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  • ddarko brings up a good point that most figures are bought for collectable purposes so they probably wouldn’t suit the Toy Story universe as well, but items like prize figures and Nendoroids are more accessible now and look like kid toys at first glance.

    While I personally wouldn't play with my Nendoroids (I hardly move them around as is), my cousins have a few (they're around 10-12 years old) and like to play with them. They just view the Nendoroids as similar to action figures. Even though Nendoroids all have a source series, just like Buzz Lightyear, I can't see why they wouldn't eventually develop their own personality and backstory according to who plays with them or who interacts with them.

    I think it would be kind of funny to see a Nendoroid plop on a new face plate depending on their mood lol. (I guess that would be like Mr./Mrs. Potato Head.)
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    About ITEM #806173... I'm not saying it's a good pose, but someone more flexible and having a similar build could do it. So, strange but likely possible.

    Also no opinion on Toy Story, but I think they'd have their backstory just like the toys in the movies.
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    Toy Story is about the toys that a kid had used when he was very little to play. The focus of a kid is not about collecting items for display or to capture a memory. The kid just wants something to play (and at most time, quiet roughly).

    Anime figures are more on the collector side of things. You buy these figures that captures a memory of a series, or is well made from an artistic/engineering perspective to admire on a shelf and so forth.
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