Finally found a nice way to display my Haikyuu keychain set!Finally found a nice way to display my Haikyuu keychain set!Misc

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I'm not a big keychain collector so I was looking for a smaller display than the regular bulletin boards a lot of people use to display them. I finally found this mini wooden shelf at my local dollar store that worked like a charm! I used pushpins to fix the metal loops to the wood.
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I put mine in a small shadow box frame. They just have holes in the paper and I just taped them to the back. BLOG #41957

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This might push me into buying more keychains.
Honestly my main problem about them was how tf do I display them? I have a few on my keyring but that's usually in my pocket so I get to see them like twice a day which is not a lot.

A cool display option like this does show it how they can be displayed in an awesome matter that can be a nice display option.
Considering these characters I wanna order have no figures neither any chances on figures creating something like this might be my only chance at a cool display with them.
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that's such a cute idea!

In the past I've used dollar-store wood boxes to make little charm dioramas:
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://66.media.tumblr.com/7366fa9ff31629863e964e3b63c551f8/tumblr_our9fbOeTs1r0j60zo1_1280.jpg
Though this one I made by gluing corkboard to the back; it never occurred to me that I could just put the pushpins directly into the wood xD
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What a cute idea! I like this a lot!
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noctisityIl y a 1 an#67786265Very cute idea! Do you plan on adding a background behind them later on?

Great idea!!! I think I will now. :)
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Very cute idea! Do you plan on adding a background behind them later on?
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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