,^)

To make it interesting, the following brands are off limits: (all of them are safe bets / generally well-known)
Good Smile Company
Max Factory
Ques Q
Mega House
Phat Company
Orca Toys
Orchid Seed

All of you who have ventured on the less travelled roads, please drop by and share your experience!
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Hi everyone, thanks for your participation and sorry for the late reply (^.^;).
There is a lot of manufacturers mentioned that I barely know or just heard for the first time (like Genei, Together Plus, Empty, and many more), I'll definitely check them out (^.^)
The linked items are gorgeous too, I envy your collection (*o*)
I don't know if it's just me but I've always been curious about the manufacturers beside the popular ones and feel that they are kind of "exotic", I dunno lol.
Anyway, hopefully it's helpful to others as well and if you discover an item or two from the manufacturers listed below and it causes more damage to your wallet, I'm not responsible (-,^)

PS: regarding prize figure manufacturers, it is okay to discuss too. I think the less known are Eikoh and Yujin? but I don't have experience with those brands (^.^;)
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I have to throw a shout out to FuRyu. So these guys, as far as I know, for the longest time have just been making prize figures, and their first proper scale came out last March. It was ITEM #672009 Albedo. I took the plunge as the figure looked so gorgeous to me, and I love Overlord. She is just as gorgeous as the photos looked, if not even more so now that I'm comparing her in the photos to her on my shelf side by side...lol I don't know if everyone got the same quality as me, and she isn't QUITE flawless, but she's damn close. The biggest issues are slight lines of like the gold highlight paint that isn't PERFECTLY centered, but it's still super close, and super clean. Since getting her, she's fallen over twice when I didn't have her in the most stable of places, and the way they designed putting her together and balancing her and her giant wings is a little weird. So she's sustained a little scrape on one of the feathers of one of her wings where the paint is just a little lighter. Putting her together was legitimately a pain in the butt, though. I was scared I was going to break something multiple times. But seriously, for their first proper scale, FuRyu's ITEM #672009 is just incredible. I also love that she's designed more off the manga art style than the anime. I'm seriously looking forward to the future of this company and their higher end figures. Next one I have pre-ordered from them is ITEM #739714 :)

EDIT: I do have to mention though, she's absolutely giant for a supposedly 1/7 scale. I was ASTOUNDED when I saw her box. Haha She's much closer to a 1/6, and might even out-size the two actual 1/6 scale figures I have, being ITEM #604902 and ITEM #740172 so yeah... ITEM #672009 is kinda' huge... Lol Either Albedo is kind of a giant (I dunno how tall she is in canon) or FuRyu should work a bit on their scaling... Lol
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Union Creative is a hit or miss company. But most of their figures have wacky faces (-_____-')
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Always been a big fan of Toy's Works Niitengos. I like the style, the way they colour them, and most of it all: They don't fall apart piece by piece like petit nendos tend to do.
Also owned a few of Kyoto Animation's figures in the past and present, and I have always been happy with the quality of their figures.
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Union Creative was a brand I have heard for wacky quality control, but I saw they made the figure ITEM #198678. I decided it was worth the risk as the other Motoko figures were either did not capture the character essence in my eyes or aftermarket hurts my wallet. I ended up being mildy pleased and mildy annoyed due to the messy hair paint and the jacket being blobbly. I did not expected much from Union Creative.

Broccoli was a brand I associated with Neptune characters and that one GrandBlue Fantasy character. I also heard quality control was fairly good, so I went in and pre-order ITEM #549459. I did a review for the character Hazama from Blazblue, but quick summary: Broccoli proves to pushing themselves for quality and to wow us.

I will be more likely in the future to buy figurines from Broccoli then Union Creative based on my experience.
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I absolutely love Medicos (and Mamoru Hosoda-movies): PICTURE #2272584
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I own a few figures from Broccoli, and I quite like them all.
ITEM #331617 is one of my favorite figures I own. The sculpt and paintwork is near flawless IMO and the pose closely matches the original artwork it's based on. ITEM #431765 had some scratches and flaws on her face when I got her, but GSC replaced the whole head piece for me. ITEM #287948 was like Silica, and nearly flawless (aside from some glob-like paint on some of the cable ends).
Overall they're pretty high on my preferred manufacturers list.
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While most of my collection favors those big names (GSC in particular) I do have a number of figures from other manufacturers. For the most part their quality is nothing to write home about (See: the various prize figures from Taito, Banpresto, Sega, etc) but when it comes to my less-popular favorite characters, I'm a take-what-you-can-get kind of person haha.

Some non-prize highlights from less-known manufacturers:
Steven Stone by Medicom Toy ITEM #392488 - currently the only figure of Steven there is, so of course I was willing to shell out for him. In the end I don't think he was worth the price I paid (I paid $70 and got something about the quality of a prize figure) but I like having him in my collection simply because there are no other alternatives for that character.

Chara-Forme Tokugawa Ieyasu by Empty ITEM #217452 - I got Ieyasu in Japan on deep discount, which to this day I can't understand, because he's fairly high quality. All the details on his armor have been carefully sculpted and painted to perfection (and he looks way better in person than in the prototype pictures). He doesn't have the poseability or option parts of a nendoroid, but he's a much-appreciated addition to my collection regardless. Unfortunately I don't think Empty is making Chara-forme figures anymore, which is a shame--I'd definitely buy one again if they made one of a character I liked.
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Alpha X Omega: Only owning ITEM #16888 that i bought when it was 8 years old. Good sculpt, sturdy and nice paintjob. She has some discoloration but the cause is unknown.
Shueisha: ITEM #72874 Also bought second handed. Really nice paintjob. That goes especially for the skirt. Creative base that does it's job good. Detailing is good.
A+: ITEM #167302 High quality, big and very detailed figure. The pvc clothing pieces however are not the same high quality as the figure (gaps when attached, not overal nicely painted). The real clothing is definitely good. Rias has a very nice face.
F4F/ First 4 Figures: ITEM #277231 , ITEM #200659 and ITEM #366021 . I have two different opinions for this company. Their expensive high quality line with the COA (Certificate Of Authentic) is really good and detailed. The effort is also very visible in their boxes and the way the figure itself is packed. Besides the figures i own i have seen some of the figures or better said statues this company makes and they are breathtakingly good. The only word you can speak is wow when you see them.The Arwing i own is definitely a nice piece of art and is an incredible piece that stands out in my collection. They are heavy in weight on the other hand. The other opinion on this company is not that good. It goes about the lower priced figures without the COA. Don Gera is a nice figure but not on the same level like Kotobukiya or GSC. The base doesn't support the figure because it is bigger than the base so F4F included some weird stands that are hard to place. Their Link that i own is by far the worst figure this company made. I bought it cheap for the price a prize figure cost and it is indeed not better than a prize figure. It doesn't even fit the base. With this company: Go for the licensed expensive statues with the COA. They are on a high level of quality and forget about their cheaper figures.
Together Plus: ITEM #200660 Good sturdy figure with a very nice paintjob. The biggest con is his base that is far too big for the figure. The sword is made from soft PVC and will somewhat deform over time.
Union Creative: ITEM #205515 , ITEM #261527 , ITEM #260969 and ITEM #305342 . I have a weak spot for the Union Creative. Their designs are always great and the production figure ends up always better than the prototype. But quality is not very consistent. The quality is good on some small difficult details but bad at things like leftover plastic etc. I think this company could be at a much higher level with better quality control. On the other hand every figure is unique because not two of the same figures are the same. Maakie wrote a review BLOG #40059 about ITEM #260969 and the weird thing was that my figure was so different that i couldn't agree with the points in her review. Which i placed in my comment. Both figures are authentic but this review shows clearly how different each piece can be. With this knowing i still want the other Ca figures from the Union Creative and there are some other figures that i really want from this company. Before i forget: Their boxes are big and high quality. With the Ca Crab Wistaria they where a bit lazy with the box because the reused the one of the regular version and simply put a sticker 'Wistaria version' on it. Well their name is indeed correct because this company is creative, and i like it. Their figures have character as i would call it. :D
PLUM ITEM #320011 and ITEM #331459 . And another company that isn't consistent. The figure designs on both is very good. What i like is that their hair looks more realistic than with some other company's. However when they make a mistake in their figures it is a big one. Airi is a figure i really love. But ITEM #320011 has a serious painting error on the back of her leg that is around three centimeter long.
Di Molte Bene: ITEM #396973 . Really nice figure. Love the detail and paintjob but the seamlines could be hidden more. Simple design and sadly no base.
Griffon Enterprises I own some figures of this company and there is only one thing to say. The figure looks either good or is a monstrosity. The better ones i own: ITEM #161954 , ITEM #14001 , ITEM #144446 , ITEM #166995 , ITEM #167128 and ITEM #167470 (with the note that she is wobly). Their misses i own: ITEM #158887 and ITEM #158982 .
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I LOVE my Psycho-Pass, Zankyou No Terror, and AoT figures from Union Creative.
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