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HassySodaHassySodaIl y a 1 an
Nothing important just some personal on topic blogging since I did cherish my account because of my love for collecting. I collected for a few reasons. Depression, desire to create easy convo starters (Post Bulleta = "Oh I like Darkstalkers too~!", and just affection towards characters I like? You admire them so much you wanna own something of them somehow? But it's not just figures I collected. Artbooks, Japanese game guidebooks, etc. Lately I just feel different. I don't know if it's just related to some personal stuff but I haven't been feeling it quite like before. I don't want to keep investing in it or at least not like I was. Sometimes I have bits of regret. I have a few ideas of things I wanna put money towards instead. I dunno. I don't think I'm quitting but my wallet might breathe
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ArmosKnightIl y a 1 an#65858436But importantly, it’s a hobby. There shouldn’t be pressure - just come back to it if you feel like it! I’ve had some regrettable purchases but hey, something to sell!My kind of response.
Il y a 9 mois
I started collecting figures around 2002 when Evangelion first came out because after I finished watching the series it made me think "thats it?!?!" what about all the characters that I grew attached to over the series? I dont get to see them anymore? so I started looking for character merchandise on eBay and came across some Prize figures for Evangelion that I purchased. This wasnt the point where I got too heavily into collecting though, that happened later when I discovered ITEM #13815 around 2009 someone on a gamers group that I was a part of made a post saying they were ordering that figure and I thought WOW! that figure looks awesome where did you order it? and they pointed me to AmiAmi where I pre-ordered it... Little did I know that would be the hook that lured me into buying scaled figures.

Now today I have over 300 scaled figures in my collection and easily over $50k USD spent on figures. Originally I thought I would only buy enough figures to fill up a room that would be like a gaming room with manga, video games, anime blu-rays, figures, and maybe some workout equipment but my collection has far outgrown what could fit in a single room. I have tried to quit before but as new shows keep coming out and new characters that I grow to love its hard to resist buying new figures of them.

One thing that I have been able to do is limit my impulse buys by using a simple trick, I add figures that look interesting to me to my MFC "Ordered" list that way I dont forget about them and after 2-3 weeks I check my ordered list to see if I still feel the same about the figure, if I got over my initial feelings for it then I either delete it from my list or add it to wishlist as "wished" if im not sure about it. Sometimes getting another collectors opinion on figures helps too, I have a collector friend that I regularly send figures links to and he gives me his opinion on them before I order them.

What I have been getting more into now is collecting hentai books from Japan because the majority of them dont get released in the west and after they sell out its very hard to find them agian, sometimes they come with pre-order bonuses too like posters, tapestries, postcards, etc.

Also figure prices keep going up over the years, I remember when I first started you could get 1/8 and 1/7 scaled figures for ¥6,000 to ¥8,000 but nowadays even 1/8 scale figures are often ¥14,000+. The conversion rate for the Yen to the USD has been getting worse too, lately its been at like ¥105 Yen per $1 USD but we have gotten used to getting rates like ¥120 yen per $1 USD so the high prices didnt hurt as much when the conversion rates were better.
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take123 Bunny Farm
I have become very picky, too many figures to keep track of and no where to put it
Il y a 1 an
I just got into scale figure collecting and honestly i was shocked about the prices.
Also i thought i can just buy any figure that i want..naive me didn´t know anything about pre-orders and how fast you just cant get the figure anymore...or pay twice-/triple as much as the OG price.

Anyways, since the beginning i just had a few figures in mind that i really want to own, characters that i really like or an Anime/Manga i really like.

And that´s honestly it. You should only go for stuff you really really want to.
Don´t buy impulsive and then regret it. Think about it, sleep a night over it or maybe two and if you still really want it, buy it ^^
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Chiya Impulsive Buyer
I've been feeling the same as well and I plan on slowing down on this hobby significantly by the end of 2020. I think the problem for me right now is impulse buying, and I just got into scale figures so it's definitely taking a toll on my wallet.

My goal is to start cutting back on anime figures and become less impulsive when I go online shopping. I plan to collect casually after 2020 and just pick up a few figures (mostly Nendoroids) and some merch here and there, and focus on saving up for other hobbies or things I want to buy.

I won't quit this hobby, but it's good for everyone to take breaks and slowdown on the buying whenever we can. :)
Il y a 1 an
Years ago I would buy any figure that was slightly pretty. I would always regret it when I finally got the piece at home or months later and then I would resell it. That's called impulse shopping.

Today i increased my standards so high that a figure must be ultra mega hyper super amazing and I must be completely obsessed about it for me to even CONSIDER pressing the preorder button. If I don't genuinely want it, I ignore it.

Just the other day I saw this announcement from Wonfes that made me super giddy and I saw her up for preorder at the usual shops but I held out on buying her to really be sure I wanted her. Guess what, now 2 weeks later, I look at her and feel absolutely nothing.

This new method has worked quite well for me and now my purchases feel much more focused and worthy.
Il y a 1 an
I hear ya! The thing I changed was picking one line of figures to collect an being very strict on which series within that line was worth investing in. Easier to pack when I have to move also. ^=^*
Il y a 1 an
Same! Im still indecisive :( and I'm getting tired of being broke.....
Il y a 1 an
I'm exactly in the same spot as you. Once I filled up my bookshelf with as many figures as I could, I just stopped looking at figure related things. That, and I also want to get more into other hobbies, which are even more expensive than figure collecting.

I still love my figures and probably won't sell them, but I probably won't be expanding the collection any time soon, if at all. So I guess the things I own are the biggest my collection will ever be.
Il y a 1 an
Probably experiencing overload from high consumption of anime related things.

There is definitely more to life, and other hobbies and activities worth pursuing and placing money towards. It's all about being well rounded, too much of a good thing isn't all that good, take a a break, you'll come back with a comfortable position in the figure community and probably gain back some passion for it by then. Best of luck!
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