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  • We’re both starting on the collecting thing, you’re not alone! My collection is as small as yours. Sadly I’m not at home, so I can’t post pictures :(
    Il y a 11 mois
    This is from earlier this year though. I guess I should add an updated photo soon. https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/bambipie1553914700.jpeg
    Il y a 11 mois
    Lexiy The WCF Aficionado

    Il y a 11 mois
    This will be my third year collecting figures. My two main displays:


    The Chopper figure looks out of place but I will be moving him once the other three Kotobukiya My Hero Academia figures I pre-ordered arrive.

    Il y a 11 mois
    Currently, I am slowly running out of space for scale figurines. I have room for perhaps one or two more scales. As you can see I put my laptop inside because the shelf also function as my desk.

    Psshhhh it's a 2008 Leveno. IT STILL WORK LOL... oh and I got to dust soon


    The same can said for the chest drawer as space os slowly running out. I used art printed I brought from past AnimeExpos to be the floor for my figurines x3. I think in a month or two I'll change the set up and switch out things around.


    I may bring some figurines to my workplace to decorate my office room, but the children I work with might damage it. So hmmmmm.....
    Il y a 11 mois
    Your collection may be small right now, but it's a great start. (And I'm happy to see those Makoto and Ami mini figures found a good home!)

    Here's my current collection. Still looking to eventually get a detolf.

    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttp://u.cubeupload.com/_midari/IMG0272.jpeg





    I bought ITEM #183793 & ITEM #558 recently, just waiting for them to arrive.
    Il y a 11 mois
    Rajke Ca Fanatic
    You have a lot of interesting items in your collection. Especially the Kyuubi plush, Miku Musicboxes and the Myethos Stardust are items i like. Keep up the good work going and have fun with hunting your grails.
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    The collection as it currently looks.
    Il y a 11 mois
    Slightly outdated pics of my office...



    Il y a 11 mois
    Misu Karamatsu Girl
    vallahIl y a 11 mois#65447141Ooo!! Your ososan collection is so cool!! I still love osomatsu and I'm hoping for a season 3, it's hilarious and was right up my alley for raunchy humor ; v ;

    Thank you !! ♥♥
    I need a season 3 too ! Fortunately there is the movie in the meantime ! :3
    Il y a 11 mois
    vallahIl y a 11 mois#65447056Your miku shelf is really cute!! Its kinda obvious I love miku judging by my expensive preorder of her memorial dress figure and her racing miku 2019 literally releasing the next month after ;;
    Ur other shelves also look really cool too!! I like the Eva one as well,,, it's on my watch list but I simply can never find the time to sit down and watch it ;;

    Thank you! Also I am sure that memorial dress Miku will be absolutely gorgeous! And the racing design is cute too! Also about Evangelion, it is definitely a great series but maybe take breaks in between episodes or movies. I think it can be a bit heavy with the serious themes, and can make you feel bad or upset, especially if you relate with the characters feelings.
    Il y a 11 mois
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