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Listen, Azone, I want to like you. I really do. You produce a lot of things I would quite like, I will admit, but there is just one big sticking point that stops me from buying your products. Thus, we begin my rant about things no one cares about, the topic being, as you might have guessed, the company Azone. So, cutting a long story short, Azone makes a line under their PureNeemo line of 1/6 doll action figures called PureNeemo Characters which are basically licensed characters and not, well, not licensed characters. I have a friend who has a PureNeemo, and he says they're great and I've gone on record on saying that I wanted some myself. Despite this, and my recent growing 1/6 collection PureNeemo's are rather absent on my shelf.

In complete fairness, it's an empty shelf.

So, why is this you ask? Well bear with me while I avoid answering your question for the sake of humor. Within the doll/big action figure communities you have those that are pro-rooted hair or pro-sculpted hair. Rooted hair is... well, have you ever see a Barbie Doll or a fashion doll in your life? Notice how their hair is like real hair. That's rooted hair. Sculpted hair is... well look at your figure collection and notice how all your figures hair is plastic. That's sculpted hair. So there are those that say sculpted hair is better, others say rooted hair is better and so on and so on. Really it's just the 1/6 scale I see this argument at. I think if you own a Dollife Dream and go, “this is a nice doll but I wish her hair was sculpted” puts you on some sort of hit list. Before I continue let me say that I don't have a pro-sculpted or pro-rooted stance. While my collection is sculpted and I tend to prefer that look I have nothing wrong with them... except with PureNeemo dolls.

For myself, anime hair tends to be heavily “sculpted” to begin with. Yeah, the character's hair might flow in the wind but it's as one mass as opposed to individual hairs. Dollife Dream works, for me, being more “realistic” and also big enough that more strands of hair can be slapped into those wigs. With PureNeemo it's kinda hard to explain but it feels the strands are larger and more noticeable thus making the hair more real. When slapped on a head and body that does a generally good job of capturing the character from the anime, for me it's jarring. It's like cosplay where you have an idea of what the character looks like so seeing someone dressed as the character is odd to say the least.

OK, clarifying the above, no I have nothing against cosplay and no I have nothing against rooted hair. I'm just putting that right out here again so no one sends me angry letters. Now while I could skip all the PureNeemo problems by just going for Dollife Dreams those are... very expensive. Yes a Dollife Dream Tamamki would be nice but I don't have the money to cover her and I don't have a good argument lined up to explain no she isn't a sex doll, I just like the character, and are those jeans on sale those will fit her nicely! Speaking of Tamaki, I have my nice MegaHouse one already and this leads me to another point. Dress up! As I mentioned before, the idea of basically playing dress-up with dolls has long eluded me, and now that I'm a grown up man I can live out my fantasies! I mean... when I'm not punching bears, or doing sick skateboard tricks, or filing my taxes... while doing sick skateboard tricks... and punching bears. I'm a grown ass adult, don't judge me! I previously mentioned in another article that Barbie clothes didn't fit my Tamaki unless I worked on them and you know what? I was wrong. Barbie clothes work near perfectly save a few samples which means I now have a vast arsenal of Barbie clothes... for Tamaki alone.

Here's my Tamaki sporting a nice comfortable look with a red-and-black plaid shirt and jeans. A perfect anytime outfit!

With a reduction in shoulder pads, because let's face it Games Workshop stole them all in the 1990s, Tamaki can now look in command in the office. No stupid office lady antics for her. She wants that report on her desk by Monday, bitch!

Here we have Tamaki in nice and tasteful casual clothes that... what's that? I was talking about Azone? Oh... right... I didn't get to the dresses.

So, very long roundabout way of saying it but PureNeemo hair just bugs me. In fairness, it's two in the morning when this goes up, my mind is currently in that “I-Want-To-Complain-About-Something” phase, so I hope we'll let this late-night rant slide. Anyhow, in the promo pictures PureNeemo hair look fine enough but always seeing the pictures doesn't sell them to me in the slightest. I have heard from the grapevine that to get the hair to look like the promo pictures, and thus the character, you need to treat and style the hair yourself. Which is a tad annoying if true. Now, you might be curious why I'm having such a world-changing dilemma when it's clear what I like and don't like. Answer is simple. Outside the very narrow range of Tamaki and her pals from the MegaHouse line, not much in the way of anime dress up dolls exist. I don't have the money to plunk down on Dollife, and I can't exactly dress up my Hot Toys. It's a case of PureNeemo doing something I want, dress-up anime, but the hair scaring me away. Yeah, I could just blow the whole thing off and stick with Tamaki but, let's be real why stick with one when I can get other characters and have all the dress-up parties I want? I mean... after I file my bears and punch sick skateboard taxes.

So for you BJD or PureNeemo collectors out there, what are your thoughts on the PureNeemo hair? Do you like it? Wish it were better? Hate it? Or do you have any tips to get the hair like the promos thus negating the entire rant of this article?

Anyhow, that's it for me today. I'm ZF2, I'm tired, here's Tamaki in her pajamas.

Look! A cute little polar bear!
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
I see your point. Azone uses some kind of fiber material that does not look like actual hair up close. There are two types of non flameble fiber materials that are used for hair on dolls and hair extentions: Kanekalon and Saran. I bet that Azone is using one of those materials. I have tried to make a picture of Azone Rem's hair on a close distance (For comparison i also tried to make some up close pictures of SmartDoll Kizuna's hair). Another interesting point is that the head is painted in the same color as the hair itself. Azone uses some kind of glue/gel/'stuf' to keep the hair in the correct shape. It needs not much effort to keep it nice (small make-up brush). It is indeed not looking realistic. Personally i prefer wigs instead of rooted hair.
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The Tamaki Dollfie you mentioned is a really interesting BJD. Volks wigs nowadays look more realistic then the ones they where using years ago. Not long ago i saw an article from someone who has bought one secondhandly. She is a harder to find Dollfie. Her hair looks terrible and like a real mess. It looks like the same material as used with Barbie and with some glue/'stuff' to keep the wig in shape. Luckily her hair is a wig and not rooted which makes it easy to replace for a more modern one. I don't know which material modern ones exists from but i have heard that it is not uncommon to use human or horse hair.
When i read your blog i wonder why there isn't a single company that created interchangeble sculped hair for their dolls. Wigs can be changed and i think that it also will work with interchangeble sculped hair. To keep it in place would be very simple using multiple magnets or an iron plate inside the head. There is space enough in a 1/3 and 1/6 scaled doll head. It would be an interesting feature.
Il y a 8 mois
Ah Tamaki. This character takes me back to me early days as a weeb. It was a simpler time. It was a better time. :3
Il y a 8 mois
I don't think I have plans on collecting dolls, but this school uniform Homura has been on my "might buy someday" mind.

Some of girls however do have the hair problem like Sayaka for an example. While she looks fine in general, she actually has more bangs in her design compared to the doll. But in all fairness, it's probably not easy to be accurate to a illustration of hair when using rooted hair. Which leads to the sculpted hair being another option. (ITEM #299167) So I'm up for both depending on the character.
Il y a 8 mois
I like both, slightly prefer sculpted hair for anime figures as they look more faithful to the character. Rooted hair can be hit or miss in my opinion. Azone's K-On looks great and looking at this ITEM #14142 we could tell it's Yui. The same can't be said for Mama Chapp's Lucky Stars ITEM #14835, strip her uniform and it's just a regular doll.
In short, rooted hair gives a different vibe which is cute in its own way but might be off putting for some.

PS: that casual clothes looks great on Tamaki btw
Il y a 9 mois
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